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22 Jun 2020 23:11:37
Seems like Gordon is off given his choice of language in his latest interview. Referring to Celtic as 'them' a few times I don't think he feels part of it anymore.

I think it's clear Lennon never really fancied him given how he gave Forster the no.1 Jersey as soon as he came back.

I've never been Gordons biggest fan but feel he has probably been treated a bit harshly here. he's been a decent player for us and a big part of recent success. If the club wanted him, even as back up they probably would have sorted a longer deal at this time last year or at Christmas.

I suppose there's no room for sentiment in football. Let's hope there is a few back up options in case Forsters head is turned back towards the premier league.

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23 Jun 2020 00:48:29
Wouldn't say he was treated unfairly. His career was over before Celtic took a chance on him. Leaves with a bigger bank account and plenty of medals. He can finish up at a smaller club and get plenty of game time.

23 Jun 2020 02:07:24
He was hopeless at crosses into the box and always conceded at his near post.1 less high earner out the door. Read he was on talksport. A station for clowns
and halfwits.

23 Jun 2020 03:55:40
Why is it that any time a player leaves or loses their place fans say he is being treated harshly?
He wasn't up to the job, if he had been in goals for any of the Lazio games or the cup final against the orcs then we would have lost all 3.

He is a decent goal keeper but remember it was us that gave him a good deal for someone who had been out injured for so long and we took a big chance on him.
Also we just signed Bain up on a new 3yr deal so I don't know why we would even offer Gordon a new deal if we are looking for a new No:1 and young Doohan progresses like we hope.

23 Jun 2020 09:17:04
He did have some great performances, but also some very rash and careless periods that cost goals - and don't get me started on his distribution ha ha. He leaves with a lot more medals than he came with after we resurrected his career, that is now in it's twilight.
I fully expect him and Johnny Hayes - like so many other ex-Celts, who play against us to try that wee bit harder to prove a point.

23 Jun 2020 09:42:38
He is a better keeper than Forster, I predict that if Forster comes back, it won't be long before these pages are filled with his critics as his mistakes mount up.

23 Jun 2020 09:54:11
Gordon is a better keeper than foster? that's one of the most ridiculous statements I've heard on here.

23 Jun 2020 09:57:26
If rangers offered the same as offered gordon would have been in a Sevco shirt. Good servant but wee both move on .

23 Jun 2020 10:01:08
Aindoh honestly pal, gie it a rest! We are all entitled to opinions but u continually come on here and spout utter nonsense to get a reaction! It’s boring now mate! In what planet is Gordon better than Forster honestly! Planet aindoh!

23 Jun 2020 09:49:17
So that looks like Gordon’s away and Fraser Forster isn’t a signed Celtic player. That leaves Bain, Hazard and Doohan. Can see the Celtic mentality at work here saying that if you score, we’ll score 2. That tells me that there won’t be any other keeper coming in and Edouard will be signing a bumper new contract.

23 Jun 2020 10:51:13
I think 4k a week plus substantial appearance fee is a good offer for a 37 year old 3rd choice keeper (that's what has been reported anyway) . Read he was on 20k. That's bonkers when u add in what we were paying FF last season. He won't get as much elsewhere but the chance to play should be his motivation at this stage of his career.

23 Jun 2020 11:15:55
Read the post again lads. I said a bit harshly. Yes he can count himself lucky we gave him a lifeline after injuries but in my opinion he has served the club well. Out of respect let the guy know if he is needed or not.
As I said I have never been his biggest fan but if Lennon is out last week saying he is hopeful he will sign on why was a contract not put on the table earlier? I'm not desperate for him to stay but if Forster doesn't come back we will be very short in the GK department and when going for 10 it's the one position you don't want to take risks on.

23 Jun 2020 11:32:59
Forster is the best keeper I have witnessed in the last 40 years for Celtic.
Gordon is also one of the best I have seen but I wouldn’t say Celtic have been blessed with good keepers over the years.

23 Jun 2020 12:09:43
I think Gordon has been a good servant and did well for us, but he's had his day and its time to move on, especially with the wages that he is on. If he was to take a massive pay cut he may well be worth keeping as 2nd/ 3rd choice, but I doubt he'd be happy with that, and a championship/ league 1 club will likely pay him more.

23 Jun 2020 12:55:10
Thought I’d do a bit of digging as I’ve always thought Celtic have had decent keepers – some right enough have been rank.

Keeper – Games – Clean Sheets %age

Craig Gordon - 52 – 28 -54%
Fraser Forster- 197 – 102 -52%
Magnus Hedman – 37 – 23 -62.16%
Rab Douglas – 161 – 88 – 54.66%
Jonathan Gould – 152 -76 – 50%
Dmitri Kharine – 10 – 6 -60%
Sanchez-Broto – 9 – 5 – 55%

I always thought Boruc was sh*t hot, but 222 – 87 -39.19% hmmm.

23 Jun 2020 13:32:55
I wasn’t a big fan of Boruc because he took advantage of Celtic and the fans.
He put on loads of weight but the fans still idolised him.
Boruc was a brilliant keeper on his day but I don’t think he fulfilled his huge potential with Celtic because of his inconsistency.
I grew up watching Packie Bonner but I wouldn’t say he was any better than Craig Gordon.
Sorry Aindoh but I think Forster is a level above them all and the way the other Celtic players praise him for his performances in their training sessions would back that theory up.

23 Jun 2020 13:36:44
Between your critism of one of the most decorated players ever to play the game and now this tosh . give it a rest aindoh.

23 Jun 2020 14:22:58
I can remember the tail end of Simpson and he was decent. Very agile, very athletic and a first class shot stopper. Bonner was reasonably decent but he made too many errors for me. Got to like Ally Hunter over Denis Connaghan. Celtic had decent keepers but when you look at the stats, those who looked decent weren't as good as the figures made out. I used to go and watch the reserves a lot and the frightening thing was that Ian Andrews looked decent at that level although he was a bag of nerves in front of a crowd. Lathford, on the other hand was superb with the 2nd string but was rank with the first team.
By the way, the stats I posted were up to 2012 but I'd be interested to see the comparison with the Forster and Gordon since then.
The only stat that makes Forster look rotten is his goalscoring record - 407 games played and no goals scored? Come on!

23 Jun 2020 17:53:37
I think Gordons clean sheet average was probably helped a lot with having big VVD and Denayer in front of him.
It was also Gordon getting sent off in the defeat to ICT in the Semi that cost us the chance of a treble that year.

23 Jun 2020 23:21:55
Goals aren't always a keepers fault, sometimes there's nothing a keeper can do. Penalties for example, are mostly 50/ 50, u get the odd keeper that's a specialist but I guess that's more down to being lucky and gaining a reputation which breeds confidence.

If u look confident your opponent will notice, that's why most penalty takers don't look at the keeper, cos keepers always try to psyche players out. Im rambling but I expect us to have a few more penalties against this season so forsters stats could look worse again. I wouldn't have anyone else in our goals this season, big forster knows the score, he's experienced and he's as calm as u can get, he will be invaluable if we can get him.



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