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12 Aug 2020 01:09:55
Would we all be saying to sack him if it was Eddie who had went to Spain?

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12 Aug 2020 01:54:44
Yes forgetting all the outside influences and consequences this guy has totally disrespected the club teammates and fans once you cross that line it’s game over no matter who you are.

12 Aug 2020 02:14:38
Yes .

12 Aug 2020 06:25:46
Yes, doesn't matter who it is he has let everyone down. Get him tae f@#£.

12 Aug 2020 07:13:21
No chance. The fact he's a donkey makes it easier to say sack him.

12 Aug 2020 07:15:32
Unfortunately, yes I would. When a player jeopardizes the health of other club employees. Runs the risk of punishments of possible points deductions, longer bans on reattendance to football games. Risking our chance at 10-in-a-row, possibly risking us having to forfeit our European games due to the inability to play games. I wouldn't want them anywhere near the club. Boli put all this at risk the implications of any of these would have been drastic and for that reason, him or any player that took those actions should be punished.

12 Aug 2020 07:20:01
YES. almost 50,000 dead. nurses doctors grans grandas and this selfish clown thinks it ok to potentially infect his teammates and their families.

12 Aug 2020 07:34:17
Anyone who breaches the C.V. regs should be sacked immediately no matter who they are.

12 Aug 2020 07:50:37
100%, any player who goes against the clubs rules, government rules they way bolingoli did should be sacked. Still can’t fathom how selfish a person can be. Bolingoli was warned, he’d have also been told on returning to Glasgow about self isolation etc so there’s absolutely no excuses.

12 Aug 2020 08:22:20
I'd be even more disappointed if it was Eddy; but if he did the very same (apparently to talk to a club) , there can be absolutely no defense and he would have to go - in disgrace.
It's a total breach of club rules and he has even broken the law. Considering the extreme danger and fear surrounding this virus; any lapse in careful consideration or safety is criminal and I include Griffiths in this as well - if he has committed similar indiscretion.

12 Aug 2020 08:57:58
KOK - Yes but then again, Eddie is not a selfish brat.
Any player or manager should be sacked on the spot.

12 Aug 2020 09:48:09
Bigbubs he should have went to Blackpool with the other donkeys.

12 Aug 2020 11:07:00
Ged I'd play one of them at LB before Boli 😂.

12 Aug 2020 11:10:29
It's fascinating the way people's minds have been conditioned by this whole shenanigan. The lack of critical thought is alarming. I wonder what they could get the majority of the population to do next at the drop of a hat. Going against what the club have asked him to do, fair enough, a heavy fine. Bur think about it from a moral perspective - I've seen people suggest we sign scumbags like Joey Barton, totally forgive people like Griffiths or Tonev - yet this kid hops on a plane and should be sacked? Ask yourselves this: has he actually endangered his team any more than if he had of went anywhere in the UK? Bearingin mind the UK is recording record daily cases in over two months. People need to question why our society is being flipped upside down and if the numbers, compared to other viruses we encounter regularly, really warrant the narrative of WTF is going on right now.

12 Aug 2020 12:01:56
Robroy nearly 50k dead, mate you are incorrect.

Most governments are revising their “death” rates as they all lied / falsified death rates.

C.V. has a 99.6% survival rate and a mean death age of 79.

There is no pandemic.

We have been asked to wear masks if fit but not if we have asthma or breathing issues, so that would then suggest masks do inhibit oxygen intake therefore do present a risk.

12 Aug 2020 14:35:48
Jim tim they were all telt not to leave Glasgow. Spain is bootin the arse out of it.

12 Aug 2020 14:58:32
Told by who? The club? Like i said if that's the case then he deserves a fine. If he's commited such an atrocity the way some folk are going on then we'll see what legal/ penal punishment he suffers. My guess is none - because he hasn't. If going abroad was that bad then he wouldn't have been able to get on a plane in the first place - something that if this virus is so serious should have been the law five months or so ago, instead of flights streaming into the country 24/ 7 from Asia. This quarantine is just the next psyop/ experiment being carried out. He's been tested TWICE and doesn't have C. V. So why has our game really been postponed? He's been made an example of, because he's a high profile individual under the spot light, which is unfortunate for us as a club. He should be sold because he's not a left back and not a good enough wide man, not sacked because of what he's done. I wonder how many other people on that flight have been out the house and wherever they've been has not been shut down.

12 Aug 2020 15:27:05
You took the words out of my mouth JimTim.
Folk won't realize what's going on till it's too late unfortunately, as usual.

12 Aug 2020 16:56:22
I've almost given up on us as a species islogreen. Everything that seperates us from cattle seems to be out the window right now.



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