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09 Dec 2020 13:01:52
With each passing day that Lennon remains in the job, more damage is done.

He has had long enough to turn things around and failed to do so.

It's time for a change.

Have not spoken to one fan recently who does not want him gone immediately.

Now is the time for action, get a new manager in and let him assess the team before January window opens and then back him in January.

{Ed007's Note - I don't want Lennon gone immediately, if there's so many players not wanting to be here what difference will changing the manager do? We'll still have unhappy players that don't want to be here.
Lennon is being made the fall guy for a bunch of pampered millionaire prima donna's who couldn't give a stuff about the Club or the fans and I can only hope the support remember that in years to come.}

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09 Dec 2020 13:37:12
Ed spot on 👍.

{Ed007's Note - Cheers mate 👍

09 Dec 2020 13:40:34
I can remember James Forrest was wanting to leave Celtic,
Then Brendan Rodgers came in and it changed everything.
Something similar could happen although I agree these players
Have let down Lennon, the club and our Supporters.

{Ed007's Note - James Forrest turned down a contract in 2016 because he wasn't happy with what was on offer and wanted to look at his options. When he realised that there weren't many clubs held him in the high regards he held himself he signed the contract he had previously turned down. It was down to money and nobody (Norwich) was offering more money than Celtic.}

09 Dec 2020 13:53:23
The players are clearly, IMHO, not playing BECAUSE of Lennon, not in spite of him! They don't rate him, think his methods are outdated hence them wanting out.

09 Dec 2020 13:59:32
Indeed several players have 'played' (inappropriate word) the major part in this calamitous situation; but still they are selected each week, during one of our worst runs in recent years.
Also, It has to be said that some of his match-day decisions like team selection, formation and subs have been questionable in the least and it's well known I'm not keen on the manager for various other reasons, but he would have come out of this in better shape if he had stuck to his guns, when he revealed the malcontents after the Ferencvaros embarrassment and dropped them indefinitely.
I appreciate there were CV and injury problems to complicate this and he seems to lack belief in some players; but the culprits would have been exposed and shamed, instead of them going through the motions for three months making him look a bigger fool.
The results may not have been too different, but the spotlight and blame would have been diverted to the trouble-makers.
It's also possible Lawell may have been influencing who should be selected, but NL has went from 'saviour' to saboteur for either showing too much loyalty to timewasters or lacking assertiveness.
We now hobble on until the SC Final and maybe beyond with a broken man in charge, a variety of chancers in the 'Escape Committee' and a Board - nowhere near blameless - hoping for a Christmas Miracle.

09 Dec 2020 14:05:58
Well said Oab. HH.

09 Dec 2020 14:07:56
I didn’t know that about James Forrest’s contract Ed.
It’s obvious the players could do loads more and they’re playing as if they’re not enjoying going to their work everyday.
The problem is not a minority issue it’s practically the whole squad.
That’s why I think we need a change in management ASAP.
The only chance I think we have of turning our season around is
Bringing in a new management team and pray the prima donna’s respond positively.
I can remember having a debate with you about Lennon after the treble treble Cup Final and you warned me this would happen.

{Ed007's Note - So what happened during the summer to cause the demise, even though we were all delighted & some even praised Lawwell for not selling any of our "big" players has it backfired on us?
Edouard and Ntcham expected to be sold, Jullien & Bitton wanted to move on, CalMac and Christie have had their head turned by KT's Pub League chat and would have moved to England if the Club had accepted bids and Ajer would have moved also if the Club had let him - contrary to what's been said elsewhere Ajer's never spat the dummy out and wasn't actively seeking a transfer - and Rogic also wanted to move on but he was aiming higher than Qatar.
Should Lawwell have allowed them to leave leaving us to build basically a new team - and can you imagine the support's reaction if he had done so?}

09 Dec 2020 14:19:59
Surely personal pride comes into it and the only way these mercenaries will get their move is by performing so uts baffling how they're coming up with sub standard performances.

09 Dec 2020 14:54:34
Everything you’ve mentioned Ed. Is correct.
We normally start quite slow and that’s why Lennon wasn’t too concerned because he felt the players would step up a gear similar to previous seasons.
I was expecting a good October after the transfer window closed but then we had C. V issues.
I was definitely expecting a good November which never materialised.
It’s baffling we are now into December and our season hasn’t started yet.
I can’t help believing the Players, Management team and the Board are all equally to blame for our disastrous season.
We all felt the board done well in the summer but they’ve not reacted quickly enough when it’s been obvious a change in management was our only option left.

{Ed007's Note - 👍

09 Dec 2020 15:11:43
is that true ed big Julien wanting a move after 1 season. with all these players wanting move or having there head turned its no wonder we are under performing and lennon has been hung out to dry big time.

{Ed007's Note - Yes mate, his agent was hawking him round England and France.}

09 Dec 2020 15:28:49
Agree about ajer ed but if we wait till summer for a new manager/ coach he will only have weeks before cl playoffs hh.

09 Dec 2020 15:32:57
I think the reason for wanting a move was Jullian was struggling with the pressure and expectations of having to win every game at a massive club like Celtic.
He would be quite happy playing for a middle of the table club for an easy life.

{Ed007's Note - It could be that, Leon. We've seen better players than Jullien unable to cope with the demands of playing for us.}

09 Dec 2020 16:33:18
Sorry but I think Lennon is to blame for a lot of players wanting to leave I also think Lennon is a terrible manager with no tactics or talent for the job the fitness of the team doesn't look right his substitutions have been questionable and predictable 60 plus minutes. There is nothing I could say to defend him as our manager. I am not saying that he is to blame for all the players mentioned are wanting to leave because of him but I do think there is some.

09 Dec 2020 17:37:49
Like Buzz alluded to in an earlier post, if the club were to make an exciting managerial choice, it’s quite possible that some of the players that want to go may decide to stay. In saying that, the way every one of them have performed this year if they decide to leave it wouldn’t be hard to replace the majority of them.

09 Dec 2020 18:29:13
Possibly Jullien was shocked by the pace and physicality of the Scottish game and it's shown him up on more than a few occasions.

Ed what's you opinion on the players you think/ expect will leave in January? Do you think we will try move a fair few on sooner rather than wait until summer as they'll hope to get more money for these underperformers selling them in Jan? (Wishful thinking)

{Ed007's Note - I reckon 1 or 2 could move in January, Ntcham and Jullien maybe?}

09 Dec 2020 19:32:59
Ntcham wouldn't be a big miss as he contributes little when given the chance just hope that doesn't affect Edouard too much his pal moving on. Jullien on the whole did steady the ship last season but was prone to the odd blunder and hates playing against big physical strikers and gets the huff and resorts to feining injury when being rough housed. Is the rumour Duffy being sent back to Brighton made up or is that possible too?

{Ed007's Note - As far as I know Duffy won't be going back to Brighton in January.}



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