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22 Sep 2020 22:29:04
Right lads can no one else see that football is going to be stopped very shortly, and I doubt it will start again until next Spring. Mark my words. This is the new normal🤐.

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22 Sep 2020 23:37:46
Difficult to predict. Scottish football won't survive but neither will the pub league down south. They can't afford to not have the tv money so let's hope it continues. Those 5 months were awful without scottish football. What ever happened to the 10 million rebate in trifc dossier?

23 Sep 2020 00:14:52
Stevie I don't think football will stop this time. I do think it will be a long time before fans are permitted into stadiums though.

As long as testing procedures are effective, I reckon at most there will be games rescheduled if any team has to self isolate. Think lower leagues might struggle.

23 Sep 2020 01:12:22
We will just have to see what happens, and take what ever comes, this virus is airborne or whatever the word is, that means the droplets of the virus are so small, that when an asymptomatic person just speaks in a normal conversation, he or she sheds loads of the virus into the air around them, and because the droplets are so small they are suspended in the air, and infect the next person unlucky enough to breathe in that air, so mask wearing should be mandatory in public places, which will probably enrage the anti maskers, I say let them be enraged and healthy rather than suffer from life long side effects of this awful virus.
As for the football, I think it should carry on, under as strict a regime as possible, if I was the main man, I would build a huge complex on the top of that road going to Applecross, with enough accommodation and training facilities for all the SPFL teams, and just one dedicated football stadium, the fixtures would be played every day of the week, using every reasonable hour of the day, every match would be televised on a pay per view basis, but because not many people might want to watch the lesser teams, wee Nicola, will introduce a law, to the effect, that if you have a landline or satellite connection to your house, it will be accepted that you have spent Saturday afternoon watching Dundee v Patrick Thistle, even tho you spent, said, Saturday afternoon asleep in your garden, this will be irrelevant to Wee Nicola, and £200 will be with drawn from your bank account or deducted from your benefits.

23 Sep 2020 01:22:32
I think the SPFL still need to pay back a couple of million spread over a payment plan of a few years.
Paying through the gates contributes to a large chunk of all the clubs turnover in Scotland.
In the EPL it is only a single figure percentage of their turnover which will be affected.
With no fans in the ground the TV companies will probably get more subscribers.

23 Sep 2020 07:27:47
Angela Merkel's wee sister will make sure that football is not a priority.

23 Sep 2020 08:15:03
It's a shame that you can't just pay for Scottish Football. No interest in paying huge fees for the standard sky package plus English Football. They are paying us next to nothing so why not have a Scottish football channel for tenner a month?

23 Sep 2020 08:52:01
The virus is appearing more and more within clubs (David Moyes and players this morning at West Ham) and that's with ultra-safe testing and protection within a very controlled environment.
The smaller clubs have inferior facilities and can't afford the precautions and care of the rich clubs, so the danger is greater.
The laxing of lockdown rules was bound to increase risk of the C.V. spreading and as we approach winter weather, any cough, sneeze or symptoms will cause even more panic and over-reaction.
Therefor, I believe the season will be suspended at some point.

23 Sep 2020 10:32:07
It's spiking again but the vast majority recover with no issues and even though are positive they are fine.

23 Sep 2020 12:32:12
I 99.9% had it in April the 0.01% of doubt is I couldn’t get tested at that time? I had a bad cough and high temp for 6 days then my whole body aches and I still had the cough a tight chest and zero energy. I live alone and never left my house for 15 days. even now I struggle it’s hard to pin point but my lung capacity is shot to bits I’ve less energy my joints ache and I just constantly feel done in. so I am testament it can f##k you long term 🙁 but HH let's get behind Lenny and the Bhoys and HWG10IAR 🍀🏆🏆🏆.



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