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27 Apr 2020 19:47:20
Guys, apologies in advance, as there is no football only thing to discuss is the virus.
There are a few things that just don't sit right with me and im not a conspiracy theorist by any means but always question any situation.
So here are some questions for u intelligent guys (u too tim lol ) .

1. Why are the governments so quick to tell us about the deaths?

2. Under any crisis situation the government usually don't like to panic / worry the masses so why this time?

3. The deaths themselves are they really all the virus or just death after being tested positive which are 2 different things?

4. We all know many people who went into hospital with a condition and died of other causes.

5. Every advert / message is about the virus totally bombarding us with this and is almost at brainwashing levels.

6. where is the money coming from?

7. The testing itself cannot be trusted yet, but all we hear is test, test, test.

8. Most importantly we are continually told the virus is a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) , yet as of 19 March 2020 on the the government's own website GOV.UK it is NOT CLASSED as a HCID. If that isn't suspicious its extremely weird.

9. Deaths so far is in region of 1200 out of a 6million pop in Scotland, that's 0.0002%. Yet we are in total lockdown and its obv affecting EVERYONE.

Again apologies and I hope no one offended with this just trying to make sense of it.
Wud love to hear all your thoughts and even questions you might have. Hope u post this ed and everyone is well.

To finish if I told you 6 months ago that 0.0002 of the population would die from something and the whole world would suffer you would think I was bonkers.

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27 Apr 2020 20:22:06
Sorry Rayman, you arithmetic is out, it's 0.02%. ie (1200/ 6000000) *100. But I get your point.

27 Apr 2020 21:07:42
If we are correcting everyone's homework bigboab would of been better stating as a ratio 1 in 5000 (6000000/ 1200) just in case we have visitors from the darkside, as we all know they are not good with percentages ( they have struggled to grasp concept of 20% VAT in recent times)

27 Apr 2020 22:59:06
I will actually answer your question. @Rayman
The virus is not like many viruses out there. It can cause death in as little as two weeks that's why it's a worry.

Our great health experts from all over the world have not got a clue about this new virus and no closer to a cure as for the testing. But I agree with you something not right here.
It takes no prisoners especially if you have underlying health problems and it affects all genders young or old.

So it's fast acting, the problem is they have no cure and as for the testing well no one can really go back to normality if you are a carrier and let's say you have mild symptoms you still have that virus but you body has reacted only with let's say cold like symptoms.

We need to test everyone before normality starts as one person having it with zero symptoms can pass on to many.

{Ed033's Note - Sounds like the coronavirus novel to me.

28 Apr 2020 00:31:57
Totally agree, considering around 12,000 people die in Scotland per month every month, around 0.2% of the population, the figure of 1200 deaths in 2 months is minuscule. Sadly many of the 1200 deaths which have been "related" to Covid would have happened anyway. I have been sceptical about the whole thing from the start and more so as time goes on . There will be more deaths in the world because of the lockdown through starvation, stress, mental health etc than this so called virus will have caused.

28 Apr 2020 03:51:38
there is something miles off with the whole thing. miles and miles.

28 Apr 2020 07:54:45
@Fga, it's scary stuff that if you are tested and they tell you that you're positive even although you have zero symptoms, they have the power to lock you up. don't know if you've seen the video on the conspiracy page "a letter to the future" well worth a watch.

28 Apr 2020 08:10:03
Think they're doing whatever they can to frighten the sh*t out of us to ensure we take it in and do something about it. As most of us are aware the potential of this virus is immense and although the percentages looks tiny, if we say that 1% of cases in Scotland alone - 1% - another very small percentage, then that would give the NHS in Scotland in excess of 54,000 cases to be involved with.

{Ed001's Note - and also people are forgetting that the UK is not even counting cases in the likes of care homes etc. The figures they give out are, in essence, a lie and the true impact and numbers of dead are much higher. But I wouldn't expect any different of a country that has been lying for years about the deaths of the elderly. We had to take the NHS to court to have me nan's death certificate changed to correctly record that c-diff killed her, when it was not even mentioned.}

28 Apr 2020 11:40:59
They aren't counting deaths in care or community and there's meant to be quite a significant reporting lag too so figures are likely to be much higher than said. The panic is because there isn't a vaccine and South Korean are also stating people who have beat Coronavirus have since caught the virus again which they was hoping you'd develop immunity from it once recovering.

28 Apr 2020 13:44:38
will check it out @stevie
lets not forget there are a lot diseases etc that take there toll on us as we age and all our bad habits come back to haunt us with health problems etc, but covid 19 is quick gets to the lungs and brutal no prisoners.

28 Apr 2020 15:23:13
A better figure to check would be the increase in total deaths in march and April this year against the average of total deaths in march and April over the last five years.

28 Apr 2020 18:05:56
Aindoh, in 2017-18 there was 56,000 excess deaths in the UK that is deaths related to the Flu, so far there have been 21,000 excess deaths related to the so called Covid19, I don't have the month by month breakdown figures for 17-18 but I'm guessing there was a couple of those months in the winter that it hit 10,000 per month and gradually lessened through the summer months. I never even knew there were that many excess deaths in 17-18 and I certainly can't remember the world being shut down and everybody locked up.

28 Apr 2020 19:36:01
Ed 1 . How correct you are . I posted at the very beginning that the death count was a totally made up amount to suit the powers that be .
Anyone who dies with previously confirmed positively, has death by pneumonia on his death by any doctor who is in the locality .
Best time to murder someone, as u only have to say he or she had breathing difficulties for a few days, doctors will sign certificate and there will be no post mortem or inquest .
Daily totals are purposely vague, to keep the public in the dark.

28 Apr 2020 21:07:27
Wait till the stats are available for March and April this year, and then compare them to the last five years, we are in lock down, but look at the amount of doctors and nurses that have died, might give an idea of what it would have been like if we weren't in lock down and the virus spread had been allowed throughout the land.



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