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08 Jun 2020 20:40:26
I think it’s absolutely shocking how the club are treating the fans with their new announcement regarding season tickets . There is two ticket holders in my household, we travel up from London for most home games at a considerable cost. I presume with our fan base there is loads doing this from Ireland as well. To be charged full season tickets when realistically we will be lucky to see half a season is beyond contempt. I should have expected nothing else from the club where they know we can be taken advantage as we are loyal and will keep coming back for more. Especially in such a potentially momentous season.
The vast majority of fans will end up streaming these games through various sites anyway. When lawell basically put the begging bowl out regarding the refunds for this season it should have set off red flags that the weasel would do something like this.
The club have understandably been affected by C.V. financially, but so have the fans . I wonder if he will not claim his bonus as the club needs the funds. Surely there was a fairer way to solve this issue, possibly paying a £100 for the virtual games, then a pro rata
Based season ticket for the remaining games.
Also am I right in thinking only season ticket holders can only get to watch the games,
Surely the club would have made more if they sold a virtual season ticket book to fans who can’t get to games for say £150 a household.
People could cancel their sky contract and put the money direct to the club .
A club like no other 😡😡.

{Ed007's Note - Did both the season ticket holders in your house pay for your season tickets while nobody had a clue if anyone would be allowed inside Celtic Park to watch games at all this coming season?}

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08 Jun 2020 21:12:20
this is hard one for supporters and the club i have 3 in my house and its a decision that had to be made to renew all 3 and give the club our money or renew 1 and we all get to see it anyway through that 1 code. but the club surely realise even in this possible record breaking season that not all households will renew all 3 and maybe that's why its full price for the ones who do renew to counter possible those who don't. i know the counter argument will be well if you lower the price you would get more who do renew but as i say its a tough one.

{Ed007's Note - I just don't see what folk want the Club to do - they're probably sticking to SPFL & SLY guidelines on this whole thing as well.}

08 Jun 2020 21:29:53
Not quite sure what your point is ed? There was always a chance that we couldn’t get to watch games live this season that’s not my point. If you went into a shop to buy a suit for £500, they didn’t have the suit but charged you for it anyway and gave you something for the value of £100 would that be acceptable? My point was that there surely could have been a fairer way for the club to handle it, do you think this is a fair outcome? What happens to household that will potentially have to pay 1500 to watch games on tv .
If I misconstrued you’re point I apologise.

{Ed007's Note - Well don't pay it - it's your choice - and give the chance to the plenty who would to guarantee a seat when football returns in the future. For months we didn't know if football would be being played or if fans would be allowed in grounds to watch games so why did you pay it?
Would you pay for a suit if the tailor said you might not be able to wear it for a year if ever?
So what exactly do you want the Club to do because it just sounds like you don't want to pay and as I've said, that's up to you and nobody forces you to pay money you don't want to.
What would be the fairer way for the Club to handle it?}

08 Jun 2020 21:36:54
Unfortunately Quinn the players will want top dollar to play so club has to cover costs which sadly us fans need to supplement as billionaires rarely write blank cheques to cover fans costs. What I want to know is if in my case I renewed 3 season tickets do i get 3 access codes to virtual screening in which case can I pass on 2 codes to my mates who aren’t season ticket holders?

{Ed007's Note - We could always give every ST holder a virtual ST for £100 or £25 a head in houses with more than one ST, just sell Edouard, McGregor and Ajer, get Craig Gordon signed up for a year instead of Forster and play Jack Hendry beside Jullien.}

08 Jun 2020 22:00:08
I will renew, but that’s a bit of my point . The club know we are committed especially with a monumental season no matter what people’s financial situation is. Like you know a lot of fans spend their last bit of money investing in the club one way or another . I can’t personally see many clubs in Britain doing the same but I might be wrong. I hope you are right then ed, we renew and we don’t sell anyone .

{Ed007's Note - Well let's just see what other clubs in Britain do although what happens in England is nothing to do with Scotland.
What would you have done if SLY and the SPFL had announced that they weren't allowing any streaming of games that break the broadcasting regs - no 3 o'clock games shown live in the UK - so you had no chance of seeing certain games even though you have paid for a ST while not knowing if or even when you would be allowed to attend games?
You've still not offered any kind of alternative to what Celtic are doing, what exactly do you think is wrong with what Celtic are doing?}

08 Jun 2020 22:05:47
I did say in the original post a way I thought would be fairer, but I did read they said they may give value later in the season to compensate . In your opinion would you not think it to be fairer to say, £100 for the virtual and £350 for the remainder for games ( probably after Xmas ) . Just my opinion though.

{Ed007's Note - And just sell players to meet the wagebill etc... risk the 10 in a row because fans think they're being treated unfairly - the same fans would want Peter Lawwell treated like Edward Colston's statue if he blows this chance to make history.
At least you're admitting it's about the money but AGAIN, you bought a season ticket not knowing if and when you would see games live at Celtic Park, what did you expect when you bought it?}

08 Jun 2020 22:07:05
I do agree with you here ed it's the price we pay for a top squad and the club has to have the funds coming in that's how I renewed my 3,like you say if those who don't want to pay it then it's there choice I'm sure plenty will snap them up.

{Ed007's Note -


08 Jun 2020 23:09:51
The Celtic SLO has been getting a hard time on twitter doing a bit of fire fighting. The guy does a good job and it's not his fault. He can only pass on the official line from the club.

08 Jun 2020 23:05:40
I for one will not renew, I have 2 club celtic books at a total of £4000 i am not paying that to watch it in the house.

09 Jun 2020 00:28:41
My fear would be what if we're back in stadiums by the end of September and i had lost my seat for ever. The club will have plenty time to make it up to us once the world is back to normal and I would hope they will.

09 Jun 2020 08:06:24
That’s my fear jaw. I think too many have seen this as we’re paying and not getting back in. We the club everyone just don’t know when we will be back. Mine will be paid it’s my seat and I’m not losing it.

09 Jun 2020 08:39:19
We are over a barrel Bhoys most important season in decades, club will need as much money as possible we all want signings and to keep our key players. I've renewed much to torn faces dismay, however they will throw everything at us to stop the 10 unfortunately we need to do the same.

09 Jun 2020 09:22:03
Never took my refund. Bought book for this season. Celtic can't win in this situation. Everyone are big boys and girls. No one can honestly say they were expecting to be in watching football at start of season. Buy book don't buy book it's that simple.

09 Jun 2020 09:27:30
Well if there is a second wave of C.V. in about three weeks time because of these nutters not doing the social distancing, and there is a total lockdown again, lasting another month or two, don't think there will be any chance of going to any games in September.

{Ed033's Note - Maybe the more people that call B.S. on the C.V. the better, so the 2nd wave that is planned by manipulating the stats doesn't materialise.

09 Jun 2020 10:10:46
Well that could prove something, but with the sunny weather, people's vitamin D levels will be higher and their immune systems might be able to stop the virus, anyways we shall see.

{Ed033's Note - Just like with the bird flu several years ago, as soon as the majority of people call B.S. on it, it doesn't get reported any longer and effectively disappears, then people get on with their lives.

08 Jun 2020 23:11:15
I haven’t renewed yet ed, but I will .
As for keeping the squad, there’s no guarantee either way, if eddy was to turn around and say he fancies a move like kt did last season, and some club offer an amount that is acceptable to people that run the club he will be gone regardless if we renew or not.
It looks like we will have to have different opinions on this one, I’m up to bed now, work in 5 hours .

{Ed007's Note - There's a huge difference between a player asking to leave and the Club needing to sell players to pay it's bills. Good night mate.}

09 Jun 2020 00:11:19
Hi Ed. The guys that i feel for are the ones that have had season tickets for years but are now either furloughed or even worse, self employed and not getting anywhere near their usual income and are looking at possibly not being able to afford/ justify a ST this year and could struggle to get one that suits if or when their business picks up again. Thank God i have retired.

{Ed007's Note - Yeah it's a shame for them no doubts about it. The Club could have even asked the finance company to let people pay their ticket every month rather than the usual 3(?) instalments.
I hope you and the family are keeping well buddy & staying safe. 🙏

09 Jun 2020 10:31:14
There’s a 10 month instalment plan, which hopefully helps in these times of need! Club can’t win no matter what they do! Please NO talk of a second wave of CV I’m depressed enough listening to it I take a decent wee grassroots team and I’m going to have a team of sumo wrestlers instead at this rate.

09 Jun 2020 10:37:05
if you are in a household where more than one of you is getting a virtual pass then perhaps you can sell it to someone you know who does not have access. Presumably the codes will only work with 1 p.c and they will be quite strict on people managing to stream them, so it may be a chance for a family of 2+ season books to make a bit of their outlay back.

If the c.v calms down quickly then there is every chance season ticket holders are back in their seats this year. fingers crossed.

09 Jun 2020 16:00:21
There. Is very little the club could do in the circumstances . Club could have taken a big hit and sold renewals for a couple hundred of £’s. That would have caused problems as slimmed down squad wouldn’t have been easily motivated and fans would have gone mad and said they would have contributed more if req’d . Comparing buying a suit to renewing a season ticket is stretching it a bit far .

We need to be patient and encourage the Board, the Management and players . We are in the unknown and now is not the time to divide and argue but to stick together to work together for the better of the club.

10 Jun 2020 14:01:40
As has been repeated too many times, these are unprecedented times and I have great sympathy for all fellow supporters who may not be able to renew because of CV but I think the club are also in a very difficult position. they are having to work within the guidelines set out by SPFL/ Sky regarding the virtual season ticket along with not knowing how many home matches will be affected by the situation.

how can they be expected to come to a figure to discount s aeon ticket prices unless they know exactly how many games are missed. maybe that is what they will do (stating value in future) whilst also hoping, like this season, most fans will not request refund, especially if we are back and celebrating 9 &10 in a row any also the possibility of another 2 trebles.

10 Jun 2020 14:03:32
We are good at this end Ed, just a bit bored. The only times that i go out are for a click and collect or to walk the dog. One bonus is that I don’t feel obliged to stop and talk to some of the half wits in the park.

10 Jun 2020 15:54:03
I've always been able to watch the games for free via certain sources, that hesgoal pish broke me and I never get the chance to go to the games when my kids play at weekends, they come first. My money is pumped into the club via merchandise etc.

However before the kids were around I did have a season ticket and there's not a chance in hell I would give it up, especially if the season gets underway and they open the gates back to the fans, because 10IAR would be priceless in terms of value for a ST. Even to watch half the games live for 500 is a small price to pay for history.

My heart goes out to those that have had season tickets for years and are in financial ruin with this carry on, and in all fairness I can't see why the club can't accommodate those fans with a better structured payment plan to enable them to still continue with the season ticket they've always forked out for, kicking the fans when they are down isn't nice, especially the truly loyal ones who turn up week in week out.

I can also see why some fans are nervous that they all renew their tickets and the board sell the top players, even if it were the players choice, not replaced with the same quality and you've bought yourself a happy meal and flat fanta instead of steak and a bottle of plonk.

I keep thinking if our club struggle in this time what about the rest of the scottish clubs that make nowhere near our revenue, it is scary times for everyone.



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