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24 Jan 2021 04:04:04
Leigh Griffiths is another one that can go after comments about fans having a short memory regarding Lennon. If he thinks trailing 23 points in league is acceptable, then he is at wrong club. He has got a cheek preaching the moral high ground.

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24 Jan 2021 05:59:59
I’ve just read his quotes there. Before I say what I’m going to say we all know his recent problems and acknowledge them, however really griffiths Short memory us fans have eh Well it’s no that short that we can remember u turning up unfit pre season, so much so u got sent packing. How about u remind us since we’ve such short memories of how much football you’ve actually played the past 24 months in comparison to the wages you’ve picked up from the club? What is actually happening with the PR department at Celtic? Who thought it a good idea to let this clown out to defend lennon? Take it it’s the same guy who let lennon do that absolute shambles of a press conference last Monday. Quicker the board get this management situation sorted out the better for all. Not for 1 second I’m suggesting him as manager but could u imagine griffiths face if for say a Roy Keane rocked up. He’d put him through a wall .

24 Jan 2021 06:53:01
Since December 2016 ( over 4 years ) Leigh has played the full 90 minutes in only 11 League games.

24 Jan 2021 07:03:41
I agree Gary mate. Griffiths along with a few others at club are living in cuckooland if they think Lennon is not to blame for absolutely abysmal season.

Granted Barkas and Duffy are not good enough, but any manager who is at least half decent would drop players and go with next best option. Hazard and Welsh would of been a lot safer and possibly we would not have dropped as many points. Added to that playing Brown is a liability, turnbull and soro should of been starting a lot sooner.

I hope new manager is in place this month so clearout can begin.

24 Jan 2021 09:12:01
griff has a point lenny is a club legend and he does not deserve the abuse aimed at him. yes a new manager is needed but the abuse is not. if you have a poor season at us you don't not abuse that person who has gave some much to the club you thank them for what they have done and humbly let them know its time to move on for the club to move forward. the board have hung lenny out to dry they have the power to make the change and they did not.

24 Jan 2021 09:20:19
This is the same LG who didn't bother his arse to get fit at the start of the season.

He's very lucky as any other manager would have sacked him.

24 Jan 2021 09:27:19
I empathize sincerely with his mental health problems, but he has also contributed to this seasons epic failure, with his fitness shortfalls, attitude and the disciplinary matters.

24 Jan 2021 09:45:44
Leigh Griffiths is right. Celtic fans do have short memories. Won last 9IAR. Quadruple treble. Hit a bad patch and guess what. Fans turn on the players and club. Disgraceful. Just remember, you can't win every game. Celtic fans are the best in the world when the team is winning. Lose, the fans are the worst in the world.

24 Jan 2021 09:58:41
Aussie get real mate. It’s absolute folly to suggest Celtic fans have short memories. How could any Celtic fan forget the past decade? Infact the best part of 20 years Celtic have in the main bossed Scottish football, but that cannot overlook the facts of the situation this season. Most fans could accept a challenge on the title, most expected it, what we won’t accept is what’s been dished up this season in terms of results, performances and sheer dross if I’m being honest. Lennon recently likes to refer to the recent treble he achieved. Can u remember that game against hearts? Was hardly even close to a walk in the park, we so easily could’ve lost that game, lost the quadruple treble. Apart from a good 35 mins” we were absolutely rank rotten the entire rest of that game. Like it or not, time for change is long long overdue.

24 Jan 2021 10:23:53
gerry you say we could have lost that cup final but we did not we win it. so that is how you see it we could have lost im going to moan instead of actually acknowledging we completed the quadruple treble and made history we could have lost the final in the first treble in till big rogic stepped up did you moan about how we could of lost that final. if that was a champions league final would you have been complain no it was a final we win so acknowledge the achievement.

24 Jan 2021 10:47:28
Ok United ireland I’ll accept your point, however ask yourself this, this season on its own, do you see a confident management team that know what they’re doing? Do you on evidence so far in the main ( despite what they’re saying) players that looked half arsed and in anyway interested in playing for lennon? Can u explain to me how a team as successful as we’ve been all of a sudden need a sports physiologist to try bring back confidence to the players? The ast majority of these players have been serial winners, so where has the lack of confidence came from? If fans or a Certain percentage want to ignore what’s happening now that’s fine, but based on this season, results, performances, points on the board, the fact that at no point we’ve even managed to put even the slightest bit of pressure on that lot across the city, how that doesn’t concern even concern the hardest of lennon fans is beyond me. And it’s a wee point on that recent cup final. If fans think that performance was close to being acceptable then fair enough, no wonder the seasons panning out like it is because that’s the attitude and excuses we’re hearing from lennon and the players now on a weekly basis, it’s boring, it’s repetitive and in all honesty it’s nonsense and I’d suggest most fans ain’t buying it anymore.

24 Jan 2021 10:56:43
Someone should be monitoring what is said by club employees. just about the right time to wind up fans.

24 Jan 2021 10:58:31
United Ireland post has nothing to do with abuse Lennon received, he didn't deserve that and likewise the fans don't deserve to have a manager at helm who is not producing results. Leigh Griffiths should focus on repaying the club and fans for all the support he has received last 2 seasons by getting fit enough to last 90min.

Aussie Ray Lennon never won quadruple, he won a treble and finished what Rodgers started. You can twist this situation and put your own spin on it till your hearts content, but fact of the matter is John Barnes has got a better win rate percentage than Neil Lennon. It was Lennons tactics and players he chose this season that has got us where we are. Bye Bye Neil.

24 Jan 2021 11:23:23
Think this calls for buzz. No way does Lennin have a worst record than barnes. Think its harsh to only look on this season!

24 Jan 2021 11:33:12
Lennon was there for Celtic when they needed him. When Rodgers left. Won the league andcups since. Fans turn on him when he hits a bad patch. Disgraceful.

24 Jan 2021 11:39:09
It may or may not be harsh to judge on this season alone, but I’m afraid that’s nature of the beast. Happens at most clubs, even the cream clubs in European football, it’s not a new phenomenon. It’s certainly not about bashing lennon with a stick, we all know as player as manager what he’s done at the club, but come on, we cannot sit by and say that what’s been on offer this seasons close to being a acceptable? We’ve a team at this moment 20 odd points behind, now come the end of this season had we lost the league and gone toe to toe losing it by mane 3/ 5 points then gutted we’d all be but at least we’d have competed. The league being over ( in my eyes) before January cannot be acceptable given where we’ve been to where they’ve came from. As a club we’ve been blinkered by the progress they’ve made, all this “ are they coming yet” it’s all come back to roost. Even now u see them planning for next season pre contract signings, what are we doing? We’re waiting and waiting and waiting without a clue as to stick or twist, we’ve an abundance of players either not good enough, wanting out, or on loan that’ll all be heading out the door. what’s the master plan here?

24 Jan 2021 12:05:03
Lack of planning isn't down to lennon. I agree we need a change everyone can see that and noone is denying it. Lennon looks like a broken man. His contribution to Celtic should never be overlooked or forgotten though. Not many celtic managers have a record that stands up to his.

24 Jan 2021 12:12:30
Garry no master plan, unfortunately caught with pants down and lacking in ability to react properly, the difference between a Rodgers and a Lennon, manager and a caretaker
All this we always start slow, can go on a winning run, they will implode etc multitudes of excuses covering up the factual situation. at a lose and not knowing how to fix it.

24 Jan 2021 13:31:29
Buzz that is unbelievable stats on griff 11 games of 90 mins in 4 years Wow I love the griff but they stats are damning By giving him such leeway it surely breeds indispline and unprofessionalism in rest of squad? If Leigh can turn up not fit and remain in squad why can't I I know he's had issues and for that I wish him all the best but in a purely football sense it's not good enough.

{Ed007's Note - Is it because of LG's indiscipline or unprofessionalism or is it more to do with the fact he's been second choice behind Dembele & Edouard and that we played with one striker? How many games did LG start in that time?}

24 Jan 2021 13:52:25
Point taken Ed 007 Still thought he would have had more 90 mins than that though I wonder how many of they games over 4 years he's been unavailable due to lack of fitness as well though.

{Ed007's Note - Until he returned from lockdown overweight there was never any questions about LG's fitness, he obviously had time off with personal problems but I don't think anyone can hold that against him or being out with injuries.
If you look it up most of his appearances over that time have came from the bench and nobody said at the time it was because he was unfit or acting unprofessionally, it was because Dembele and then Edouard were first choice.
It's like saying Super Jonny Hayes was unfit etc because KT and Sinclair were starting in front of him.}

24 Jan 2021 14:49:36
garry im not saying everything is rosey and agree we need a new manager to. but what i am saying is don't moan at how we won that cup final it was won and that's the main thing the quadruple treble was achieved celebrate the achievement instead moaning about the performance if you want to moan about the performance you are just running your memory's of the historic achievement

look that game we played against the sevies a few weeks ago we were top of them in the game did we win no does it mean anything even though we were better team no why because we came away with nothing did it mean anything to them even though they were pish yes because they got the 3 points and extended there lead do you think they care about the performance no . the cup final we came away with the quadruple treble so yes it means everything regardless of the performance

phil Griffiths was one of the main reasons why we blew everybody away last season after dubai yes dubai haha and sent us on our way to our 9th title to get back to that form after suffering from mental health issues is very well done in my book i have a mate who can't even hold a job down because of mental health issues. so yes griff is right. now that things are not going well a lot of people have very short memory's.



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