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17 Jan 2021 18:49:15
If we hadn't went to Dubai and had been able to field the team which had been playing well up until then, I'm confident we'd have taken 6 points rather than the 2 we managed from our previous 2 games and with the rotten mod dropping 2 points today it might have been game on rather than league over. Would still have been an uphill task but at least we would have had a chance.

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17 Jan 2021 19:42:47
If we never went to dubai more than Julien might've caught C.V., since Scotland had a worse C.V. rate than Dubai at the time. All ifs buts and maybes.

17 Jan 2021 20:10:13
Wylie there should never have been a need for any ifs buts and maybes. We should never have been there it was a monumental act of self harm and gross mismanagement on the clubs part that has effectively cost us the 10. Those responsible should resign.

17 Jan 2021 20:30:58
Agree JFP. Totally irresponsible. So many bad management ideas this season.

17 Jan 2021 20:49:50
Yep this situation has been engineered albeit unintentionally I presume, by the management team.
This could have been avoided and maybe kept this season alive
Hindsight easy but history was in the making now it will be all about the team that stopped the ten and probably by a stack load of points.

17 Jan 2021 20:56:22
The ten was lost when action wasn't taken in October when it was clear to all things had to change. Them dropping a couple of beans nothing sadly.

17 Jan 2021 20:58:23
Wyllie CV kicked in March 2020 and we managed to prevent it taking hold within the club due to the strict protocol put in place . We then go a jolly bhoys outing to Dubai knowing fine well the figures in Dubai were going through the roof (a simple google would have shown this if you weren't aware) and also knowing the UK was going into lockdown in the coming week.
Can't believe you're trying justify this decision down.
Total gross management by the club in one of the most important seasons ever!

17 Jan 2021 21:04:59
Did not a women's football team, might have been England, come back from Dubai, the week before we went out, and most of them came back with C.V., or is that just a story that's going around, never checked the veracity.

17 Jan 2021 21:24:46
Where we are in the league has nothing to do with going to Dubai the damage was done long before that.

17 Jan 2021 23:34:24
Where we are in the league has everything to do with going to Dubai, the idea we should go to Dubai, as some kind of training, bonding, warm weather, piss up session, against staying at home and playing some games in hand and getting some cold weather training as well, shows the kind of delusions of superiority mentality that is afflicting our club at the minute, we should get back to basics, the players should remember that they are professionals, they should earn their money, the manager should remember, his job is to put the best team on the field, he should forget about friendships and loyalty, and remember his job.

18 Jan 2021 07:33:33
Oldkilly I know where you're coming from. The signs were there for all to see a long time ago when we had a the usual crap coming from some fans like "In Lennon we trust" and "we will still win the league by 10 points".
My point is that we still had a chance to get back into the league and you can never tell what's round the corner in football, but by going to Dubai after losing to our biggest rival, we more or less handed them the league with what followed.

18 Jan 2021 13:15:05
When they went to Dubai they were 19 points adrift of them do you honestly believe we would have won the games in hand with the players who are self isolating, the same players who couldn’t lay glove on Ross County. We have been abysmal since the season started, and they will not be crumbling as some have suggested. We are fortunate Aberdeen and Hibs are as inconsistent as we are or we would be struggling to finish second.

18 Jan 2021 18:27:44
Oldkilly, Yes I do believe we would have won the last 2 games with the same players who totally outplayed Rangers up until the sending off. The same players who in the 3 games before that had beat Dundee Utd 3-0, Hamilton 3-0 and Ross County 2-0 but you seem to have missed these games and choose to go back a further 6 games to bring up the Ross County defeat which I think was Scott Browns last start was it not?
Aye ok we'd be struggling to finish second, what a load of crap.



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