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04 Apr 2020 18:18:50
I don't know about all you guys, but one good thing about lockdown is how good my bank balance is, what with not going out to pub, restaurant, bookie, cinema etc and no football or racing to bet on.
When this ends we will all be fekin MILLIONAIRES lol
PS OK I forgot about the charity bet today, got £22 back which of course went to NHS.

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04 Apr 2020 19:39:49
I madde my donation aswell Tim only I thought I'd backed a stallion, turns oot it was a coo😂.

04 Apr 2020 19:48:22
Good chance I'll lose my job actually.

04 Apr 2020 21:00:36
I thought I would save a fortune but as usual the mrs and kids have big plans to leave me skint after this all blows over.

04 Apr 2020 21:29:12
Not the same for everyone I’m afraid.
I’m self employed and have no money coming in until June sometime so my bank balance is only going one way.

04 Apr 2020 22:51:46
I feel your pain locheilbhoy, have u applied for universal credit yet? A few of my workmates got a right few quid, not wages money but certainly enough to keep the wolves at bay for a bit. i've applied but heard nothing back so far. Chin up jim mate if uv lost your job im sorry to hear that, im sure something good will come of it, one door closes, two open hopefully.

04 Apr 2020 23:58:18
Steph I just got mine sorted but not getting a payment until may the 29th, brutal, but at least I'm not ill and count my blessings for that.

05 Apr 2020 00:04:49
I know what you're sayin but I'd swap bank balance for title winning football every day of the week. Hail Hail to the super Broony and Celtic.

05 Apr 2020 10:01:43
I thought I would have had a few quid too but my wife and daughter have just realised they both need ipad pros oh and the bloody pencil at 130.00 each this is one bloody expensive lock down we spent less when we were allowed out lol.

05 Apr 2020 10:28:36
Lads how do you go about claiming universal credit.

05 Apr 2020 13:47:00
U need to set up an online account. Google universal credit then click apply and it will take u through it. What I don't get is why they need all the details they ask for. It comes from the government so im pretty sure they have my earnings on record and mine and my families medical history etc.

05 Apr 2020 13:43:54
Go into Gov.UK or 1 of the many help forums on benefits and it's all there. Due to the focus it probably will all be done by phone calls and a few letters.

05 Apr 2020 14:07:23
Agustus you can apply for an advance, it comes off the payment you receive in june or they can take it back monthly. Get back onto them they should've offered you it.

05 Apr 2020 15:24:53
Cheers bhoys.

05 Apr 2020 20:40:47
I wish it was only losing a week’s wage that I had to worry about . My worry is by the time I take the virus they will only have the equipment and medicine to treat the youngsters under 60 and old boys like me will be put into a side room to await the undertaker . I won’t even be tested for the virus as I will be judged too Ill by the time I am let near the hospital. This is happening already, Sen . Doctors are filling in death certificates as death from pneumonia.
Don’t trust any news coming out. Doctors are afraid not to follow Government Instructions and so all sorts of lies are coming out, all better news than what is actually happening.



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