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25 Nov 2019 19:56:50
Just heard a part of the North Curve getting closed on Thursday night. Refunds will be given. I take it they are taking this action due to flares and banners.

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25 Nov 2019 20:12:08
Rows A to M are affected and will receive a refund.
I don't think the board would be taking action if Celtic needed a victory to qualify.

25 Nov 2019 20:30:59
Shocking decision 3 days before a game when days off travel hotels etc are sorted can’t see them refunding that.

25 Nov 2019 20:45:24
Is there an Agm this week? 🤔.

{Ed007's Note - And Rod Stewart 'concerts'.... 🤮

25 Nov 2019 20:58:27
Well they can't say they were not warned. Even after the last time people on here were defending it and laughing that it's only a small fine and no partial closing of stadium. No pyro no party eh?

{Ed007's Note - Well there'll be no party on Thursday that's for sure. It'll be a Thursday night library, all sitting attention seeking tweeting instead of watching the game and backing the team.
You do know you can get pyro into any stand 😉 do you think a couple in the South Stand would be interesting?
And I'm still laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

25 Nov 2019 21:36:31
I personally couldn’t give a Daffy Duck either way . But I can’t for the life of me see the reason to use Pryo.

{Ed007's Note - Have you had a recent eye test? Pyro looks amazing!}

25 Nov 2019 21:58:44
Nothing wrong with the eyes Ed . When I go to watch Celtic the entertainment should be on the park . I find the pyro a bit childish tbh.

{Ed007's Note - Nobody's asking you to watch the pyro, get your phone out to take pictures of yourself and tweet bollox like a real fan.}

25 Nov 2019 22:02:43
No matter how good they look they are banned simple as that.

{Ed007's Note - So is being under the influence of alcohol at football..... smoking in the stadium etc etc.

25 Nov 2019 22:08:55
Yep lit objects in a crowded area. Seems smart.

{Ed007's Note - Folk smoking in the toilet and stairwells... #asthmacsc

25 Nov 2019 22:29:52
Politics at its best the club has to be seen to be doing something so chose a high profile non event I feel for the innocent victims who are now getting punished for the few guilty parties and as welshy says timing is horrific 3days before the game is a disgrace and just for the record I don't endorse pyros but think it could have been handled better.

25 Nov 2019 22:35:57
Didn't say that was right either.

{Ed007's Note - Well it happens a lot more than any pyro, illicit chants & banners, blocked stairwells, lateral movements and dodgy sub bibs - why not bitch about that?}

25 Nov 2019 23:14:39
Thing is just now we are not getting punished for the stairwells But we are getting punished for the pyro Even though Its great to see. I just can't understand why people deliberately get there club in to trouble I can't get my head around it. Set them off and they pay the fines themselves then fair play but they want other people to pay SO why do it? Just sad that innocent people have to lose their seats No matter where it is in the ground
And its going to spoil the game in part because the green brigade brings so much atmosphere And makes it more enjoyable And if it is from that section that is getting closed its sad.

25 Nov 2019 23:39:57
Skunnered 😕.

26 Nov 2019 09:23:43
Celtic are out of order here, so because they can't steward properly and find the individuals with the flares, they shut a section 3 days before a game. i've no problem with flares but there's going to be plenty of fans who have never brought one that can't go to the game.

26 Nov 2019 09:53:21
Because that's the topic of conversation. Pyro is dangerous and I feel it's going to take a tragedy for some people to realise that. If you want to watch fireworks buy some tour self and do it in your garden not in a big crowd where you are not only risking your self but everyone around you. Its selfish.

26 Nov 2019 09:58:18
It's fairly straightforward really, if we don't want ANY section of the ground closed, just follow the bloody rules.
I've been at numerous huge euro games over the years with the old place and the new, absolutely bouncing, and no pyrotechnics in sight then.
It's time people started to listen.


26 Nov 2019 10:22:14
It's the folk who have paid for travel arrangements hotels etc I feel for.3 days notice is pathetic. The club are happy to take in cash from merchandise such as posters, wall prints, canvas art t-shirts etc using the GB tifos and ideas. They do a lot of good for charity's foodbanks etc. I saw cold flares being used in Denmark online but don't know much about them. When you look around Europe at some of the games there's loads of displays that make our flares look like sparklers in comparison. Surely there can be an area for displays looked into by the clubs and UEFA going forward. Uefa even used 1 of the GB tifos and flare displays on social media promoting Europa league games!

26 Nov 2019 00:21:05
Ed pyro causes more damage than a half decker n a fag.

{Ed007's Note - There are around 10,000 smoking related deaths every year in Scotland and each year smoking is responsible for around 33,500 hospital admissions.
In Scotland there were 35,499 alcohol-related hospital stays in 2017/18 and there were 1,136 alcohol-specific deaths in 2018 where alcohol was the underlying cause of death, 23,494 Scottish residents had at least one admission to hospital with an alcohol-related condition.
46% of violent crime is alcohol-related.
In the past 10 years, 42% of those accused of murder were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the murder.
Two in five (41%) of prisoners report being drunk at the time of their offence.
60% of young of young offenders were drunk at the time of their offence.
In relation to all incidents of violent crime in 2017/18, victims reported having consumed alcohol immediately before the incident in 25% of cases.}

26 Nov 2019 11:50:57
How many of those lived in the Buckfast triangle.

26 Nov 2019 14:29:43
Aye the pyros tidy on the eye for the nano second it's lit then that's it just effin don't do it and support the club sing where a sit i the north stand there's plenty if singing and atmosphere without the bloody things.

26 Nov 2019 15:17:10
The gb bring a lot more to the club than “the negative headlines” but it’s these that are in the public eye. The community and charity work is phenomenal the work that goes into tifos again is something else. If you’ve ever been in standing or met with these lads you will see that their support for the club (not plc) is overwhelming. Go to the csa before a game and see the work there raising money for tifos etc The fans that see this get behind them. As ultra groups go they are a far cry from the casuals of the 80s or the European ultras of today their not going round tooled up causing bother they let off some pyro and make some great tifos and give their all for 90mins every game home and away. Agree with them or disagree with them fine but don’t slate them . The club have hung them out to dry here in a manor that suits the plc. There’s no way this would’ve happened if we needed to qualify. Same scenario as when section was closed last time it wa announced day after season books sales had closed. All about front but they won’t do it straight away they do it when it suits the agenda.

26 Nov 2019 16:06:50
Spot on welshy. A know your in the standing section mate, hope your seats safe. i've been argueing with a cop I know since this was announced, he's saying he's sick of them now (changes his stance almost monthly) he sits in the north stand upper around the half way line, he said he's witnessed the boy on the megaphone turning to the north stand and calling them c@nt$ for not joining in. I don't believe him for a minute, I know your at most games mate, your in a better place to comment here, that wouldn't happen would it.

26 Nov 2019 18:51:33
Fecks sake Ed. I was enjoying my drink and joints and then you post them stats. Awe well I'm not a statistic as of yet.



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