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02 Sep 2020 18:54:32
Sometimes I despair at this site i love it but can't get my head round all the negative posts. from lennys no good to the board don't spend enough. lawells useless even though he's been head hunted by epl clubs Duffy is a reject ajeti is a reject. this is from a spoiled support who if of a certain age will not know the hard times . Well I do and right now we're living the good life yes we've messed up in Europe but in the last 4 years we've won the lot. get behind lenny and the team in the most important year since 67.

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02 Sep 2020 19:19:52
Well if your talking about me I am 50 and can remember all the bad times and the good times. I said he was a Brighton reject as he isn't getting a game for Brighton and they ate willing to sell him as he is surplus to requirements and they don't need him that's why I said he was a reject.

02 Sep 2020 19:41:08
Mally I too have been through good times and bad times and can categorically confirm that Lennon is no good, our board don't spend enough and Lawwell is useless, in hindsight these descriptions are an over estimate of their worth to Celtic.

02 Sep 2020 19:55:06
Lawell runs a tight ship we are always financially safe and he has kept us ahead of all in Scotland. lennon is here for the season jyst get behind him. and reject is a bit harsh imo he played 130 games and any time he wasn't playing he was on the bench. as av said Marco was Larsson a reject was Sutton was Sinclair how did they do for us.

02 Sep 2020 19:57:14
My hope for this season is we go on our usual winning streak in the league.
Last season Celtic won both 11 league games in a row and 8 league games in a row. Anything similar this season and we will make history.
That went a long way to putting us 13 points clear and securing 9 IAR.
Since Slippy took over at Sevco, their biggest winning run in the league is only 6 games and that was near the end of season 2018/ 19 after James Forrest scored the winner against them to put Celtic 13 points ahead.
Sevco then went on a winning streak when the league was over and the pressure was off.
I think Celtic still won the league by 9 points that season.
It is time to get behind the current staff for this season and then have a look at changes for the start of next season.

02 Sep 2020 20:07:01
Mally. I am of a certain age and can remember the bad times that is why I dread going back to them.
Our record in Qualifying for the Champions league has been getting worse over recent years, it means we have less money to try and maintain our domestic dominance.
I would like the money from the Champions league to ensure that we aren't in a position where we are forced to sell our top players.
Two years ago we failed to qualify and sold Dembele, last year we failed again and sold Tierney, this years failure means we will probably have to sell, Edouard, N'cham, or Ajer.
I know that eventually these players would move to bigger leagues but if we keep going down this route it will cost us eventually.
I think fans speaking out on things is a good thing, if nothing else it keeps the powers at be on their toes.

02 Sep 2020 20:14:13
Well said @mally it's all different now.
Celtic FC is a well run empire let's not forget on and off the field it's got a gd reputation. I want it to stay that way.

02 Sep 2020 20:26:48
Dont think fan's forum's are for people who want happy clapping praise of all things Celtic. Fans forum's is where most go to vent frustration or praise all thing's Celtic.

I go home and away and when at the game its to support the team. You get on supporters bus you comment on everything. Fans forum's is just a bigger version of supporters bus without the rebels HH.

02 Sep 2020 20:27:23
I wouldn’t say we re a well run ship. Wasting millions on fees and wages having over 32+ first team players.

Should be about 21-22 with rest made up of first team colts.

02 Sep 2020 20:43:03
We sold those players because they wanted to leave 🤔.

02 Sep 2020 20:44:57
Just imagine how good the team and dominance would be if we kept the major players motivated and happy.

02 Sep 2020 21:26:48
marco would you class ntcham a reject when he's on the bench most weeks?

03 Sep 2020 05:22:39
Lets not start with the reject rubbish.
The reason Duffy can't get a game for Brighton is very simple, they had Ben Chillwell who just went to Chelsea for £60m and Lewis Dunk who Spurs and Chelsea are after in a transfer up to £50m.
The boy played 122 when Chris Houghton was in charge and he was named player of the year in 2019.
It wasn't until Potter came in and bought Webster for £20m+ that Duffy started to see his appearances reduced.
The boy is a very good defender that won't get caught out dallying about in his own half and he will do a great job for us.

03 Sep 2020 07:16:52
Of course they were just because they came here and proved themselves doesn't mean they were not rejected by there club. Look at bayo he is a celtic reject but us scoring in France. Cascarino was a celtic reject went to France and was top goalscorer there a few times. Sutton Chelsea rejected him came to us and was brilliant. Do you get my point. Good and thank you.

03 Sep 2020 09:17:36
Naw a don't reject suggests the player is sh@te and that's what s coming across in your posts.

03 Sep 2020 11:26:37
How can we be that well run when year after year we never prepare for the CL? If we did we would be 8n an unasailable position. This year it was a round earlier we got handed our arse. Thsts not being well run, that's been stupid, trying to save a few bob and losing out on millions.

03 Sep 2020 12:58:44
Enjoyed reading this thread and agree with magicpole in that you have to invest to get the profit. Unfortunately too ofren we have invested in rejects (interpreted in the same way as Mally) We could invest a lot of money in the effort to reach the Champions League and still get pumped. How much money have Juve or PSG invested in effort to win it? Unfortunately for me money has ruined the game and Celtic will never be able to compete for wages with english clubs etc and then the better players want to test themselves against a better standard than spfl. Like others have said i can remember good and bad times but still think some of our greatest players came through the ranks, most obviously the quality street gang but more recently KT, Calmac, Forrest. Unfortunately money has limited the possibility of the youth coming through as we have to buy to stay ahead of the rest. I think there are also horses for courses and it doesn't surprise me that tle likes of Bayo can do well now and good players can fail in scotland where the game is more physical and athletic rather than technical. Anyway what the heck do I know just glad we now have a good old fashioned physical and athletic cb as sometimes the technical backs we have don't get enough time on the ball to show their ability to the full.

03 Sep 2020 13:41:58
I can see next season being exactly the same. Regardless of the outcome of the league there will be a fair few of our top players wanting to move onto bigger and better leagues so there will be a fair bit of rebuilding required.



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