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26 Dec 2020 21:32:28
Am I deluded or not bhoys? I'm taking absolute pelters on twitter because I said the league is still in our own hands. The Sevconians are out in force sticking it to me. One in particular just told me I'm off my head cause the bookies have them as firm favourites. Then when I called that nonsense his reply was "let's make a bet my 4 bedroom semi detached against your caravan" he's now upset that I called him s bigot. What's your honest opinions are we deluded has the league gone?

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26 Dec 2020 21:52:56
Jaw it’s presently still in our own hands.
Unlike last season when they were 13 points behind with only one game in hand.
And with only 2 Derby games available, they basically needed snookers.
If Celtic lose or draw next week we will also need help from the other teams in the league.
But if Celtic win next week it’s back to being game on.

26 Dec 2020 21:55:06
Jaw has the league gone? Has it feck. There is a lot of football to be played yet. It’s not over until it’s over. If you give a flying feck what the H**s or the MSSM think I can offer counselling at a very reasonable rate. Free. All donations to Ed’s foodbank or Mary’s Meals. Goodnight and God bless. Keep the Faith. ☘️.

26 Dec 2020 22:40:02
JFP I firmly believe we're still in this league race and in fact in honesty believe their bottle will crash 👍💚🇮🇪☘️.

26 Dec 2020 23:12:35
We looked more like it today all be it the opposition wasn't great but you could see fluency and rhythm and pairing the griff with eddy is a must. best eddy has been this season.

26 Dec 2020 23:31:24
Lose at Ibrox its over. Take a draw get the games in hand won then see if they can cope with the pressure in the final stretch.

26 Dec 2020 23:31:59
Take the bet.

27 Dec 2020 00:45:16

27 Dec 2020 01:28:38
Is that where we're at guys? It isn't even the new year and we're talking about the mathematics of the season? It hurts me to say it but it's about time some people got real. We're toast this season and 10iar is an unrealistic dream. It's all our own fault. HH.

27 Dec 2020 08:14:41
I'm with u bestybhoy, the 10 is almost certainly gone. We frittered our transfer budget on players who don't make us a better team, just make us a bigger squad - Barkas, Ajeti, Duffy, Klimala, Laxalt etc. Money should have been spent on one or two quality additions like Toney. Never say never but they don't look like they will implode.

27 Dec 2020 08:27:19
Cheers John 👍👍 deluded about the football or just in general? 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

27 Dec 2020 10:01:24
Even with our own prolonged 'self-harming' period, we have actually done something more than they have - and that's put a trophy in the cabinet already. However, what they have managed is to accumulate an unexpectedly high tally of points in an uninterrupted unbeaten run.
Circumstances have definitely contrived to complicate the campaign, whether it be CV related, or postponed games and I still believe the establishment influence is evident one way or another every week.
The task ahead is gargantuan and whereas they can afford a slip or two, we have probably got to win every game and although we have a few looking more like their old selves this past week, we still need a marked improvement and a return to the consistency of last January.

27 Dec 2020 10:36:42
Our recruitment gas been awful nearly 14 mill on barkas klimala and ajeti and none goìd enough. our 2 loans have been average and we are playing a kid in goals. saying that if we beat utd and sevco then we might jystvretrirve this but it's big if.

27 Dec 2020 12:50:18
I 100% believe we can win this title. It is in our own hands jfp1888 I'd take his house off him It's going to take one bad game and they will feel pressure like never before I thought they looked vulnerable anytime hibs attacked which wasn't near offer enough. There is nothing to fear I say we go all out attack see where gets us. Even a draw not end of world. If win games in hand which we now look like doing it's 7 points 2 draws 1 defeat it's covered we to play them for 9 How fans can concede on here is totally beyond my comprehension.

27 Dec 2020 13:27:55
Remember a wee guy called Petrov? I recall everyone writing him off as he did not hit the ground running. If we had got rid of him after a season we would not to have had the pleasure of watching him develop into a top player.

I thought our recruitment was good in the summer as we bought internationals for the areas we needed to strengthen. Yes they have not been on top form but neither has the team. Let's get behind them and give them our support. That being said I would like to see elhamed gone in January and a RB brought in and a CB who can organise defence and defend set pieces. Would also love to see Forster back for 6 months.

27 Dec 2020 13:58:43
It's a big ask for the players to go on a long undefeated run and given our form this season makes it even more unlikely. If we can get all 6 points from the next 2 games, and the board have a little ambition and spend the right amount on what is required then the league isn't a foregone conclusion. They are 16 points ahead with us having 3 games in hand if you win those 3 games and the next old firm that will give us a 4 point gap.

I believe that if we achieve that and recruit well in January then 4 point is nothing to be over concerned with 2 old firms and plenty of games left in the league.

Mentally the media has set them up for an implosion talks of 19 point leads when the team in 2nd has 4 games in hand is ridiculous, the media wants Stevie G (ex England Captain, Liverpool captain-EPL) to look a tactical genius that can achieve the impossible on a "shoe string budget". His rangers trophy cabinet shows this is not the case. If the league becomes a gap of 4 points, fans begin returning to the stadium, Celtic recruit well the pressure on the serial bottlers will be like never before. I genuinely don't believe they would have the nerve to cope.

However as horrible as this sounds this coming week is a league decider. This Will be our last role of the dice. Our last chance at being able to really turn this round.

27 Dec 2020 15:04:42
How is the league in our own hands we are 16pts behind we have 3 games in hand and 2 against sevco which makes 15pts plus there goal difference is far superior to ours so its in their hands not ours all we can do is win all our games and keep the pressure on and see if they collapse.

27 Dec 2020 16:04:29
Marco 88. We still to play them 3 times. 9 points win 3 in hand. We two in front. So that is in our own hands.

27 Dec 2020 20:42:16
Oh yeah I forgot that I thought we had to play only two more times my apologises but its still in their hands they don't look like losing at all at the moment.



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