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29 Jan 2020 21:35:12
What I've taken away from this game -

NL looks to be the first to get some success out of 352 formation which suits our midfield players

Griffiths isn't finished yet and could be huge player for us second half of the season

If we are to continue with this formation we need another CB

Eddy is on fire and is imperative to whatever formation we decide to play

Taylor is without question best LB at the club

Bauer is not up to it.

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29 Jan 2020 21:39:11
Took av been saying for weeks Taylor is his vest lb the ball sticks to him and rarely gives it away. Bauer not for me he's wooden and wee Mikey showed selfishness should have came off would like to be a fly on the wall when lenny gets him. he should have put the team first.

{Ed007's Note - Should Williamson not have put the team first even as a precaution? Remember Kouassi tried to run off a ruptured cruciate and was lauded for it?}

29 Jan 2020 21:42:49
Yes and Mikey Johnston is currently getting a doing from Lennon. Didn’t need to have great lip reading skills to see what he was told! 🙈🙈🙈🙈.

{Ed007's Note - Getting a doing from Lennon, he's not at Hibs anymore.}

29 Jan 2020 21:49:22
I detected angry arm crossing ed. It just looks so lazy and unprofessional when the camera pans to our man in his trackies and pub pose.

{Ed007's Note - Maybe more questions need to be asked AGAIN about Lennon and his treatment of young players.....?}

29 Jan 2020 21:50:00
Would love to see a midfield 3 of Ntcham McGregor Christie.

29 Jan 2020 22:08:03
Mikey was clearly asked if he was ok to stay on they even delayed the sub. its a shame but he is so injury prone.

{Ed007's Note - You can't blame any player for wanting to carry on - the medical team should have the final decision - he was being called a lightweight etc after the challenge while guys like Hayes are applauded because they would run through a brick wall for Celtic. This is a manager that played Edouard on Saturday days after needing an x_ray on his toe, would Edouard have been blamed if something had happened to his toe and a manager that risked Simunovic tonight when he wasn't 100% fit and then made a baffling substitution to save the players long term fitness.}

29 Jan 2020 22:10:55
I agree with everything apart from bauer. Still rate him. Taylor definitely needs a run out at lb.

29 Jan 2020 22:22:26
I do blame the player he's got to be mature and tell the truth he knows himself that he's injury prone. he will prob miss a good few games now.

{Ed007's Note - What's the point of the physio going on to examine or look at the injury then? How many players take a knock and the go onto complete the game after treatment and now we're supposed to crucify a young player for taking the gamble and getting it wrong? If it was Edouard on Saturday I'd bet my last dime he wouldn't get the blame for it and it would be Lennon's fault for risking him.}

30 Jan 2020 00:14:31
There were guys on the live chat saying “if MJ comes off after that tackle, he’s a wimp” now he’s taking rubbish for trying to stay on.

30 Jan 2020 00:34:31
Watched the game on Celtic TV, When Johnston is coming off and walking to the dugout, the camera goes to Lennon who is sitting with his arms folded and he just tells the young boy to f**k off.
Absolutely disgraceful from Lennon, he may be angry but I don't think he would have spoken to Forrest, McGregor, Forster or Brown like that.

30 Jan 2020 08:44:05
Ed correct me if I am wrorng, but I wouldn't have thought even a physio of the highest standard could come on and instantly find out exactly how injured someone is. Whenever I've seen a physio, a lot of it is me telling them where the pain is etc. So if Johnstone is saying he can play on and its fine then what more can the physio do or Lennon do? And I have to say I didn't think Lennon told Johnstone to F off. I say F off all the time when something goes wrong and its not aimed at anyone lol And to be honest even if he did tell him to F off, what is so bad about that? If that's as bad as it gets playing pro football at celtic these days then he's doing alright. Or maybe I'm just old fashioned lol.

{Ed007's Note - So what's the point of physios then if that's what you think they do, why not just send on the old dear from the canteen to listen to the player say where the pain is?}

30 Jan 2020 09:53:07
That’s not what I’m saying and fairly sure you know that. Physios need more time and resources to assess injuries than they have on the football pitch. When they run on they rely on players being honest about where and when there is a problem. Players would also be told to be honest about injuries and Johnstone clearly wasn’t. No wonder Lennon got annoyed.

{Ed007's Note - How many times do players get treatment from physios and are then given time to see how they react to said treatment - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and they need to come off. A player can say he wants to try and run it off and the physio can disagree and tell the player and manager he wants him off as a precaution, who would the manager listen to?
How do you know Johnston wasn't honest with Tim Williamson, you have absolutely no idea what was said between them yet you believe Lennon didn't tell Johnston to "F**k off" which was clear to everyone.
Would Lennon have been so publicly "annoyed" if it had been Edouard.}



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