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09 Dec 2020 13:56:26
It seems Lenny was 100% right when he lambasted the want away players after the Ferencvaros game. He can't do an awful lot about it when a player downs tools in their mind but he should have dropped them immediately. I believe that lesser talented players who were hungry would have prevented a lot of the mess we are in. HH.

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09 Dec 2020 14:31:25
Never forget Lennon knew last January players wanted to leave. So to go into the 10 season with unhappy players is nobody’s fault but his own. They could have been sold in the summer. I’m sure no one would have complained if he said in summer they wanted to leave and they were sold to stop any unrest happening in the squad.

He’s tried to really implement the 532 this year and the recruitment for it has been s***e!
In our squad we have only 2natural senior CBs one natural wing back no striker that is good in the air. The squad is massive and all over the place, complete shambles.

And no doubt there’s been a fallout behind scenes and some haven’t gotten over it and still have a chip on their shoulder.


{Ed007's Note - How many times do we need to go through this, Neil Lennon doesn't decide who Celtic buy or sell.}

09 Dec 2020 14:48:44
Are you saying these signings had nothing to do with Lennon?
Do you not remember lawell saying one of the reasons they took Lennon back because he had a good eye for a player?

It’s a group that make up the football side, Lennon has a say in it too, he’s part of the group. He makes recommendations on players him and top scout. Final say comes down to lawell.

Are you seriously saying lawell chooses every player we sign?

{Ed007's Note - Who signs off players contracts on behalf of the Club, it isn't Neil Lennon? Lennon has an input but Hammond and Lawwell make the final decisions. Look back at signings first interviews and how many speak about them arriving and meeting and speaking to the manager for the first time. Remember Lennon spoke about watching Elhamed in his last 5 games which turned out to be a lie because a) he never flew to Israel b) Celtic were playing on a couple of the same dates and finally c) Elhamed had hardly played in his team's last 5 games because he was injured/banned. I could go on but the site is fully searchable and you'll see plenty of examples and explanations of the background to transfers.
If you think Lennon has any power when it comes to players coming and going then you haven't been paying attention over the last decade, John Park and Lawwell were in charge under Lennon and Deila then Rodgers tried to rock the boat and that was the beginning of the end of his time as manager.
Lennon is a coach, his job - like thousands of manager/coaches out there - is to coach/manage the players the Club brings in and that's how it should be except it should be a Director of Football who makes the decisions.}

09 Dec 2020 15:25:25
I understand how it works. It was stated in the 17/ 18 or 18/ 19 end of season review. It’s online in PDF format.

They’re called the group and are made up of 4people. Lawell manager, sports director and can’t mind the other guy. It’s through that groups decisions lawell gets his bonus.

Of course a manager doesn’t sign the contracts. Your first message implied Lennon had no input in who we’ve signed since he arrived. I disagree. And Lawwells comment about him having a good eye for a player surely means he had an input in signings since he’s arrived. Not all mind.

{Ed007's Note - I'm not explaining it again. My first message implied nothing - I never imply anything, Ryan, I always say exactly what I mean - as it clearly stated that "Neil Lennon doesn't decide who Celtic buy or sell" which he doesn't, the final decision is made by Lawwell unless Desmond is involved like the deals for Rodgers, Robbie and Roy Keane etc.}

09 Dec 2020 15:44:32
I never said he did but 👍🏻.

09 Dec 2020 15:52:44
Lawell is our unofficial Director of Football and anyone who can't see that is blind of the truth. He should stick to being an accountant and should have no place in the football side of things.

09 Dec 2020 16:21:08
I can understand why he has an input into contact negotiation and the actual bartering for the player in his role but I don't think he should have anything to do with the selection of what players come in as far as players going out I can understand the price we have for a player and him to negotiate that price but again I don't think he should have a say in who leaves IMO that should be upto the player and the manager if he thinks he can be replaced and what is the risk too the team if he says he can't go.

09 Dec 2020 16:37:20
I always thought the BIG clubs like Real Madrid, Man Utd etc etc etc would buy the players and then tell the manger 'There you are; get on with it' - Obviously in a much Grandeur style and budget; although managers have a list of positions they want addressed, they will usually get what the Board can afford or are willing to pay.
I reckon that's why we end up with so many misfits?

{Ed007's Note - Man Utd have the same problem as us, OAB, they have money men making footballing decisions and it's not working. They are looking to go down the DOF route but behind the scenes politics are stalling their plans.}

09 Dec 2020 17:03:20
Another 'Marriage of Inconvenience' Ed; No wonder we are both in such a mess with businessmen playing 'Premier Manager' in real life?!

{Ed007's Note - 👍

09 Dec 2020 17:16:37
Lennon was the one that convinced ajeti to sign.

Ed just assumed I don’t know how the transfers work at our club and I was blaming Lennon for all our bad signings (even though my first message made no mention of who was responsible for our bad recruitment) hence his reply to to my message.

{Ed007's Note - How many times do we need to go through this, Neil Lennon doesn't decide who Celtic buy or sell. }

{Ed007's Note - Lennon was the one that convinced Ajeti to sign 😂😂😂😂 He spoke to Ajeti then told Lawwell to sign him did he? Don't you think the deal was all agreed by Ajeti, his agent and Celtic (Lawwell who negotiates the deals with Chris McKay) before Ajeti spoke to Lennon. Ajeti was looking for assurances regarding game time and that's down to the coach/manager, it was probably Lawwell that told Lennon to phone Ajeti btw as Lawwell can't guarantee game time to a player.
What would have been the point of Lennon talking to Ajeti if Lawwell wasn't prepared to pay the fee West Ham wanted or his wages?
This is getting boring but if you want to keep playing I'll keep going until my dinner's ready but you're getting nowhere pretty fast here.}

09 Dec 2020 17:40:41
So with your logic Ed only lawell gets the praise and criticism when a signing is good or bad Because he has the final say.

I’m not arguing that he hasn't got the final say.
Lennon and Hammond help him make his decisions with their recommendations on the player.

And yes I’ll try find the vid of Lennon clearly stating ajeti was unsure of coming until he (Lennon) stepped in and spoke to him. So aye Lennon convinced ajeti to sign.

{Ed007's Note - Don't bother on my account, I know what happened. If Lennon giving Ajeti assurances about game time is convincing him then your right but who made the decision to sign him?
In fact now I think back a quick Google search might throw up articles that state Lennon actually spoke to his Ajeti's representatives about their concerns so if you want to be pedantic it was them that Lennon convinced. 😁

09 Dec 2020 17:50:50
What’s for dinner Ed? 😂.

{Ed007's Note - I made chilli con carne mate 👊

09 Dec 2020 18:01:23
Yum Yum
I don’t know where you found the time, replying to us moaning. 😂.

{Ed007's Note - I've been at it since 11 o'clock lol

09 Dec 2020 18:20:41
Lennon has done nothing but praise Hammomd for his tireless work on rebuilding the recruitment that Congerton left in a mess. Lawwell deals with the transfer negotiations and I may be wrong but Lennons only input would be to say what areas he'd like to strengthen and as mentioned talks with player about game time ect the rest is down to scouts/ Hammond/ Lawwell surely.

09 Dec 2020 18:35:00
Look Ed I’m no arguing with ya. If you want to use the logic of because lawell has final decision so every good bad signing is down to him that’s fine batter in. I don’t agree.

Hope you had some Doritos with that chilli 👍🏻.

{Ed007's Note - Where did I say that every good/bad signing is down to Lawwell? They are down to good/bad scouting and good/bad decisions made like how Lawwell signed Kazim-Richards who needed out of Feyenoord for threatening a journalist instead of Elyounoussi as a favour to his friend Dudu Dahan, do you think it's the manager that arranged all the deals with Man City or is that done between Lawwell and his son Mark who is their Scouting and Recruitment Manager?
Every manager for years has complained about not having any control of transfers and Lawwell's interference in footballing matters. That's why Lennon left the first time, because Lawwell and John Park were signing players and that's why Lennon got the job again, Lawwell knew that he wouldn't rock the boat.}

09 Dec 2020 19:24:41
Lennon was on the scrap heap when he was brought back in after Rodgers ran away. If Lawwell had told him he had to run naked down Sauchiehall Street on the second Thursday of every month and to sing 'My Old Man's A Dustman' outside the Sevvydome every third Friday morning in order to get the job then he'd have done it. HH.



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