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05 Jan 2021 10:09:42
My biggest fear right now is that is Lennon gets us close to the mob by end of season and wins the scottish cup they will keep him in place for next season.

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05 Jan 2021 10:29:02
Do you think there is any chance of change at boardroom level? An overhaul and a new structure/ strategy in place.

05 Jan 2021 11:27:36
I'd say there's more chance of Lennon resigning than him being in charge next season. Let's also not forget the board will need to sell season tickets and this seasons failings will not be quickly forgotten about.

05 Jan 2021 11:21:41
Stephen there appears to be speculation that Peter Lawell will leave but who knows on that one. Neil can’t possibly be given another season as manager if we lose the league. Hammond shouldn’t be given any more money for sweeties never mind players. John Kennedy I believe as an ex-centre half is our defensive coach enough said about the cat with nine lives. If Congerton (name? ) is coaching the goalkeepers and had any say in £5m for Barkas their must be question marks over him too. It’s all rumour and rumour about rumours and hard to comment without knowing the facts.

One thing I would hope isn’t lost on Dermot Desmond is that selling out 50,000 season tickets and having 10,000 on the waiting list of whatever the numbers are must be unlikely if we blow the 10 and there are no significant structural changes.

05 Jan 2021 11:34:44
For the love of god. john kennedy is not the defensive coach! He just happens to be an ex defender 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄 what boardroom changes need to be done? I would possibly look at the recruitment side of things but apart from that we are a well run club!

05 Jan 2021 11:39:04
Stevie woods I think is gk coach and had say on barkas. Congerton is no longer at the club.

05 Jan 2021 11:45:20
JFP John kennedy is not and has never been our defensive coach. The only position specific coach we have is for goalkeeper and that's is Stevie Woods.
Congerton was Rodgers scout and is no long at the club

1967stephen even if there are changes like lawwell leaving its still the same man they are answering to in dermot Desmond. I wouldn't get my hope up on change of strategy.
As the who sing "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"

05 Jan 2021 11:46:40
My very thoughts exactly Kev; the reluctance to sack him after so many mistakes, disruption and disastrous results makes me even angrier than the 19 point gap and tells me the Board are content with not just mediocrity, but near enough implosion after so much success.
I have always been suspicious of our club's stance regarding the whole 2012 agreements, deals, nods and winks when TRIFC were formed; but for them to allow this farce to continue and maybe even get worse while the balance of power is presented on a platter is utter $*#^!

05 Jan 2021 11:57:29
Kev, so do you think DD is the problem?

05 Jan 2021 11:59:52
We are a very well run club and for all the detractors (inc me) Lawwell is one of the best in the business at what he does.

The main issue is that Lawwell wants to control the footballing side of things i. e. selecting/ buying players rather than just sticking to the financial side and running the club.

Based on what has been a shambolic season NL and his coaching team, along with Brown, have ran their course, it's time for change.

We potentially have a huge turnover of players both leaving and coming in over this and the summer transfer windows and the money we will recoup from sales, I believe 50M+, would give any NEW Manager/ coach joining us a great start (along with the players who will be left at the club.

If the board, specifically DD and Lawwell (as they call the shots, the others are window dressing) wish to continue taking the support for mugs and stick with what we have then either something gives i. e. season ticket renewals, or we'll continue to watch the car crash continue.

NL is in place because he's a 'Celtic man' and a yes man. If he had any dignity he would have walked months ago.

05 Jan 2021 12:00:05
Big P so do you think we’ve been well run over the last two or three years from a managerial and recruitment perspective?

05 Jan 2021 12:00:16
OAB perfect post I think something is far wrong somewhere in the board they are not stupid people yet sometimes I think they act like they are.

05 Jan 2021 12:10:57
Agreed JFP,

John Kennedy showed a lot of promise as a player when he broke through before that horric injury robbed him of a playing career.

Celtic looked after him and gave him a job and he's been in/ around the coaching set up ever since. Is he any good, how is he still there when most managers usually bring their team with them - no idea (answers on a postcard) .

In terms of DD and Lawwell, it's all about MONEY. To force change you need to hit them in the pocket - history, passion, the Celtic way etc etc means nothing to these guy's - they're business men and it's all about protecting their investment.

05 Jan 2021 12:45:49
Pedro everyone that has ever worked with John kennedy as a coach speaks very very highly of him.

The money argument doesn't stand up for me either. Celtic would make more money being successful this season than ever before. Think of the merchandise, sponsorship, season ticket sale. Then getting in to the CL.
Having lennon as manager is costing more money than anything else.

05 Jan 2021 13:03:08
Kev, that’s the thing, we may all be coming at this from different perspective, but none of this makes any sense. We have money men and businessmen who are losing out on multi millions every year for the sake of what would be modest investment.

05 Jan 2021 13:14:59
What evidence is there that Lawwell has any say in the scouting of players?, him being involved in the business side of things, you think he would have said a big no to the money wasted on Duffy,

05 Jan 2021 13:20:31

I’m not sure when I got my first season ticket but it was £35 and we’d 7000 at the time so it was a while ago 35 years plus unsure. My laddie has one and sits beside me. I’ve never questioned renewing it and I know when push comes to shove I will again. But this is the first time I’ve thought about it and not because of recent results. I don’t always agree with green brigade but the banner they had of the zoom meeting with DD, PL, NL and the fans disconnected was excellent. I think there has been a growing disconnect between the club and the fans in recent times. I think they have shown an arrogance and a contempt for the fans that is reminiscent of the Kelly’s time. They’ll always be there. How the season ticket refunds and renewals was handled this year left a lot to be desired and seemed to reflect the fact it was the 10 in a row season and that there were 10,000 on the waiting list.

Recently their appears to even be a lack of professionalism not just with regard to management but even with respect to press releases etc. I have personal issues with some of the political correctness they now buy into and increasingly see a club who more and more toe the party line. Whether you think there is no place in football for politics or not there seems increasingly to be less of a willingness to allow views to be expressed that don’t correspond to the boards. There are fewer players who have an affinity with the club. There is a lack of ambition settling for beating them rather trying to progress in Europe. Maybe it’s just the lockdown blues and disappointment with recent events but some times I wonder if I still recognise the club I grew up with and love.

I will renew it because I miss the games and everything that goes with it a pie a pint and the craic. But if I have thought about it others will have too I’ll not be alone unless they see change and a bit of ambition. As you say these guys are business men and the only thing they understand is a reduced return on that investment.

05 Jan 2021 13:37:52

If John Kennedy is highly rated as a coach then that's great, maybe he should take over from NL?

To take the points you mention, before the start of this season we secured or already had in place;-

* the biggest kit deal (Adidas) in the history of our league
* biggest shirt sponsor deal (Dafabet) in the history of our league
* in addition Magners as a secondary sponsor (previously biggest deal in the history of our league)
* record season ticket sales and a waiting list of 10K+

That revenue stream is already in place therefore it only leaves the additional merchadising sales on the back of 10IAR that would bring in extra cash. I've no idea what that may add upto.

When BR left did we bring in a Manager at the same or a higher level, no, we brought back Neil Lennon, apparently offered the job in the changing room, who is happy to go along with what Lawwell tells him because he's just happy to have a job at the club he loves.

To an extent it's chicken and egg, we have always taken the cheap option, in terms of recruitment we could fill pages on here with the 1M/ 2M/ 3M duds who have either ended up on loan, sold for a loss or are 'development' players.

We've signed many in the past X number of years when by pushing the boat out that wee bit further we could have brought in quality rather than quantity, players capable of going straight into the 1st team and into the bargain get results like qualifying for the Group Stages of the CL and/ or the knockout stages of the Europa League. That should be our standard.

It's just my view, Kev, based on 35 years plus of following the Hoops agree or disagree, it's cool.

05 Jan 2021 13:39:32
My first season ticket was in 1990 and it was £154.
It was valid for the Jungle and the Celtic end.
I was only 16 years old but it was classed as an adult season ticket.
Under 16s was the bhoys gate.
With there only being 7,000 season ticket holders at the time,
It guaranteed me a ticket for every away game.

05 Jan 2021 13:40:52
And I'm the same as you JFP because like you and all the bhoys on this site, Celtic means an awful lot to all of us.

05 Jan 2021 13:59:36
Neil lennon has cost about 80 million in lost revenue for champions league failures, now when we have the best chance to qualify because of less qualifying rounds for scottish champions he blows that. So add that on to the 10iar merchandise. Also with the sponsorship deals there will be certain targets involved and you can bet your house in the fact there will be bonuses CL qualification.
And I know it won't be major money but prize money will be dropping this season as well.

05 Jan 2021 14:00:14

I think what the DDs and PLs of this world forget is that we are the club. They are merely temporary custodians. I don’t think the realise ‘football without the fans is nothing’. Empty stadiums this season may have brought that message home to a degree. Half the season ticket sales next season might bring that message home even more loudly and clearer.

05 Jan 2021 14:21:22
Agree JFP but these guys are smart and they know the supporters won't hurt the club to force change therefore, either the status quo remains or they pull the proverbial rabbit out the hat.

05 Jan 2021 14:35:30
Recruitment with benefit of hindsight has been poor. I think it's as much to do with timing. We started this season with some players not wanting b here in the biggest season ever Too many loans rips heart out squad. And KT leaving has seemingly ripped soul out of squad Management must be questioned at all levels in how we got to that point in this season of all seasons. It takes time to integrate new players why we keep buying players who then deemed not fit enough to start mystifies me Poor planning at best Complacency.? we should have had settled squad with couple new additions I agree with OAB2 in that something stinks in regards sevvies rebirth. And I think Lawell up to his knees in it. We will probably never know. 25 years a STH and I torn already about renewing For years putting money in. Hoping board take next step (remember talk of rivaldo. I couldn't think straight for week at thought of it ) and being constantly deflated by their lack of ambition. Is there any point in being 'well run' when opponents willing gamble everything at any cost even a deady bear 2 scenario. Which the spl sfa seem to think acceptable? It's been coming at us from all angles this year we have failed to prepare for it which must go down as mismanagement at all levels A major irk is that we buy after cl exit every season all way back to simounovic why? I've given up on a speculate accumulate strategy years ago I would be curious as to what our net spend has been last ten years when think of monies received Lawells ego (mr Celtic) and his believing his own hype the issue Too big for boots I have not given up on title it still possible. We are playing better 4 months into season? Something stinks Why Celtic allow them swan about pretending be same club without calling it out also stinks Are we deemed not intelligent enough to understand what liquidation means The constant use of 'old firm' on all media outlets like a magicians trick To confuse distract and ultimately con. What a pathetic country we live in but I guess turkeys don't vote for xmas.

05 Jan 2021 15:27:42
Since life without Rangers,
Celtic have spent approximately £90 million since 2012/ 13 season (10 million per season)
In that same timeline Celtic have received approximately £130 million which includes the extra £7 million for Van Dyke and £9 million for Brendan and staff.
Yet Peter Lawwell was bragging about how much we’ve spent in the last couple of years.

05 Jan 2021 18:11:08
Regards season tickets and waiting lists, considering no one has seen a live game this season after paying full price for season books, how many, if C.V. situation was still the same would be willing to pay 500/ 600 etc for an empty seat next season?

05 Jan 2021 18:49:56
Divcelt that’s a really good question I wondered that myself. Like I said above I think season ticket sales will be down unless there we see significant changes and a bit of ambition. It’s speculate to accumulate time for the Celtic board for me. If they do so the fans will back them but if they don’t I think many will vote with their feet particularly during what is a very difficult time for many financially and the board will rue it. As my parish priest said when he asked if me and my laddie had paid the full whack for our season tickets when we can’t go and I responded in the affirmative ‘that’s an act of charity’. None of us wanted to jeopardise the 10 I’d wager. Would I pay £500/ £600 to watch them on Ntcham TV for another season. Probably-but only because I’m auld and desperate to get back in the stadium with ma laddie and take my grandson for the first time. Plus I miss the craic and everything that comes with going to the games. But I think there are many who won’t.



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