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30 Jun 2020 09:26:45
Thought I would put this scenario to you all on here, based on Gordon complaining to press he "only" got offered £4k a week to re sign.
Your boss comes to you and says Buzz Bomb (sorry first name came into my head) the company are prepared to offer you £4,000 a week, but we cannot guarantee you much work, but you should be prepared to help out occasionally when needed, will you accept these terms Buzz?

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30 Jun 2020 10:55:48
I can understand his disappointment at such a large cut in wages but having dropped down to 2/ 3 choice and being 37 years old I think it is a very good offer in today’s environment. I doubt he’s on more money at hearts than our offer. I’m also wondering if Johnny Hayes offered Celtic to play for free on a much reduced contract?

30 Jun 2020 11:14:20
OR he could work for an inferior company for longer hours and possibly less money.
He will be required to work in less glamorous surroundings than he is used too.
I know what option most would take considering he will be 38 in December.

30 Jun 2020 11:18:00
He was never going to play Tim that's clear but he's out in the press shouting about how he would love to stop our treble this year . should have kept his mouth shut Celtic saved his career.

30 Jun 2020 11:31:32
Celtic resurrected his career, gave him plenty of success and medals, even though his distribution (for such an experienced keeper) was 'single fish' and his kamikaze moments and rushes of blood caused our current and previous manager to look for better elsewhere.
Be grateful/ graciously retire or join the wee currents; 'nuff said.

30 Jun 2020 11:37:09
Gordon's no daft: he decided he'd rather get a game than make a bit more coin. I applaud him for that. He had a good run at Celtic, mostly, and at a time in his career when he had no right to expect to enjoy the glory and adulation he came to enjoy. Can't think there'll be any hard feeling either way.

30 Jun 2020 11:39:39
I think hearts will be a tougher opponent with neilson in charge and gordon in goals, we will still beat them but it won't be as easy as it could've been.

30 Jun 2020 12:34:20
choosing game time over money, good on him. Im sure he has enough in the bank anyway. He did well for us.

we are all hoping FF makes the same decision and comes to the hoops instead of sitting out the rest of his high wage contract down south.

30 Jun 2020 16:44:24
Wont have to bother about them Steff, they are not even in the same league as us 😂.

30 Jun 2020 17:32:13
I was meaning if we get them in the final cos gordon said he wanted to stop the quadruple treble 😂.

30 Jun 2020 18:23:52
They're sh#t and always have been.

01 Jul 2020 01:52:19
His kicking was woeful and would put defence under pressure tossing grenades at them with his passing. He parried into the danger area too often. Probably the worst goalkeeping record at saving penalties as well as the odd blunder or 2 (Inter) as well as the odd kamikaze. What kind of deal was he expecting for a third choice keeper?



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