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06 Oct 2019 16:58:13
So anyone who read any my posts at the end of last season will know my feelings on Lennon getting the job full time now I've stayed relatively quiet about it since then and I'm not going to jump on his back after 1 or 2 results but we've had a couple of stinkers this season so far I actually don't blame Lennon for today Christie has to stick his hands up to that but I'm feeling Lennon has a lack of a plan b that can turn a game in our favour and his substitutions leave a lot to be desired we had a great start to the domestic season but being Celtic we are always 1 or 2 results away from disaster maybe I'm just still reeling from today but what's every one else's thoughts.

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06 Oct 2019 17:24:17
Lennon is the man for the job he’s as capable of wining or losing the league as any other manager we’d bring in to replace him. We’ve played some great stuff this season and were immense on Thursday. Lennon didn’t go in with his studs showing and get a red card. He didn’t lose the plot like Julian or get caught out like Ajer. The players have to look at themselves and take responsibility for today.

06 Oct 2019 17:32:20
Maybe you should stay quiet.
We lost its a long season
Get over it.
Loosing is part of the game we learn.
Some of you are so in love with Rodgers it'embarasing.
This is the shake up we need. The lads will get a we rest now.
My opinion is the team who played on Thursday most of them should have been on the bench or rested. Few players invisible today. Think he's relying on the main core of players thought broony Forrest Juleian were far off it today.
The players need to man up take responsibility we are not going to be handed this on a plate.

06 Oct 2019 17:57:20
If you had been on the live chat today Andy you would have seen I was the one guy saying this was a blip today and if you had been on this site long enough to have read any of mine and others posts you would know I was not a fan of Lennon getting the job but I always support my team and I was always the biggest critic of brenda when he got things wrong especially in Europe when he got it so wrong it was embarrassing I buy my season ticket every year and for the last 20 years to be entitled to my opinion as does anyone else who does the same and I will respect their opinions as Celtic men so I will indeed not be quiet and if you do not like my opinions I will respect that as a fellow fan but would never dream of telling you to be quiet think on that my friend.

06 Oct 2019 19:14:32
Don't go on the live chat as I'm to truthfull. i was at the game. I support Celtic win lose or draw.
Give the new team time it's a better team now. Give Lennon time. We had a bad day at the office. The team needed changed today the lads are tired, but then some say you should never change the team. Heho.
There will be highs and lows but for 8 years we are not used to the lows we have been spoiled for a while. . Livi are a gd team I thought it would be tough today with livi, Celtic missed a few as well so did they.

06 Oct 2019 19:33:55
My response was more to do with you telling me to be quiet and not the result I was never a fan of the manager getting the job full time but he is the manager and can expect my full support which will be given but I pay my hard earned cash supporting the club and always will so firmly believe I have the right to praise or criticize where appropriate without the judgement of others you may have a different opinion but let's discuss it like adults rather than telling one another to be quiet.

06 Oct 2019 20:05:05
Lenny won the league and cup at the end of last year when we got shat on by the board and by Rodgers. Lenny took a risk can't you see that. He took a risk with his own career coming to Celtic while others allegedly did not want the job or never got offered it. So this is why I bite back. Celtic fans bitching about Celtic manager. Give him a chance.
That's a nono in my book Lenny stood by us took the job let's be honest here Rodgers was struggling to do this and the football was a borefest. Lenny got the club over the line last year he deserved the job and we should be gratefull he got us great memories who else would have came in and did this. He deserves the credit and support and to what he did for us at the end of last season. One bad game and it's overload. Yes I wanted Lenny as our manager when Judas walked out on us and thanks to Lenny he got us over the line, this is why Lenny was the correct choice and why the board offered him the job.

{Ed007's Note - Come on, Andy - Lennon took a risk with his own career coming back, seriously? What career, his reputation was in tatters after the behind the scenes stuff at Hibs and his reputation is England is pretty much nonexistent. Only a mug could have lost that league and even then he'd just have blamed Rodgers exit for throwing the team off course.
Let's not go down the romantic, dewy-eyed road again with Lennon AGAIN, ffs, we're one step away from bringing up him being sent bullets in the post to deflect the blame off him for us losing ONE game of football today. If Lennon deserves the plaudits for getting us over the line last season then he deserves to be criticised when it's due.
Not every negative point is some kind of witch hunt against Lennon.}

06 Oct 2019 20:31:14
I understand this Ed it will be a tough year. Not sure your bullet point tho. Your right Lenny should take the flak a bit of believe is that to much to ask on one defeat. That's including yourself ED Lenny not being the right man your words. I think also you say anyone would would have got us over the line I'm sure about that there was no one else willing to take that risk. Unless you know more. ! As for Lenny risking his career I stand by that as I was talking about from the last time at Celtic. No one else wanted the job when Rodgers walked maybe to my h for them.

{Ed007's Note - Lennon was available through his own failings at Hibs, getting us over the line was no great feat and the fact that board didn't even look at any other candidates after that is not only a failure in their duty to a PLC but it smacks of nepotism and a basic understanding of how to run a football club.
The stuff about bullets etc is usually the go to argument about what Lennon has went through for the Club from his fanboys that blame refs, the board, the players, pyro, Masons, brexit or the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council rather than blame Lennon.
It actually creeps me out the way grown men fawn over Neil Lennon, I mean things like Until Ronny I Was Never Happy or the adulation of Rodgers was just part of supporting Celtic at the time but the the way Lennon's fanboy's go on is a bit... m'eh.}

06 Oct 2019 20:35:11
Ed I'm glad you put you opinion in as I was starting to doubt myself believing the beer had turned me sour Yes Lennon stepped in when we needed him but he himself admitted he never changed anything just carried on where Judas left off I also believe I said he was not my preferred choice as boss but he is the boss and I will support him although we started the season really well we have had a few questionable results Cluj Hibs and now livi is it me who is blinkered to Lennon or is it guys like Andy who have a blind faith in guys like Lennon not that there is wrong in that.

{Ed007's Note - I'll always back the manager and team but you still need to stick to your principles and opinion. The problem is that we're going down the road of judging the manager on a game to game basis and that's never a good idea imo.}

06 Oct 2019 20:59:38
In my original post I said that he was not my choice back then but I've backed him and I've remained quiet as to my misgivings over the appointment but I do feel if anyone dare criticize a result on here some people go on a defensive of Lennon even though I don't believe I blamed him for any result.

{Ed007's Note - You're not allowed to judge Lennon on the footballing side of things, his personal life - or the parts that suit - must always be considered. Remember the candlelit vigil at Celtic Park? 😂😂😂😂😂


06 Oct 2019 21:06:51
Agreed I enjoy this site ed but the negativity is way over the top
Jaws1888 I don't have blind faith in Lenny get your facts right he's the manager I support him it's that simple. Regardless of who Celtic appoint I will support.
Ed I appreciate what you do on this site maybe more bite from you would be gd input.

{Ed007's Note - 👍

06 Oct 2019 21:25:15
Again Andy we agree to disagree any negative post against Lennon you jump to his defence that in my opinion is blind faith and again I reiterate I never once criticized the boss.



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