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23 Jan 2021 09:36:47
with the headlines its as if Celtic is falling apart and will be getting relegated and falling into financial ruin

all we need is a good management team in the summer and its business as usual club is financially strong we have the looks of a great midfield in turnbull McGregor and soro to build the team around.

we have had a poor season it happens its not the collapse of our football club the way some of these pundits are going on that's how you can tell they are all loving us having a poor season.

what i would also like for next season is our board to push the sfa for financial fair play rules and we will truly see who the kings of Scotland are. i think fans of this club should also take it upon our self's to write to the club and sfa for financial fair play rules to be brought in and if not ask for a public statement as to why everyone else plays by them accept one club.

a new club running at a loss of 80 mill in 8 years in Scottish football but still ticking over nicely must be a record. such a shame a club is allowed to over spend wile everyone else pays within there means.

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23 Jan 2021 10:22:38
Celtic have a history on not addressing problems quickly enough, even when they are clearly identified. Even if we buy for a problem position, if it doesn’t pan out, instead of accepting that it’s not worked and looking to do something else we carry on in blind ignorance. As is becoming more and more evident, we have a very limited ambition. Much smaller teams around Europe do so much better with a lot less money. Our problems are historically of our own making. The only thing holding Celtic back is Celtic.

23 Jan 2021 10:43:37
the left back problem we have and should not have is we have laxalt who is great at going forward but not so good at defending and getting back. taylor is a great defender and good at getting back and doing defensive dutys not as good as laxalt at the attacking side. taylor should be our left back full stop and laxalt should be played further forward once laxalt was signed that's when we started leaking goals it was clear to see he was leaving our back line exposed with not getting back to help out and leaving our left side of defence wide open.

i like taylor and feel he gets unfair criticism his job is to defend and he does it well. i would have him in before laxalt all day long i would play laxalt infront of him with instructions to drive at the opposition and taylor main focus is to keep our left side tight at the back get forward when possible but main job just defend.

its the exact same with the right side with Frimpong. ajar would be my right back. we have been playing two players who concentrate on going forward to much and don't do there defensive dutys enough. and that's were lenny has been making the wrong calls. you sort your defence out first get it tight then concentrate on the attack. if we score one and keep clean sheets its 3 points and that's all that matters.

23 Jan 2021 11:11:36
This season has fell apart, the team needs rebuilding I can’t hand on heart say a new management team alone is the answer. A few of the players need swapped out
I don’t think there is a club in the country not suffering financially due to C.V. Probably from a financial view, not an ideal time to rebuild.
What is spent however much has to be done with care, can’t afford any more x million duds or high cost loaners . doubt there will be money to buy twice.

23 Jan 2021 11:26:00
of course a strong management team is the answer a lot of the players we have have won every trophy going for the last 4 year. look when BR came in how he transformed the team and got the best out of players we thought were finished.

a good manager and backroom staff is all that is needed and of load the want away players and dead wood and get a few signings. look at the centre midfield we have McGregor turnbull and soro they 3 alone have everything a great midfield needs. goals hunger class drive and quality. were not in a bad a state as everyone is making out. we've had a very poor season we move on regroup in summer and get ride of the people who don't want to be here who have added a lot of bad feel about the team just now.

23 Jan 2021 11:34:16
Sevco gambled everything to stop the 10 and its worked. They make the Champions League Groups next year and they will be back in business. Our board have let them become strong again. Shame on them.

23 Jan 2021 11:59:06
bub how can our board let them become strong again have they been giving them money to spend. because the way i see it you spend over 80 million in Scottish football there is only one thing happening and that is challenging. no other club can stop you from spending that and allow you to spend that to improve.

if aberdeen spent that they would be challenging for the league would that be our fault Aberdeen have become strong to. even if alloa spent that they would be challenging.

even if they did not win league this year they would have finished second and still would have had the chance to get into champions league mate so we have not allowed them to do anything. not having financial fair play rules in place have allowed them to become strong.

why is there no rules in place and why is only one club gaining from it is were the questions need to be asked.

23 Jan 2021 12:48:59
Bang on UI. I have posted before about this That's the only question that needs asking. Why is it allowed? It's not sour grapes as they ahead it's a matter of fairness . The mass participation in the lie doesn't allow that question to be given airtime. One club playing to different set rules than everyone else. Mark 2 Ringing any bells anyone . Scottish football is corrupt to core.

23 Jan 2021 13:21:42
p73 definitely mate. its the same as the 90s and early 2000s were seeing all over again over spending and running up massive debts to be top of the pack wile every one else spends within there means.

only this time if things go tits up they have made there company separate so they will just dissolve it and start a new one with no real punishment really accept a few points deductions. all debts scrubbed and start a fresh company in same league all the same players. then spend spend spend again. they have basically got a blank check and there club will feel no punishment from it. and the powers that be in Scottish football are turning a blind eye and allowing it to happen.

23 Jan 2021 15:56:16
UI when Rangers went bust our board should have demanded new FFP rules to stop it ever happening again. They didn't so Sevco had free reign to spend what they don't have. We had a chance to bury them on and off the field and our board chose not to.

23 Jan 2021 17:48:04
i understand what your saying mate its as clear as day what there doing but it would need all the clubs in the league to call it out for change to happen. i think a lot of people fear for there safety to go public against that lot and have these things sorted.

23 Jan 2021 23:08:10
In reality they are not breaking any rules they are allowed to do that, as are Celtic board, there was sufficient evidence that there was a strong challenge coming and the baw was dropped. They were underestimated and we allowed the gap to increase because of dropping points needlessly.
Not much else can be said, now to readdress the situation a lump of cash is probably needed will that come or will we let them pull away?



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