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04 Jan 2021 09:27:23
It looks like I’m in the minority with me not having a problem with the photos from Dubai.
They’re only having a pint.
The players can’t train 24 hours a day.
Celtic have played about 10 games in December and it’s been constant since the start of the season, hence why we couldn’t fit in our games in hand.
I think it would’ve been a good idea to go for a knees up team bonding session at the start of the season and then the players could’ve played the season as if they gave a sh1t.

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04 Jan 2021 09:46:22
It's just another PR disaster to add to this season's collection though Buzz. Surely they must realise that drinking beers by the pool a day after essentially losing the league isn't going to wash with the majority when someone inevitably takes a sneaky photo.

04 Jan 2021 10:45:54
Although I don't agree with it in the current 'climate' so to speak, I am honest enough to say, if it was us that was 19 points clear, there would have been little condemnation from the 'Celtic End'.

04 Jan 2021 10:54:24
Buzz what other professionals athletes would travel to a winter training camp and go straight on the booze?

04 Jan 2021 11:54:11
Buzz, at almost any other time I'd say I know where you're coming from but this is all about context and professionalism.

Right now we seem to be going from one disaster to another and all of our own making.

Like a few of the bhoys on here I'm seething at the fact they got on a plane in the first place but the photo by the pool drinking pints put the tin lid on it.

04 Jan 2021 12:00:16
With it being an 8 hour flight,
I was expecting the players to wind down with a few beers on their long flight and then get down to business the next afternoon.
But there’s more chance of there being a team bonding experience in football and rugby,
Than there is if your an individual track and field athlete for example.

04 Jan 2021 12:12:15
Pedro I agree,
I don’t think they should’ve went under the current circumstances.

04 Jan 2021 12:47:24
I don't have issue with squad going Dubai. But do have issue with highly paid professional athletes. Drinking alcohol. Shouldn't be happening. I know they human beings not machines but surely lthe least we can expect is professionalism in looking after themselves. They can drink all they want when career over. Harsh? 15/ 20k a week which we paying says not Saturday was sore. To lose a game where opponent has zero shots on targets seems unthinkable. Although they scraping wins at moment their performances are going one way. Which hopefully leads to dropped points We need stick with it.

{Ed007's Note - And yet nobody batted an eyelid when Rodgers was in charge, strange that. Anyone know why that is?


04 Jan 2021 13:01:20
Ed I never agreed with players drinking then either The real top pros don't as know affects performance levels. Easily overlooked by most under Rodgers as team was successful. I just don't think it too much to ask considering the rewards they enjoy.

{Ed007's Note - I see your point mate but there has been a massive overreaction - AGAIN - by the support. Every year we go to Dubai and nobody says jack$hit because we're dominating at home but the first time we're struggling all of a sudden we shouldn't be in Dubai, they shouldn't be drinking or relaxing etc etc
You can't turn round to professional players and say if you're winning we'll go to Dubai but if we're losing the trips off, it's not a bunch of kids you're trying to bribe to behave at school.
And as for all the rubbish about the pandemic, where was the outrage when we were flying to Italy, France or the Czech Republic? The players and staff are still in the bubble they've been in for months, they flew in a private plane and everyone will be tested as normal.
The furore over this trip is definitely up there in the top 5 of the Celtic family's panty-wetting highlights.}

04 Jan 2021 13:54:11
Panty wetting highlights 😂. I do agree with u Ed in regards the trip. It has worked well last few years. Bit of r and r in sun We were going no matter what Saturdays result was.

{Ed007's Note - 👍

04 Jan 2021 14:44:06

Overreaction you cannot be serious.

19 points behind them in the league, when was the last time that we were in this position?

People are continually going on about our three games in hand. The way we are playing there are no guarantees that we will win these games. It is hard for me to say but TIAR is gone.

Out of both European Competitions before Christmas.

Knocked out of the League Cup by the poorest team in the league.

Saturday’s performance just papers over the cracks.

The biggest season in the clubs history is a shambles and you are saying that people are overreacting.

Once again the board are basically sticking up two fingers to the fans.

{Ed007's Note - Try reading through again. None of that has anything to do with the Club's ANNUAL trip to Dubai - which is what we were talking about and what I said there was a massive overreaction to.}

04 Jan 2021 16:01:11
So what are you referring to as an overreaction then?

{Ed007's Note - The morons in the support overreaction to a trip we've been doing every year for years. Some may even say it's become a tradition.}

04 Jan 2021 17:40:30
Unbelievable comment. You should look at yourself before your start calling people Morons.

I am not the only person to disagree with the trip to Dubai

It seems to be that if people disagree with you don't like.

{Ed007's Note - I actually read that in the voice of Chris Kamara. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with it, I'm talking about the overreaction to it, you do understand there's a difference don't you? Both are as stupid as each other right enough as nobody has EVER complained about the ANNUAL trip before, so what's the difference this year?
Where did I call you a moron or are you simply self identifying as one now after reading the thread, you know the old if the cap fits scenario?
I'm not the only one that says there's some amount of self entitled panty-wetters in the Celtic support who just moan for the sake of it and have been spoilt by our recent dominance. Remember fans attacked the team bus because we lost a cup tie?
That was another overreaction by panty-wetting morons - and I am not the only person to say that either. 😁



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