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14 Jul 2020 11:45:38
Anybody else really pissed aff with Griffiths attitude? going into a 10iar season and he can’t even be bothered coming back fit! Absolutely no defence for him this time, shocking behaviour! Really loved seeing the wee man fight back to play a part last season but he’s shat all over his teammates manager and the fans who supported him! I would get shot of him if I’m being honest. also on another note I see the transfer windows opened til October the 5th. we better not be hanging about waiting on Forster for the next 10! This has to get sorted ASAP!

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14 Jul 2020 13:54:45
Listen mate. Mental health issues don’t just up and leave when a player returns to fitness. It’s clearly an issue Griff has and relating back to EDs earlier posts u really are giving the media what they want by elevating the situation. He’s to join up with the squad next week and wasn’t the only player left at home to train.

14 Jul 2020 14:19:01
Not sure how bad this current situation is with the lad, but it's one thing after another with him. To be honest, I wasn't happy about us signing him in the first place. He is not Celtic class, and I'm not talking about his footballing ability. Celtic players are hero worshiped by our young fans and they need to take that responsibility on board and conduct themselves accordingly. I certainly don't want my young lad looking up to the likes of Griff and saying "I want to be like him". Edouard however? The difference is night and day. That wee ned should never have been near our club. Great goal scorer but we've had many and many more to come.

{Ed007's Note - I've never been LG's biggest fan and said when we signed him that there would be trouble - for which I got pelters btw - but that's just a load of twaddle.
So you want your son to to be like a guy who was fined 10,000 Euros, was sentenced to 4 months in prison (suspended) and was sent back to PSG from Toulouse in disgrace after he shot someone?
That's great parenting mate 👍 and at least you don't want him to be like Neil Lennon.}

14 Jul 2020 15:23:41
I said the other day the Griffiths story would escalate and the lack of signings will kick in. As Ed had pointed out that there are others left behind to work on their personal fitness regimes to get them upto speed. Lennon doesn't seem to be up in arms like the media and fickle fans. Read about McClean and the 9 years of abuse he has took with no help. Get him signed up for his Tenth season of abuse with all the support and backing from us all here to be behind him. Lennon Brown McLean and Griffiths would have that lot going apoplectic.

14 Jul 2020 15:25:10
The griff situation if it's a fitness thing. Fitness actually helps with your mental health. If it's true he's to hook up with the lads next week then it's not mental health he's needs to catch up with the rest of the lads with his programme as well as a few others who have been left behind. But not staying in shape and not fighting for your position is letting others take your place. He played football for a living fitness is what the body needs to improve Griff knows this why would he not look after himself only Griff know the answer.

{Ed007's Note - There is absolutely nothing to suggest LG's absence is down to his mental health except from the dregs of the internet on both sides of the Glasgow divide who like making things up.}

14 Jul 2020 16:42:03
Listen see this mental health stuff, it’s got bugger all to do with him showing up unfit for the season ahead! I myself have suffered with bouts of depression and I know how hard it can be to motivate urself. but please spare the every time Griffiths makes a can't of it we jump on the mental health bandwagon! He’s turned up not prepared for 10iar, it’s as simple as that! And all his rocky balboa nonsense he put up can’t disguise the fact he’s let the fans and his teammates down again! This season more than any has no room for passengers, and that’s what’s he becoming! And on another note, James McLean is fkn rank rotten! Neee him like a hole in the head!

{Ed007's Note - So you know for certain he showed up unfit and why? Celtic said he wasn't fit enough to travel, he might be injured for all we know and as was the talk around the Club until the press - and fans - started their pish.
He's due to join the first team squad when they return so how can they judge that if he's so out of shape?
Does he look overweight or unfit here:


14 Jul 2020 17:15:02
bhoy wonder and danny bhoy behave yourselves utter dribble griff has slacked in the lockdown big deal a few weeks and he will be back fit and shooting all his doubters down again.

14 Jul 2020 17:40:55
Ed u serous, a picture! A can wear a trackie Tap and look fit in a picture! If he was anywhere near fit he would be with the squad! And I think by the fact The club has came out and said he’s doing his own fitness and not joining the squad speaks volumes!

{Ed007's Note - If he's so unfit why will he be joining the first team squad training next week when they return? The Club has at no point in time said LG returned unfit, so far it's the imagination of the media and some fans that have came up with this story.
The picture shows LG looking the exact same as he did last year out training LAST WEEK but that's not good enough for you?}

14 Jul 2020 18:39:37
So if not unfit but working on fitness then why isn’t he at least in the travelling party that was in Loughborough and now France? I’m sure lennon will be asked about the situation and if I’m wrong then I will hold my hands up. just doesn’t look good going into our most important season I years that’s all!

{Ed007's Note - Shouldn't you have waited until Lennon was asked then before jumping to conclusions and saying that "he’s shat all over his teammates manager and the fans who supported him".}

14 Jul 2020 21:22:34
Fair point ED. maybe I have jumped in with both feet and will look silly if lennon says there is nothing in it 😆😆 just always get that feeling that Griffiths is capable of things like this that’s all. and if it’s true he’s came back unfit and out of shape then I think he’s ran out of chances. this season is far to important to be carrying passengers.

{Ed007's Note - The story just doesn't add up for me, Danny. As I said the other day, the way the press and some fans are going on you'd think he turned up like Jabba the Hutt and that's obviously not true.
Remember that the players returned to training on the 11th of June and now it's a month later these stories come out and according to them he'll be fit for next week - it's a all a bit strange to me.}

14 Jul 2020 21:58:45
Can we please stop using mental health as an 'excuse'? He might well have issues. I do. I know other posters and major contributors do. We're a charitable club but we don't pay players the wages we do to get over personal troubles. He's come back less fit than some of the squad, so f*ck? It's not just LG by the way. Too much being put into this. For WHATEVER reason he needs a bit more fitness. Not his biggest fan either but if he knuckles down then within a fortnightbhe'll still have one of the best left pegs going.

14 Jul 2020 21:58:51
Strange one indeed ED! Just hope there isn’t anything more in it. for lennon to have left him out all together of the trip away instantly makes u think the worse! But let’s hope it’s been blown out of proportion!

{Ed007's Note - 👍

15 Jul 2020 00:12:04
Well Ed, in fairness I wasn't aware of those problems re Edouard and I only mentioned him as a comparison off the top of my head because the lad's attitude and mentality seems spot on for us. Perhaps he has had problems in the past, but he must have really learned from them. I believe it's called "personal development" and "growing up". Somethings Mr Griffiths could do with learning about. Bad comparison aside, I stand by what I said and we should never have signed someone like him, regardless of footballing ability.

{Ed007's Note - When you have Neil Lennon as manager the moral standards are already set at gutter level. Remember in 2015 our captain pictured sitting in the street pished out his nut shoving a kebab down his throat two days before a cup final, what kind of example is that showing or what about Craig Gordon dumping his wife and kids for a girl he met on CelticTV? That personal development you call it and conducting themselves properly obviously skipped the manager and our two most senior players eh?
I can tell you plenty of stories about the management - apart from the one's he went to court to get D Notices stop the press reporting them - and players past and present that show all this rubbish about conducting themselves properly is just that, rubbish.}



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