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17 Oct 2020 15:49:12

Some words of wisdom please?

I feel for the lads that did the Lennoxtown banner

" be in there for us". hardly .

Horrible build up to match and lots of issues BUT by any measure, that did not look like a team going for 10 IAR.

{Ed007's Note - Neil Francis Lennon (wasn't that your pet name for him the other day?) should have the good grace to walk away tonight. When we do win 10 it will be in spite of him, not because.}

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17 Oct 2020 18:09:53
👏👏👏 ed were here for them but there not here for us 🍀.

{Ed007's Note - 👍 I don't blame the players at all mate, it's all down to Lennon and his outdated methods and tactics.}

17 Oct 2020 18:12:05
Wise words

I always try to give him benefit of the doubt

I don't rate him, never have

Love celtic but feeling bigger disconnect with the team. it looks like the stalwarts have ran their race and the incomers can't fill the Jerseys

Adidas don't win football matches
Our sold out season tickets
Or museums

Leaked teams
Hapless performances
Weird selections / no relationships forming

Lots of injured players

A deep malaise has set in and I don't think lennon or Kennedy or the new Lasd Stracham can reverse the current trend of sevco on the rise

In terms of intensity around the 10 What happened Ed? Why have we come apart and why is it being underplayed as if its not happening

Why do we have to NL after a match talk about a match that noone else witnessed?

Why why why and why now!

Last question what would you do with set up and management if I gave you a magic Harry Potter wand?

{Ed007's Note - Although it would upset his adoring fanboys I'd sack Lawwell & Lennon and see if Eddie Howe fancies it. We missed a trick not appointing Moyes who would know how to set the team up and have the players well drilled, organised and aware of their jobs on the park.
Why are you blaming coaches? They only do what the manager tells them to so if the manager is clueless it's hardly the coaches fault. Kennedy would do a better job than Lennon as manager/head coach.}

17 Oct 2020 18:20:51
Spot on.

17 Oct 2020 18:28:24
Interesting point on coaches.

17 Oct 2020 18:59:05
Not going to happen so we need to accept that and address the issue at the end of the season. Unity at this time, during one of the most important seasons in our history is not the time for infighting in my opinion.

17 Oct 2020 19:04:29
I must admit, it has taken longer that i thought for Lennons poor man management skills to have seriously adverse effects on the players. When you add that to his lack of tactical know how, we will make hard work of the 10 when it should have been almost routine.

17 Oct 2020 19:22:30
I sort of agree with that.

17 Oct 2020 19:50:36
This is total crap as Kennedy just sits there with his arms folded staring into space, No passion no fight but he would be better😭Total nonsense.

{Ed007's Note - Not all managers jump about like raving lunatics and those that do usually know what they're talking about or they just look a t!t. Kennedy knows more about football and tactics than Lennon ever will.
As an assistant manager what do you want Kennedy to do, undermine the manager by screaming at players what to do?
Do you understand the role of an assistant manager? The clues right there in the job title - to assist the manager.}

17 Oct 2020 20:11:34
Maybe to get off his backside and stand with his manager on the touchline and look a bit interested, The way Robertson did with O'Neill and Davies did with Rodgers! If he had more knowledge of football than Lennon then why did Celtic go and get Lennon when Rodgers left? They clearly didn't want to give Kennedy the reigns.

{Ed007's Note - Why should Kennedy get up and shout when the manager is sitting there with his arms folded chewing tobacco like a hillbilly? O'Neill and Rodgers were also up shouting with their assistants.
Maybe Covid means they aren't allowed to jump about to get you excited?}

17 Oct 2020 21:22:58
Lol . tobacco. hillbilly lol.

{Ed007's Note - I'm just waiting on some moron blaming our kit and we should have went with Cas t re. They're blaming everyone else ffs while wee Taylor is sitting with his feet up giving the bird to Frimpong on Ascom!}

18 Oct 2020 13:37:44
Reading through your posts has at least cheered me up a little today Ed. hillbilly 🤣.

{Ed007's Note - 👍



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