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03 Jan 2021 13:56:30
Reflections on the game and season so far. Its been a strange one. Meant to be our biggest season in recent history. We've broke many records along the way but the 10IAR was the one we wanted. Unfortunately I think it's now out of grasp, it's luck we need, outwith luck there is no way to win the league now.

This season has been disappointing due to no fans attendances, poor recruitment, injuries/ C.V., our domestic performances, our continental performances. We seem to have been hit with so many factors and seem not be be able to overcome them.

Yesterday's performance outwith the result was encouraging, it was dominant it showed we have when fit the strongest team in Scotland. 11 v 11 we didn't look likely to lose. As much as Biton was sent off (deservedly) and he was playing well until then, he wouldn't of even started had jullien been fit. Which yet again sums up our season.

Who hold the blame for our season. Neil Lennon? The board? Lawell? Nick Hammond? The players? It's easy to point fingers. Genuinely the final blame will always be at the managers feet. But I think Lenny has went and thought about how to get the best out the team and the last 6 games with the diamond has shown he has the knowledge to make good decisions.

I personally hold lawell and nick Hammond accountable, there recruitment strategy and management of finances of recent has been nothing short of diabolical. These two need removed and replaced.

The team: well we need a GK, another 1 maybe 2 centre half of decent quality. We need frimpong to have a challenge in his position but he needs to work on his end product. Left back laxalt is good, but his defensive side needs improvement. I don't see him being here long term that's another replacement. Midfield Christie, Moi, brown, ? rogic, ntcham all likely to go this season. Eddie and? Ajeti gone. These are players that will all need replaced with decent quality. If we want to progress this can't be with loans. The fact we could be in such a disasterous recruitment situation comes down to the money men and recruitment "specialist".

Hopefully we can recruit better (starting this month) and in the summer. You never know luck might be on our side and things change but we should be working towards long term strategy than such short vision. The guys that caused this should be held accountable.

What's your guys thoughts?

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03 Jan 2021 14:09:30
I think, like you, that recruitment has been poor this last year or two, with the exception of Turnbull? Can we rebuilt off CalMac, Soro and Turnbull? It’s a big task, and I suspect we need changes at the top to get it done. There are a lot of assets to be sold, so there will be cash. But we need to buy better. The other mob have probably bought better than us over the last two years, but where they got the money from, who knows? And they’re effective, but not a great team. We were better than them yesterday with eleven.
So, who goes and where, and who comes in?

03 Jan 2021 14:33:54
I think CalMac, Soro and Turnbull have the good basis of a midfield. We still would need at least another 2 possibly to replace Soro and Turnbull if our players weren't fit enough or injuries etc. Forrest and Johnstone back will add width to the midfield. Griff needs games under his belt but will always be a decent striker. With Eddie and (hopeful Ajeti) away we need a striker of similar quality to an inform Eddie/ Moussa mould. We are talking millions needing to be spent or at least a world-class scouting network finding players with real talent who are 80% of the finished product rather than the 50/ 50 game we've been playing. They might be good but we're not sure attitude. I just don't see with Hammond and Lawell such actions being taken but. I think they need to go and we should be picking appropriate replacements.

03 Jan 2021 14:37:37
Hammond is no better than congerton and should be sacked for not doing his job. l genuinely believe some of us if given the opportunity we would do a better job.

03 Jan 2021 15:10:16
I hate saying this but I don't think we are an attractive club for recruitment.

Potentially the other side across the city looks like a more attractive club to sign for at present. They have an ex-England captain with a good football pedigree as manager (as in playing at a high level, players know by playing for him he knows what it takes to make it in the EPL) . They have steadily progressed in the last few years they have been last 16 in Europa League and look cert to win the SPL against a team that has had the financial upper hand.

We in turn have struggled to make the last 32 of EL most years of recent, unable to make the CL. Won the league but looks like a possibility of winning nothing. When BR came in he changed the professional approach of the club. We had decent recruitment initially we looked strong in some of our CL games. We were invincible. Players had the belief that playing with Celtic meant CL exposure. We have the likes of KT and CalMac making progressing from the academy. Do they beleive that now? we have players trying everything to push for a move. We need a big change, good investment and restored faith in the direction of the club.

We knew McGinn was the right player but Lawell didn't want to spend money. Toney (Championship top goalscorer) was the player to go for in the summer we dragged our heals and brought in Ajeti a West Ham reject. Why sign rejects and not players clubs don't want to lose? The boy in the MLS McKenzie getting great review but we will drag our heals. I'm all for getting the best value for money but if we need the player and we have the money just spend it, don't spend the same money of a player of a lesser standard. This is the attitude that has cost us so dearly.

03 Jan 2021 16:46:50
Great honest post 4leafclover.

Everything you have said is the truth.

03 Jan 2021 16:56:50
4 leaf clover good points 👍.

03 Jan 2021 17:03:52
I think your spot on 4leafclover.
They can change lennon for who ever they want, same old story will continue until we change our recruitment/ strategy. We don't bring through enough youth and our recruitment beggars belief at times. I want real change and DOF. I presume desmond is the only one who can bring about that kind of change.

03 Jan 2021 17:56:11
I've got no doubt that BR leaving had a lot to do with our ambition as a club and Lawwells non stop interference in all things relating to signing player's.

BR isn't a yes man, Lawwell will not back down, BR leaves with the club picking up 9M in compensation and we get NL - a yes man who needed a job.

Fast forward to this season.

03 Jan 2021 18:32:07
4leafclover, good post.
As many have said previously, we seem to dilly dally sometimes when we are in for a player.
If we were to sign any SPL players who would you all want?
Lewis Ferguson is the one for me.
What about Eamonn Brophy, surely would be better than Klimala?

03 Jan 2021 20:01:10
RJ10 Lewis Ferguson because of the midfield role he could play. I'd even take Lewis or marciano for goalkeeping as they've done better than we've got.

But there is a lot more leagues to look at Championship, league 1 (England) , ligue 1 France, seria a lower team Italy, MLS, allsvenskan, eliteserien, Danish superliga, Hungarian league, super lig (turkey) . Plenty of decent players to recruit from. There will be in those leagues at least 4 gems that with proper scouting network we could have a chance of recruiting. We need to be willing to pay the reasonable rate asked to take these teams better players and create a wage structure to compete with decent European teams. I just think we appear to have limited mentality in recruiting.

03 Jan 2021 20:39:28
4leafclover, I'm with you mate.



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