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07 Jul 2020 21:48:47
Any thoughts on how Celtic having handled the current situation? Me and ma laddie have just forked out over £1000 for two season tickets to watch our team on TV. If you looked at the website the wrong way or bumped against computer it would have renewed your season ticket.

Yet we'd to get a form-sign it and return it-in the the current paperless contactless climate-only to be sent a cheque that I need to physically take to the bank and wait clearing. Thousands losing jobs-thousands furloughed on 80% of wages-and now facing unemployment-and what have Celtic done in return?

Nothing for me other than the fact it's the 10 IAR season and their are 17,000 on the waiting list. Any other season it could have been another story. Is this a club in touch with its roots? I'm lucky- I've worked right through, but many haven't and won't after it. Could Celtic have done more or am I missing something?

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07 Jul 2020 22:00:06
I think the club could've made it a lot easier to refund the money, put it this way they take many peoples money easily enough when they opt into the ticket scheme, surely a simple opt into the refund scheme could be done for most. I get that some people don't do online and it would've been a bit harder to refund them but it would be a relatively low number.

07 Jul 2020 23:02:00
Tough times for all including the club.

08 Jul 2020 01:13:30
Look, the answer is obvious, it's so obvious, no one mentions it, football players are massively, obscenely overpaid, so are politicians, TV, radio presenters, pop stars, the ones at the bottom of the pyramid should not be the ones suffering most, just so the guys playing for the first team can buy another Bentley, let's get things back in perspective, if season ticket holders don't get to see the game they should get a refund, if first team players aren't or haven't been playing, they should have been furloughed under the government scheme, and season ticket holders should be compensated for the games that didn't happen, for this season that is upcoming is ridiculous to charge supporters for a season ticket just to watch the games on the television, there must be a better solution, that doesn't mean the ordinary supporters bear the total brunt of this whole horrible time, to me it smacks a little too much of how The rangers treated, (and still do) , their supporters as a cash cow, Celtic should find a better solution, maybe asking every one of the playing and management staff to take a huge pay cut, until supporters are allowed back in, and the money saved can be used to recompense the season ticket holders.

08 Jul 2020 01:51:37
Totally agree JFP. The lack of communication around the virtual season ticket has been poor as well. I expected an update on some sort of rebate on matches not seen in person as well but nothing. All of the above plus having a new baby means I haven't renewed. Been going since the Strachan days as well.

08 Jul 2020 15:59:48
JFP Did you not know about the virtual book before spending money on 2 season books. If you had bought them previously why did you not cancel it was a easy option. Im at a loss how that's Celtic fault. Everyone was made well aware of it.
Refund 1000s pay by cash every season and 1000s not on HCTS. How was Celtic know who wanted a refund without asking. Fill the form out, you got a cheque and you have to put it in the bank. Woow the hardship could have saved yourself a lot of hassle and not took the refund if filling a form out and banking cheque was such a drama.
What's 10 in a row got to do with it.

08 Jul 2020 16:08:39
Dont quote me but I don't think many of our 1st team would have been eligible for furlough as I think most earn over 50k a year which I thought was a cut off for the job retention scheme. As I've fell completely down the conspiracy rabbit hole I'm not really up to date with the whole C.V. thing.



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