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12 Jan 2021 11:11:45
ED007 what's your opinion on the current situation the club is in? And what's your opinion on moving forward as a club?

{Ed007's Note - The current situation is the same one we have been in for years, non-footballing people who are well past their sell by date making footballing decisions while the Club & a big section of the support are just happy to be ahead of TRIFC, happy to be the big fish in a small pond. The board & Lawwell like to spin in interviews about us being a Champions League club but they continually fail to act like one.
The Celtic fans that define themselves using the mediocre guy next door as the benchmark will never force improvement or accept the sacrifices needed to move on, being happy to beat them and laugh at them is precisely the complacency that has put the Club in it's current woeful position.
Now that the Treble run is over does it really matter who wins the League Cup in the future? We should have been concentrating on European progress over the last decade and that's been one of the biggest mistakes the Club has made, the league should always be priority but we need to change the parochial mindset and look at the bigger picture as we move forward.
Moving forward is simple and everyone can see it apart from those that matter apparently, or they see it and refuse to act which is probably more accurate. The board needs gutted and Lawwell replaced as CEO with someone with a long term plan & vision who will bring in the best available DOF to modernise the entire footballing department including the first team coaches. I have no problem with the amount of money we spend but we need to spend it wiser on better quality players, instead of gambling £2 million a piece on 3 players buy one better player for £5/6 million - that and better youth coaching with a clear path to the first team would make a huge difference.
We're the biggest Club in Scotland, we're the richest and have been dominating for the last 20 years but the way a lot of fans obsess over what's going on at Ibrox is as damaging to Celtic than anything Lawwell has done, their obsession with them has meant all Lawwell had to do was make sure guys had bragging rights at work and they were happy.
It's only now that it looks like TRIFC might win the league people are getting angry, they should have been angry like this every time we failed to qualify for the CL because we didn't prepare for it, we gambled and lost more than we won.
But we could all laugh at TRIFC eh? That was ALL that mattered to a lot of fans.}

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12 Jan 2021 12:19:10
Bang on ed absolutely bang on.

{Ed007's Note - Thanks, Liam 👍

12 Jan 2021 12:32:24
Ed bang on we settled for being better than them which isn’t much of a mindset rather than progress in Europe at some level. Things have gone down hill and we’ve watched bang average stuff since Rodgers left. The board have taken maximum advantage of the fans parochial attitude. They knew we’d buy season tickets as long as the 10 was alive but it’s now dead which might be blessing in that respect. Restructure needed top to bottom. Let the business people run the business and let the football people look after the football.

{Ed007's Note - Celtic fans only have themselves to blame, JFP, their obsession with TRIFC meant that they weren't looking at the bigger picture. You've got 2 types of Celtic supporter, the first one is a Celtic supporter who follows the Club, goes to games and are on social media talking about Celtic. Then there's the other ones, the Old Firm supporters that spend their day obsessing over TRIFC, trawling the internet reading and talking about them, there's Celtic (Old Firm) supporters out there that make a living blogging about TRIFC, what the Hell's that all about?
There is no other rivalry in world football that turns grown men into childish, gullible fools, it's embarrassing.}

12 Jan 2021 12:57:28
Nailed it Ed. Shambolic what is happening this season. Watching the game last night and it panned to Lawell sitting in the Directors box he looked like an old man who should be retired, not running the biggest team in Scotland on the second highest salary in the entire UK Football industry.

{Ed007's Note - He does look rough and he's definitely aged - unless he's been on the botox for years and he can't get it done just now because of Covid 😂

12 Jan 2021 13:57:23
Kim Jong-uns double 😂.

{Ed007's Note - Wee Kim could learn a trick or two from Pedro.}

12 Jan 2021 18:33:59
Pretty much agree with everything you said.

Can you see any change happening with DD at club?

{Ed007's Note - No mate unless he moves aside for his son to take over.}

12 Jan 2021 18:41:04
Ps. Totally agree on the league cup. It should be used to give youngsters and squad members game time.

{Ed007's Note - 👍 The league should always be our priority then it should be Europe and preferably the CL although the draw can be cruel and you can never guarantee qualification even having a go in the EL will help improve players and raise our profile. By the time the Scottish Cup comes around the European groups are over and hopefully we'd still have European football after Christmas but we can also try for the Scottish Cup.}

12 Jan 2021 18:48:16
Pretty sure you've been saying the same thing since 2012 ED.

{Ed007's Note - I know mate, sorry 😥



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