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01 May 2020 12:01:19
ED007 it looks like "Captain Tom" has set the benchmark for raising money, you are going to have to go some this year with your Christmas Appeal lol.

{Ed007's Note - Do you honestly believe that entire BS story, there's more holes in it than there is in Charlie Adam's teeth and there's more a chance of me running a marathon than the scam being true.}

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01 May 2020 12:43:21
Watch yourself ed your no allowed to Mock the armed forces the sas will be on to you mate.

{Ed007's Note - 😂

01 May 2020 14:06:40
ED007 so cynical and from one so young lol
Rumours I heard was that his son and wife are taking a 10% fee for "admin costs" boy they must have used some paper and postage to write millions of thank you letters lol

PS heard Sevco are claiming links to him as he once flew over Ibrox in 1944 and have invited him to their next Forces Day at HIS expense naturally.

{Ed007's Note - He could do a sponsored walk to Ibrox.}

01 May 2020 16:08:31
The whole BRIT RAF flyover stuff and flag waving we won the war bit wid make ye waant tae steal auld Tam’s zimmer.

01 May 2020 17:11:15
What's the real story behind this? Folk having to raise cash to give to the NHS is scandalous in this day and age. I find it mind boggling that people vote Tory apart from the rich staunch unionists.

01 May 2020 18:08:27
My old maw got a flypast yesterday - took 3 paper airoplanes and floated them 6 feet in front of her.

Remember that other old lass at 90 Margaret Payne has raised over £380k near Inverness for the NHS and care home.

01 May 2020 19:38:26
Ma wife is a student nurse doing shifts to cover. Take it from me, the hospitals are empty, the nurses in hairmyers have told her they're embarrassed by the thursday clapping cos the hardest thing to do is find some work to do. Scandalous.

{Ed033's Note - Nurses all over the World are learning choreographed dancing to pass the time i guess.

01 May 2020 20:41:46
I'll agree with you re the hospitals being empty. My neighbour is a nurse in Hairmyers and she told me last week there are not as many cases of CV19 as they were expecting, though not many of them isn't a bad thing.

01 May 2020 20:18:44
Steph ma friend, I don’t believe a word the BBC (British Brain washing Corporation) tells me. I stopped burning around 1969 when I heard their version of the Battle of the Bogside and really gave up when the witch sunk the General Belgrano in 1982, 200 miles outside the exclusion zone which resulted in the death of 700 men.

We’re all going back to work this week whether we live or die because the country can’t sustain the current situation economically and they will make the statistics say whey they need to say to justify that. My biggest regret is that we didn’t have the balls during the referendum to allow us to make our own decisions and if need be close our own borders.

Hopefully this might give us the balls so that in future we don’t need to bow to decisions made by an American egotistical fundamentalist halfwit or his equally dysfunctional English love child the bold Boris.

01 May 2020 21:28:10
JFP - the problem was on the ballot paper. Salmond wanted to have 3 options - Yes, No or Indy2. Cameron laughed at him and said no - you're only getting the 2. When Cameron read the mood of the Scots he backtracked and him and his 2 mates came up to Scotland to woo the wet blankets - the ones who wanted everything but were afraid of voting yes to get it. They were told if they voted No they would get what they wanted - and never did. That's where I have the problem with the SNP for not vocalising vigourously what was going on.

02 May 2020 08:29:47
I was in Forth Valley Hospital last week for an infusion. To get to the ward I went through Empty wards everywhere nurses and docs killing time on their phones.

02 May 2020 18:17:09
Everyone in my wife's course were offered a paid 6 month placement, every single one of her friends that took it up has been told upon arriving in their ward that they're not needed and no-one knows why they're there.



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