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05 Jan 2021 19:07:43
so listening to clyde ssb there and talking about how sturgeon wants a investigation into our club in dubai with people sitting on sun lounger and a beer no socially distancing. some one tweeted in she had nothing to say when the national team were doing the conga all sitting round tables having a piss up and gordon says ah but that is different. our club should take this right to task if we are punished for it and its okay for the national team to sit at tables and have a piss up and all doing the conga round tables. i have nothing against the national team celebrating like that as it was well due but to ignore that and look to punish our club for a few people sitting on sun loungers with a beer is a joke.

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05 Jan 2021 19:28:26
Heard it mate. The guy that presents it is supposed to be impartial but let's the mask slip with his attempt at a hatchet job on cfc. Celtic have broke no rules yet Wee Krankie wants a picture of 2 guys having a beer investigated😂😂He kept adding in the middle of a C.V. and right on cue an orc female phones in saying shes a nurse that has had C.V. big bad Celtic etc. They must have fake callers they select on that show with their anti Celtic agendas. I Only listen to hear the mad Sevco and their warped way they see the world around them.

05 Jan 2021 19:39:24
Nicola Sturgeon is actually more stupid than she looks. For a start you cannot enter dubai without a negative C.V. test and you cannot leave without a further negative C.V. test on way back.

The only thing that should be getting investigated is her role in Alex salmond fiasco.

05 Jan 2021 19:48:53
it pissed me of there pud. was hoping someone phoned in and called him out on it. anytime something with the cv rules pops up about us its a major thing and our club is slated for it same with probably ever other club and punished. there is one club in this league who has broke cv rules 3 times and were punished once and that was by uefa and praised in Scotland when there players broke cv rules.

05 Jan 2021 20:13:18
Ffs they train every day together eat together get tested. this is a non story and needs put to bed.

05 Jan 2021 20:25:04
The England cricket team just landed ib Sri Lanka . not a peep from the Tories. and if only we played in some sort of blue jersey we'd prob be ok.

05 Jan 2021 20:34:28
"The Scotland lads were different because we qualified for the first time in decades" was his reply. So that makes it ok? 😂😂.

05 Jan 2021 20:59:23
I honestly don’t know why Celtic fans listen or phone in to that show I stopped listening 15/ 20 years ago because of their anti Celtic pro sevco attitude. As for Sturgeon she knows fine well Dubai is C.V. free and you don’t have to isolate when returning that’s twice she had had a go at Celtic, not acceptable from a governing body with so much more going on showing her true colours recently thank god I don’t vote for her Mickey Mouse party.

05 Jan 2021 21:11:13
Philtim88, she can feck off. Did her party not want an end to Faith schools?

05 Jan 2021 21:12:18
Old Killy football and politics and all that so you’re a unionist?

05 Jan 2021 21:14:40
United Ireland, Radio Snyde will twist yer mellon.

05 Jan 2021 21:20:11
Pedro I can’t believe Celtic fans that go on there and air our dirty washing. At least when we disagree on here which is every day it’s among ourselves.

05 Jan 2021 21:25:29
Pedro every party wants to end Faith (Catholic) schools. Over my dead body. That’s an inalienable right that lies with every parent in accordance with the Bill of Human Rights.

05 Jan 2021 21:49:28
From memory JFP I'm not sure they're always legit Celtic fans. Wouldn't put anything past that lot.

05 Jan 2021 21:55:34
JFP1888 I used to visit an old man every day with his newspaper a intelligent human being and a rangers fan who said to me you only have to be able to do two things to be a politician tell lies and fill in an expenses form. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I cast a vote at an election other than the independence referendum where I voted no if that makes me a unionist I can live with that . Pedro71 is correct her party along with the greens wanted to do away with faith schools.

05 Jan 2021 22:48:48
The Scottish government has no jurisdiction outside Scotland, end of!



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