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07 Jan 2020 13:45:06
Ed we were talking about ronny yesterday, do you think the fans would have let him away with dropping Sinclair for the likes of johnstone and morgan?

{Ed007's Note - No chance, what do you think?}

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07 Jan 2020 14:27:28
Well look at how they let themselves be manipulated be commons and his mrs. Not a chance hed have been let away with dropping Sinclair for they 2, not a chance.

07 Jan 2020 14:27:31
What can the fans do when any manager drops a player . Pointless question really, even though I agree Sinclair should have been well ahead of Morgan for a starting place. Even Rogers dropped him near the end of his tenure. But as a club we could have definitely handled the situation better especially after his history with us . Possibly lawell giving him another contract so he could try and get a fee should be looked at. If we had parted ways at the start of the season his wages would have covered the fee ( if any ) that we are getting for him . I wish him all the best though.

07 Jan 2020 14:39:41
Personally, I didn't want Lennon in the first place . The team looks knackered after the hour mark ( the fitness levels surely haven't dropped that much? ) They look out of ideas, tactics at times! His ranting, raving attitude from the touch lines is nearly as embarrassing as his sitting arms folded looking clueless. A know a will get pelters but I'm entitled to my opinion . Yes he steadied the ship, but a proven manager of Rodgers or oneils calibre should have been brought in in the summer . A manager who could get the best out the squad .

07 Jan 2020 14:48:41
Quinn they would do the exact same thing they did with ronny like boo when he took commons off.

07 Jan 2020 17:01:24
I suppose they could boo, Kev but not sure they had a chance as Sinclair didn’t get a look in. Like I said previously I also think he was treated harshly by not only Lennie but the club . I’m also a little bewildered where the Ronnie love in has cone from some fans, the football was pretty turgid under him. Today i read someone mention him as the Norwegian Klopp. I’m not one for facts and data, but did the fans not boo Ronnie as they saw commons as one of our only goal scoring options that season? ( obviously griff was on fire around then) I know commons loved social media, and rumours of him letting stories out but he was still a good player for us and scored some important goals.

{Ed007's Note - Apart from Rodgers first 12 - 18 months we've had the same "turgid" football at Celtic Park for a decade.}

07 Jan 2020 17:22:23
2 cups wins a league victory to make it 8 in a row easy qualification for Europa League.
Top of the spfl.
Get a grip.
I knew this would happen as soon as one defeat the knifes come out. Its a long season they will drop points rangers and Gerrard won nothing so what we got beat that game is not the only game in town I actually hate the media after these games Celtic that rangers this. Its a load of cryptonite.
Rangers have got better so have Celtic under Lennon go and check the stats. Celtic do there best work after Xmas Your golden bhoy Judas shat on us not that long ago. At least give it till Easter Lennon has done a great job imo few we blips maybe judge Lennon on the stats not wether you like the man or mot. Yes we got done over by them let's see if they can do it all season I don't think rangers can. We will get some new players in and ready to go and maybe Celtic FC will take SFA TO TASK ON EBTs and stand up for us etc etc.

07 Jan 2020 17:58:42
@fitnessguru it's nothing to do with the defeat . U or I should have been able to guide that team till the end of the season . A don't think Lennon is the man . He was lucky they collapsed n died when he took over first time! Ronny put fitness and sports science in . Rodgers ( not Judas or golden boy ) praised and carried on the work . Lenny has his favourites, Sinclair's poor treatment as an example? Where lesser players played or others out of position backs this up? Morgan? . Do u remember how much the fans complained about lennons style first time round?
Lennon causes problems everywhere he goes! Just look at hibs . His ego is bigger than the club . This squad is going backwards under him . Will you stick by him if we blow the 9 due to his stubborn ego?

07 Jan 2020 18:55:29
Only a few weeks ago most people were raving about the bright brilliant attacking football Lenny had the team playing, most people were saying how fit the team was, now it's all about how great Ronnie was, (Ronnie is to football management, what a chocolate fireguard is to a fire, i. e. useless) , and how fit his team's were (not) , why don't you go and look back at some of Celtics games under Ronnie, before getting all misty eyed for him.

{Ed007's Note - I could count the games where Lennon's team has played "bright brilliant attacking football" on one hand, I'd maybe need both hands to count the times ANY of his teams have played it over the years.
We've been struggling to break teams down for months and I'm not buying the players are tired and needed the winter break nonsense.
Why don't you go back and watch the Cluj game, the loss to Livingston or the last 2 derbies before making out we're any further forward than we were under RD when it comes to the product on the park or quality in the dug-out.}

07 Jan 2020 19:05:08
Turgid I can understand you describing wee Lenny as barrel chested but we're better than that surely.

{Ed007's Note - How about dire, slow, lethargic and boring to watch, predictable & easy to play against, poorly organised and suspect at defending set pieces.....

07 Jan 2020 19:35:44
Spot on Ed.

{Ed007's Note - Because it's Lennon a large majority of the support are all dewy-eyed whilst completely ignoring the fact we took the cheap option AND a massive step backwards in appointing Lennon. I keep saying it, if Lennon had still been at Hibs when Rodgers left how many fans would have wanted him back?}

07 Jan 2020 19:51:32
Now we are loving Sinclair.
Not that long ago it was to soft to scared not direct enough doesent help defence missing sitters yayayaya
I see all the panic merchants are out in force tonight after the one game.
Celtic know they need to get a couple in and let a few go.
Judas as I said earlier your love affair was shocking and our style of play and attacking was weofull.
You all said it here.
I'm not saying Lenny is the correct guy to get us ten I'm saying he was the right guy to get us to 9 I still believe that.
Still think the dislike for Lennon is shocking he's doing us a turn maybe appreciate that.
Its the begining of the Scottish cup games on our first day back against thistle so it's a big game.

{Ed007's Note - Jesus feckin' wept! 🤦‍♂️

07 Jan 2020 19:58:11
Frimpong is a gd player but not a defender he got caught out a lot against them and got himself sent off Think we are forgetting that and putting to much on him. .
When elhamed comes back it will be a different game for frimpong as Imo his final ball rotten per amount of times he crosses it in. So is frimpong going to take Forrest position as Forrest is dire against rangers I don't think so. There seems to be a picnic setting in with fans and over analysing every pass etc we got beat it's part of the game now to come back stronger I think we will.

07 Jan 2020 20:11:31
I just thought your use of Latin was a bit Bojo like. I'm sure all was well after Rome our results have been fair this season could've better with some luck. Our signings have surprised me but they have been injured. However Pax Vobiscum Ed.

{Ed007's Note - Our results could have been worse without luck, like Lazio or Accies. Results like Cluj in the CL, the defeat to Livingston and draw with Hibs not to mention the derby results would have been better with a better quality manager at the helm.}

07 Jan 2020 20:42:20
Who do you feel would provide a better foundation. We got left in the lurch by a man I never believed in. I honestly enjoyed Gprdan Strachan's years and thought he was the only manager who provided stability and never got cought up in England is better crap. but was hounded out. Ronny and JC had a great influence on this current squad. But here we go again nothing is ever good enough.

{Ed007's Note - Marcelo Bielsa for a start, Rafa Benitez and I'll tell you this - we would have been in the CL and wouldn't have been outplayed in two derbies in a space of a couple of weeks if Moyes was manager. The football would have been just as boring & turgid under Moyes but we'd be set up a lot better tactically in important games. I never wanted Moyes appointed but he'd have been a better option than Lennon, he's more tactically aware and his attention to detail is as good as Rodgers.
And you're right - although I wouldn't call him nothing - Neil Lennon was and still is never good enough to be Celtic manager, I said it when he was first here and I said it again when he was appointed.}

07 Jan 2020 20:57:36
All said and done 78% win rate as it stands at the moment are extremely turgid? But if it continues we win the league. Cup is in the bag we have won a European group for the first time. Give the Turgid one a chance. HH.

{Ed007's Note - It took him long enough to win a League Cup which didn't surpriese me going with his cup record over the years. Look if you want to sit and crack one off over Lennon and kid yourself on that Lawwell's pulled a masterstroke then that's fine but I'll give it a miss, you won't change my mind and this conversation is boring me.
Everyone knows how I feel about Lennon and his appointment.}

07 Jan 2020 21:21:26
I empathize with you Ed, the way you feel about Lennon and his appointment is the way I feel about Ronny and the people who say he is a good manager, coach, tactician, motivator.

{Ed007's Note - You only had to put up with two years of Ronny though. Lennon's been hanging around like a bad smell and playing to gullible morons for more than a decade.}

07 Jan 2020 21:29:06
See this push now we are loving sinclair does my head in.
This is not a new thing for quite a few on this page.
Some of us have been doing our nut in because we are playing poor players like morgan, johnstone and hayes before him. Ed will you back me there or am I talking pish?

Also the nonsense that lennon doing us a turn?
We've done him a bigger turn that he's done us
He was unemployed after failing at hibs and Bolton, we gave him the biggest job in the country at one of the most important times in our history.
Since he came in he's done not bad but he ain't been great or really bad either.
There were far better choices out their and we never even inquired about then.
Bielsa, Rafa, jose, could all have been approached. Step down a level and you had phillip coco would have fitted in well with our philosophy.
But we never even looked!
Yes lennon is here and gets my support but I will not sit quietly by and keep my mouth shut if things ain't right IMO just because its neil Francis lennon. He will get the same scrutiny that ANY celtic manager would get from me but not from every celtic fan and that was the whole point on the first post and you 3 have just proven that point was true.

{Ed007's Note - I didn't get that about Sinclair either but come on, Kev, yuo should have learnt by now that nothing is ever Lennon's fault. Even if we lose the league - which I don't think will happen - it'll be Lawwell and DD's fault for appointing him. We all sit on the live chat and can predict what subs he'll make and when, for years we've spoke about how his Plan B & C is to switch wingers and hope it changes.
It's all so predictable, turgid & tactically naive and whilst he bangs on about how he's calmed down over the years he has done nothing and shown nothing to prove he has improved as a manager/coach.}

07 Jan 2020 22:25:10
Although they lost last night you can't help but admire the way Bielsa has Leeds playing and the kind of football that is far from the slow, boring turdig football we have to witness under Lennon. Lennon was by far the cheap option and we will be stuck with him until we hit absolute rock bottom as he's just Lawwells puppet. Hopefully we won't have blown the 9 or 10 before that happens and the mess Lennon has left this time round doesn't take years of rebuilding to regain our dominance in Scotland again.

07 Jan 2020 23:00:46
How many of you that are praising Sinclair now and bemoaning the fact he isn't getting a game just now were criticising him last year and bemoaning the fact that he was playing every week even though he was playing rubbish, how many of you that were so glad to see the back of Lennon the first time around, were saying, a few weeks ago, "I have to admit, I never wanted Lennon back, but, I must admit, he has surprised me by how well he has the team playing, and the fitness levels are fantastic", or words something like that, just go back on this site, and look at the archives from a few weeks ago, I haven't done it myself, and I have a bad memory, bit it's not that bad to recall the praise Lennon, was getting on here not that long ago.

07 Jan 2020 23:08:37
This slow turgid football that we are witnessing, isn't down to Lenny, the one common denominator in the last three or four seasons is .
Well the answer is easy.

07 Jan 2020 23:34:30
9 league titles as a player and manager would give most guys a little creedence you would think. Only in the hysterical Glasgow would ypu find someone who's not lost a full league season as a manager remember stopped Rangers with Hibs in the cup and with Celtic don't forget we are still 10 and 0. 👊.

08 Jan 2020 02:28:18
All this p*sh about win rates and if it continues we win the league. Have a word with yourself! Since Lennon came back, The Rangers 2012 have won more points than us and have a game in hand so how do you work out that if this rubbish continues we will win the league?
Kennedy and Duff would have took us over the line and won the cup last season, there was NO need for Lennon to come back but Lawwell brought his wee pal back in.
What excuses are you all going to make when the Messiah throws away the league this year?



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