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09 May 2020 11:07:13
Juninho only ever played in 9 league games for Celtic, all coming in the 2004/ 05 season.
Celtic only lost the league by one point that season.
SPL rules states that if any club does not declare extra payments in their players wages ( although Juninho only received a one off Ebt payment when he left the club) they need to forfeit the game to the opposition.
With Juninho playing Celtic won 7 games, drawn 1 game and lost 1 game.
Celtic gained an extra 22 points in which Juninho participated for Celtic.
If a proper Investigation was to re-open and the SPL rules that are in black and white were forced. The league table for season 2004/ 05 would change as follows:-
Rangers 92 pts ( -92 pts ) . 0 pts

Celtic. 91 pts. ( -22 pts ) . 69 pts

Hibs. 61 pts ( +2pts draw with Juninho) 63 p

Aberdeen 61pts ( beat Juninho) . 61 pts

Juninho also played in the league cup and Europe for Celtic in the 2004/ 05 season.
Celtic didn't win any of those competitions.
Celtic did however lift the Scottish cup that season but Juninho played no part in any of those cup ties.
Celtic would not ask to be declared double Champions for season 2004/ 05 season but it should be declared void.
If a proper Independent Investigation was carried out into the Ebt extra payments received by all players in Scottish football.
Celtic would keep all of our honours and Rangers Football Club would lose 15 tainted major honours, including 5 tainted titles which also makes the 5 stars tainted.

{Ed007's Note - The EBT was set-up in April 2005 as part of Juninho's severance package when the season ended so at no time was he being paid by EBT while he was a Celtic player, it was a one off payment when he left and the payment was included in the Club's accounts AND there was no hidden side letter or second contract.
When the Club (through Brian Quinn) became aware of a potential tax liability regarding the EBT in 2008 they contacted HMRC who billed Celtic who in turn paid the owed tax.
Juninho played in two matches in the Scottish Cup, against Dunfermline and Clyde.}

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09 May 2020 11:30:05
Thanks for clearing that up Ed.
I noticed his last league game for Celtic was in October. 👍.

{Ed007's Note - He played up at Pittodrie in January 2005, that was his last league appearance for us.}

09 May 2020 11:38:21
Ed, I have just notice what you said about the Scottish cup ties.
I didn’t even check the Scottish cup run because it mentioned Juninho had played 14 games for Celtic.9 were in the league, I noticed Juninho had played 4 European games and he played when Celtic beat Falkirk 8-1 in the league cup.
So I stopped looking for more games because that added up to 14.
Doing a good job Ed. setting me straight. 😂👍.

{Ed007's Note - I made a mistake myself as he was actually released in the April not at the end of the season. We'll get there together lol. The point still stands though that Juninho never played a single game of football for Celtic while earning money through an EBT.}

09 May 2020 12:11:01
That was my understanding ed it was all above board unlike oldco.

{Ed007's Note - It looks to me like it's been Juninho's side that have asked for the payment to be paid in that way. EBTs were obviously being used a lot down south (and by one club up here) at the time and it could have been HMRC's investigations down there that flagged it up. But yes, we done everything correct and paid the money (I think it was just over £750k) into an EBT that was being run by Juninho or a company under his control, Rangers EBTs were paid through their parent company Murray International Holdings - they were running the fund whereas we weren't.}

09 May 2020 12:45:54
Before I got to the end of that, I knew it was BB - our very own 'Stato' and Fact-Finder General. Ably verified/ rectified by The Guvnor 007; Keep it up guys.
It's better than reading my 'On This Day' Celtic book ha ha.

{Ed007's Note - Cheers mate 👍

09 May 2020 12:59:01
Everything about Rangers/ Sevco/ TRIFC is tainted, that's why they are having a meltdown because I think they all realise now that they will never return to the days when the old club were successful ( albeit by cheating) and they can't come to terms with it😂😂😂.

09 May 2020 13:12:17
That’s an hour I won’t get back but still it past the time. 😂
Thanks again Ed.007 good information as always. 👍.

{Ed007's Note - No worries, Leon 👍

09 May 2020 21:23:00
ed007 and buzz bomb. i would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys. you hear all sorts of rumors and story's that are not factually correct, but you guys always hit the nail on the head and spell it out as it is. so again thank you and in you guys i trust. hail hail.

{Ed007's Note - Thanks very much mate and that's really appreciated btw.}

09 May 2020 21:55:44
hi mate we hamilton tims need to stick it into the sevco trash.

{Ed007's Note - 😁 How are you handling the current Buckfast drought?}

10 May 2020 08:32:14
no problem mate. i make ma own booze in ma shed.

{Ed007's Note - 👍

10 May 2020 14:09:43
The actual rule regarding player registration is that all monies paid to a player for footballing activities must be declared.

In the case of Junninho's EBT, it was not for footballing activities and was part of his severance package, which meant it did not have to be declared. Therefore, Celtic did not violate this rule.

With regards HMRC, we do not owe them any money because when we became aware that this was may be seen as tax avoidance we contacted HMRC and arranged payment.



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