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09 Dec 2019 08:32:41
Goal was onside. Swedish guy was in the middle of 2 celtic players.

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09 Dec 2019 09:23:24
Good call from the linesman. We will see if the truth gets much coverage from the media. Phone-in should be good tonight.

09 Dec 2019 09:29:35
It was offside, I've seen back. There is no one in between. It was 3 celtic players, but I will take it. Morrelos should have seen red anyway and we've had plenty go against us.

09 Dec 2019 09:32:19
Just saw the pic kev def onside. Don't expect a retraction from slippy right enough.

09 Dec 2019 09:45:31
The Daily Ranger are very predictable because they are claiming it was still offside.
According to them, it was only Helander’s arm that was keeping the Celtic players onside and rules state that doesn’t count.
Like all Sevco fans they are raging and it’s going to take a long time to get over the pain of this defeat.

09 Dec 2019 09:51:24
That’s been their cry’s from the final whistle. we played you off the park. and the goal 3 offside? Now new angles show helanders arm plays them onside? I preferred that it actually was an offside goal that beat them! Nae pictures in the history books. just noted we won the cup! 😂🍀🏆.

09 Dec 2019 10:27:25
Offside. You’re spot on Helander is in between Edouard and Jullien but big Julliens right leg is offside. But hey makes it all the sweeter for me to see them rage all the more 🍀.

09 Dec 2019 10:40:47
That's the trouble with all these slow motion replays and multiple video replays from all kinds of angles, showing it's obvious it's offside, but in real time it was close enough to look onside, and the linesman had to make a decision in real time, so even though he made the wrong decision, he made the right decision, if you see what I mean.

09 Dec 2019 10:59:47
Cory don't know what you watched but the big swedish guy is between jullian and ajer.
Hes on side. The arm is extended past jullian so the means his shoulder is in line with jullian right leg.

09 Dec 2019 12:10:09
Rewind to last December Morelos offside goal against Hearts for that mob to win 2-1 and go top of league. Never heard that mob complain or media denounce that goal.

09 Dec 2019 13:00:12
I thought of that goal straight away Phil. Only explanation is the linesman thought one of the three players that were offside, was a Hearts player. As it turns out yesterday there was a sevco player in line with the Celtic players.
Sevco fans are now saying Jullian was offside for 14 seconds. I thought you could only be offside when the ball is hit. 😂.

09 Dec 2019 13:26:49
Should we really be debating whether it was on or off, let's just bask in the glory of another trophy for the Bhoys HH.

09 Dec 2019 13:27:21
if you lot can't agree offside or onside fuxx me the ref and linesmen must have a nightmare time you lot can't agree even when in slow motion and a thousand replays. hahaha.

09 Dec 2019 13:55:50
Arm doesn't count. It has to be a body part that can actually play the ball. So was off side.

{Ed007's Note - Didn't VAR in England disallow a Raheem Sterling goal because his arm was offside?}

09 Dec 2019 13:56:15
But is was very close and Its hard to blame the linesman for it.

09 Dec 2019 14:11:02
So what's your point? That doesn't mean it right. Am I wrong? Have the rules been changed where the arm counts now? Like i said you can't blame the linesman. He is about half a yard off. Near impossible to make that call. And it makes even better because all the sevco fans are even more raging.

{Ed007's Note - My point is that the VAR - that plenty of people on here wanted - in the supposed best league in the world ruled that he was offside so how can people blame the linesman who has a split second to make a decision?}

09 Dec 2019 14:38:23
I'm for VAR as long as its implemented properly. But that's a separate argument. 100% agree the linesman is not at fault with that goal. It's off side but it's impossible to make that call in real time.

09 Dec 2019 19:48:42
His arm was in front of the big man meaning his shoulder, which does count, was in line. On side.



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