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31 Aug 2020 19:53:34
So NL is the villain again.
His biggest mistake was not playing klimala.
Is it his fault Griffiths is a bam.
Is it his fault eddy is injured.
Is it his fault we leave recruitment so long.
Is it his fault ajeti is no where near fit.
Is it his fault el hamed didn't clear the ball.
Is it his fault some players are not on form.
Come on guys. yes not all of us wanted him but let's get a balance on things.
Of course he's made mistakes.
But he can't be blamed for everything.
Someone name his replacement. A top manager who would be willing to come to Scotland and work under the leadership of PL.
There is no way he will or should be sacked at this stage of the season.
What would we gain from that.
We dropped points at killie. Full team eddy included and on the day he's was crap.
The players get all the praise when it's going good so they need to take a huge portion of the blame for when it goes wrong including our CL exit.
The difference is you can have a poll to see if
any of them get the sack.

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31 Aug 2020 20:05:02
Jungle John, that's one of the best posts I've ever seen on here. Good on ya fella! HH!

31 Aug 2020 20:55:11
spot on mate. every body was all behind him when he blew them away last year. we lose a game and they all want him gone.

31 Aug 2020 21:07:16
Jungle john. It's the job of the manager to prepare the team for matches and send them out in the best frame of mind.
Looking at some of the performances this season you would think they would look a bit more motivated considering what's at stake and the history they could create.
I know the limitations we have and it's frustrating to be next door to a league where money is no object, but it's surely not a lot to ask that the players we have should go on to the park and give every last ounce for the cause.
We came a cropper last year when we played McGregor at left back against Cluj, We missed McGregor's influence in the midfield and it meant two positions were weakened instead of one. It was very costly.
A year on and he's made the same mistake again, with Edouard out he decided to play Christie up front thereby weakening two positions as Christie was taken out of his natural position.
In my view we would be better just replacing an injured or off form player with the next player in line who naturally plays in that position, at least you aren't weakening the rest of the team.
Lennon had a year to ponder that mistake against Cluj yet when faced with the same situation against Ferencvaros made exactly the same mistake again and instead of admitting his mistake threw the players under a bus.
That isn't good management in my opinion.

31 Aug 2020 21:08:12
Well Said JJ, I believe the majority of Celtic fans are behind him, and he will bring the 10. The keyboard warriors, social media savvies are playing into the hands of the biased media and giving them the reason for stirring up a frenzy which only damages the club.
We should all be behind the Manager now.
There’s a poll being run on this site now at the request of a contributor asking if he should be gone, there’s a lot of forethought gone into that, I’ve seen a few “ blue sites” telling its members to get on here and vote, no doubt HITC will be running an article on it tomorrow with some crazy banner headline.
Let’s stop this now and cheer our team on to the 10.COYBIG.

31 Aug 2020 21:10:03
I don't want Lenny to be sacked, but there is no point in trying to defend his god awfull team selections that started the last two games, and some people praised his use of substitutions at the weekend, when he brought on strikers after starting without any. And Lenny keeps digging himself a hole, by standing by his selections, he is not man enough to to admit he made a mistake. Why doesn't he start the next game without a goalie, and then bring one on at half time just to see if it will make a difference.

31 Aug 2020 21:17:37
We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.

31 Aug 2020 21:18:33
Fans panicking yep.
Fans want a poll on Lenny is everything his fault. Ye we are out of European league. We are heading into Europa knockout. Support the manager. Players want to leave I was thinking maybe the 10 in a row means nothing to the non Scottish lads. But they have got to look after themselfs it's a small window and a short carear most with zero prospect of ever being a manager or coach. Maybe we should keep investing in at least 80% of the best Scottish talent as they know what it means or is it just the fans media and the internet that winds us up like it's the end of the world if Celtic lose a game.
I know Lennon is not the favourite especially on this site. It's not the majority of Celtic fans opinion.
We have been destrying everyone for 9 years now maybe we should calm down a bit and enjoy what we have done probly never be done again.

31 Aug 2020 21:36:07
I never even wanted him to get the job and I still feel that way, he's tactically naive and plays players constantly that are out of form, signs players then doesn't play them
Fact is if lennon left Celtic I doubt if any other team would be battering his door down to manage them.

31 Aug 2020 21:36:29
Jungle john there are no shortage of candidates to replace Lennon should he go look no further than a lot of posters on this site who say who we should sign what the team should be and what system we should be playing problem solved.

31 Aug 2020 22:27:25
The Marco poll about Neil Lennon has had nearly 450 votes.
Our previous polls are usually only about 200 votes.
And the Sevco fans call us obsessed.

31 Aug 2020 22:45:35
Maybe the 250 extras are Sevco fans.

01 Sep 2020 07:27:43
Lennon is tactically unaware he sticks to the same formation time and time again even if it doesn't work. But he sticks with again and again and gets lucky more often than not. We need a top class manager who has a plan a, b, c. We played great football when we were playing a 3-5-2and destroying teams then back to the 4-2-3-1 and dross again then he changed it against WELL in the second half and we blew them away.

01 Sep 2020 07:31:56
while there are the usual groups who call for NL's head when they don't get what they expect. I also thing this 10 iar pressure is coming forward as well.
Some of us have been here before when we got 9 but could not get over that last hurdle.
We gloated when WE managed to stop that other mob get past 9.
Now, here WE are back at that final hurdle so I suspect there is a wee bit squeaky bum time with a lot of our supporters.

How many remember when we were sitting with 5 iar then 6 iar and we started to feel that we could really do the 10?
We will do it this time.

01 Sep 2020 07:45:43
gerry 2 positions were not weakened as ntcham filled in were Christie played and ntchams a cracking player. it all boils down to if Christie was better option up front to klimala. Christie stuck the ball in the net so we don't know if klimala would have did better.

01 Sep 2020 10:59:49

If Griffiths is a bam as you say. It didn't just happen. So its lennons fault he's still at the club and not moved on

Of course its not Lennon's fault Eddie isn't fit but its his fault we only have Eddie as a fit striker. He could have gave Kilmala more time. It was him that paid millions for him if he's not good enough that's on Lennon.

Give you time on recruitment as that is outwith his contol.

Ajeti not being fit why's he on bench that's on Lennon. If game had went to extra time would Ajeti been fit to play it. If yes why not play him first half. If no why put him on. That's all on Lennon

Elhamed had a nightmare at the goal these thinks happen. Lennon put him on the park so he's particularly to blame. Would Frimpong have got beat on a race for the ball.

Players not been on form. C'mon your joking here. He picks the players he sat and watched Wednesday unfold in front of him and did nothing to change it.

Roll on Saturday he went with the same formation because he believes he was correct on Wednesday (which is the most scary part) . We were dire in the first half at home against the bottom team in the SPL. Only started to look more effective with a Striker on IMO

Lennon will be our manager this season and i will support him but not going to happy clapp myself into not noticing the indefensible. Personally i would take Oneil for this season would galvanize the support and during that time would be looking to recruit better than Lennon. If you believe we can't get better fair enough.

Doing polls is pointless on players or managers because we can't control the outcome. Solving a poor player is easy he doesn't play. Who can control that THE MANAGER!

01 Sep 2020 15:17:41
I’ve seen a lot of the ding dongs on here the last week and a bit and I’m baffled I really am. Neil Lennon our manager has what is it now 5 leagues as a manager he is a very motivated fan of the club also and that shines through when he talks about us. I think a bit of the zip has been missing from the team maybe down to the no fans factor? As in all the games our possession shots on goal shots on target stats gave been very good.

Me personally feel he has picked strong enough teams to win all our games played so far and the picking if Christie Agead of Klimala was purely down to I believe about getting as many of his tried and tested winners on the park. In Europe it worked as Christie got the goal but down to missed chances and Elhamed not sticking it in row z we got papped out but I feel our manager did what he and his coaching team felt was best for that game.

I don’t really understand the reason for the wee poll about our manager as it will be corrupted by the you know who’s so take the figures with a pinch of salt? But what I do personally feel is that when the transfer window closes we will have better players and a winner if a manager to win the league and hopefully another two trebles and stuff our dominance down the throats if the sevvie fans and the sevvie sympathising press. HH Bhoys HWG10IAR 🍀🏆.

01 Sep 2020 17:10:22
Lenny can't man manage he can't read a game his tactics are useless end off.



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