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23 Jan 2021 16:58:18
'Eddie Howe is your modern coach. Many of the sorts of things Brendan would have been doing Eddie would continue that. '

'I think Eddie Howe would be a brilliant appointment. '

(Mark McGhee)

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23 Jan 2021 17:10:39
He would definitely need to bring his own goalkeeper and defenders in because he likes to play a certain way out from the back.
I think our fans would need to be patient if Eddie Howe got the job.
But given the time I think he would bring great success and entertainment.

23 Jan 2021 17:25:51
BB I know next to nothing about him but that’s certainly not a bad reference from McGhee. I’d rather have a younger forward thinking manager if that’s what he is to be honest rather than a Benitez who’s 60 I believe. With that comes experience though and we’d be asking him to manage not play. The recently retired ex-player model who played at the highest level has worked across the city and has certainly helped them attract players. I don’t know if there is anybody that fits that description and is well thought of as a coach which SG was. That’s a gamble right enough.

23 Jan 2021 17:29:43
Any potential Celtic Manager who doesn't understand the traditions, expectations, pressures, hinderances and even hatred that comes with the Celtic manager's job will always get a culture-shock and need time to adjust. Then either rise to the challenges or have a return ticket in their back pocket and that doesn't include dealing with PL.

23 Jan 2021 17:32:11
BB that's a big ask the fans being patient if Howe gets the job they will want instant results. this quadruple treble has set the bar hi and some bad results and the fans will be right on his back.

one of the EDs posted today about Howe and it did not full me with confidence.

23 Jan 2021 17:45:20
I'd take Benitez over Howe every day of the week. One of the best tacticians in the game and would command respect from the second he steps through the door.

23 Jan 2021 17:59:49
Depends on how we want to progress I suppose.
If we want to get back doing well in Europe then Rafa would be my choice.
Of the names mentioned who do we see as being realistic.
Probably tier 1 would be a salary of 3-4 million
Rafa, Ralf R or Xavi (he is certainly an interesting one) etc
Tier 2 would probably be 1-2 million salary
Eddie Howe, Roy Keane, David Moyes etc
Tier 3 would probably be less than 500,000
Kennedy, Jack Ross etc
If left to DD we might get tier 1, if left to PL we'll get tier 3 😂😂.

23 Jan 2021 18:06:24
My concerns with Eddie Howe is that he's;-

* relatively untested/ inexperienced * still out of work

Rafa (and I know it would be a huge ask) has the lot and if brought in to Manage initially, could get a team winning on the park and then appoint a younger coach to work with him with the view he then takes over after a season or two.

Just a thought.

23 Jan 2021 18:06:44
Eddie Howe would be my first choice. But im hearing here in Ireland that DD rates Roy Keane very highly and robbie keane as assistant. Hope there is no truth in this as I wouldn't want roy Keane. Even as an Irish man still wouldn't want him. Hope we have talks with a few managers this time and they are let bring in their backroom team.

23 Jan 2021 18:19:22
I genuinely believe that with everything that's gone wrong this season on the park, DD will have a huge say in who the next manager will be.

I'm saying this because he's done this in the past and as Buzz mentioned earlier, he'd like to give his son every chance of success.

If the way is being cleared for his son to take over and it's true there are changes already taking place behind the scenes for next season and beyond, then we could well see a Tier 1 manager, along with a new recruitment structure etc.

23 Jan 2021 18:25:09
Agreed Cork paul, I'm not convinced that Roy would work although his press conferences would be class and imagine the hairdryer treatment at HT.

23 Jan 2021 18:25:51
Cork Paul after a global health crisis-BREXIT-and blowing the league in a monumental act of self harm Roy Keane would finish me. He’d should never have worn the jersey never mind be appointed as manager. Absolutely no time for so called fans be they Irish or Scottish that want to come to us when their career is finished just to say they wore the hoops. The bull****t the man who jeopardised 9IAR was enough for a lifetime. Say what you like about Neil Lennon he came to us at the height of his career (I believe he’s still our most expensive signing correct me if I’m wrong? ) and a Celtic man to core of his being.

23 Jan 2021 18:36:43
French Eddy JFP?

23 Jan 2021 18:56:27
Pedro it’s either or but Neil was 20 years ago. I don’t think the fee was ever actually disclosed but was rumoured to be circa. £8m from memory but don’t quote me I’m no Buzz.

23 Jan 2021 19:41:58
Hi guys, only posted a couple of times due to being so busy with work and family. Love reading all the posts much as I can and have great respect to you all. Just wanted to share my thoughts on what I hope will be a new manager coming to Celtic. Eddie Howe has been the main name linked recently and now Rafa Benitez today as he’s left his position in China. To put it straight I genuinely feel Celtic won’t show the ambition to go for Benitez and I doubt very much Scottish football would be his destination as will have plenty of offers within Europe. This now puts me on to Eddie Howe. I do see Howe in the same mould of coach as a Brendan Rodgers clearly not at his level though. But I do believe he would be a good appointment. He is a young modern coach who did wonders at Bournemouth and sadly for him over stayed in the position and let it go wrong at the end. I can understand fans who are saying he’s too defensive minded and not set up to play attacking football. But his team set up and especially defensively is exactly what we need right now. We are all over the place and need a coach who can set us up to be hard to break down and with the usual attacking philosophy of our club would be a great combination. His attention to detail and working on drills until they are fully implemented are exactly what we need. Since Rodgers left we have lost all aspects of what we were about under Rodgers and I believe Howe could bring this back. Just some of my frustrating thoughts on the club I love right now guys. And I only mention Howe in more detail as I believe we could genuinely get the man in. 🍀.

23 Jan 2021 22:47:25
Any thoughts about getting someone in and giving them time is IMO fantasy
There would be a portion of the support, perhaps the most vocal, on their back from the get go. Across the water the rebuild manager has got a lot longer to get something that I would ever imagine. Would 3 years without any silverware be acceptable here bearing in mind they would likely win what is lost here? .
The fallout from being as successful in the past is the perception that this should be the norm, it doesn’t always follow, there’s nearly a whole generation who have lived without learning to lose . this is probably the biggest challenge for any new manager, keeping the support on his side, a couple of poor results and the old witch hunters surface

24 Jan 2021 00:20:48
JFP, from memory I think Neil signed for around 6M and Eddy 9M.

Regardless, the transfer fee is irrelevant to NL's contribution and legacy to Celtic Football Club.



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