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18 Aug 2019 12:57:15
Hello folks, nice to see the mess we are in after my hiatus. ED, i hope your well mate and the knee issues are good.
How did we get into this mess? Rodgers has to be number one on any list, a treacherous act that made us all look like fools. Lawwell must be next, knew Rodgers was angling for the off, which by the way explains our poor performances prior to him leaving, and should have been approaching top managers. Finally, and of the three you expect more from this guy, is Dermot Desmond.

Desmond it seems, and it seems obvious, has allowed Lawell to completely run the show, this should never be on. He's a bean counter, a very good one to be fair as his wages show, but that's all. There should be no interfering or indeed requests for his help from or in the playing side.

Since we failed, for the second time, to turn up at ibrokes we have handed the momentum over to gerrard. Money is coming from somewhere but he has used it well and added plenty to a team who beat us twice last season. We on the other hand have regressed. Something needs done and quickly.

On Lenny, it's tough but he will not cut it. We are in a run of four tough games, maybe even season defining as bizarre as that seems. Right now, after yesterday, would you fancy us to beat anyone? Any team with some patience and pace will hurt us, they know a chance will come. We don't have the players, bar a few, who can play deep and draw teams in, so we have to push up. Shape and tactically we are poor in my opinion.

The thing is we have the players. they need utilised properly.

{Ed007's Note - I'm good man thanks for for asking, just guddling by as per. It's nice to hear from you mate 👍

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18 Aug 2019 23:49:27
What if you looked at it another way, familiarity breeds contempt, the invincible years, the players start to think they are unbeatable, it's a phycological thing, I think Brendan must be praised for those invincible years, but he wasn't capable of keeping the oomph in the players, the hunger had been sated, they just want to turn up and win, it was the right for him to go, I don't think you can blame Desmond and Peter, too much, Lenny was available, he was an obvious choice for manager, I know there is a big anti Lennon support, I wasn't one, but after the cludj game, I am, but I don't get the anti Lawwell stuff, I think he has done brilliant, this is Scotland, unless you want to go back to the cheating ways of David Murray and the old Rangers, there is no way you can compete with the obscene wages that are on offer in England, we will just have to make the best of a bad deal, in this I am not excusing Lenny, he has made some idiotic team selections and tactics, and someone, higher up, needs to have s word in his ear,

18 Aug 2019 23:55:51
Greenjhedi I don't think Desmond is interested anymore. I seriously think in my opinion club is up for grabs. Well publicised accounts that we are turning a good profit added to planning permission granted for hotel adds more value.

Something doesn't add up.

19 Aug 2019 07:47:48
Desmond takes more out of Celtic than he puts in.

19 Aug 2019 09:56:06
i know this goes into realms of conspiracy theories but I've had a nagging doubt for years. Are we being tethered a little for commercial reasons, as in trying to keep Scottish football "competitive". After they went to the wall even average year on year improvements would have taken us out of sight but we seem happy to just do enough to be in front.

When you look at Res 20 and all the other corruption between the football authorities and secco, there is more than enough factual, documented evidence to take any legal direction through criminal, or civil action or even sport arbitration. Can't help feeling another agenda is in play. How can we as a club be so professional as a business but on the football side be worse than rank amateurs. Yep something doesn't add up.

19 Aug 2019 10:16:08
@GJ good to hear from you again, and talking sense as usual.
Good summing up, I think it is time for Desmond to sell up and let our club move on with a new more involved owner.

Lawwell? he has been at club what 14 years now? he is approaching 60 soon and he said publicly he would retire at that age I hope he keeps his word, those two moving on would reinvigorate our club.
Lennon? too old fashioned in his ways and poor tactically, sadly his time has come and gone.

Gerrard's sevco? all bluster and boasting so far, they have not proven anything yet, let us wait and see how next few games pan out, I have a feeling they will fall short again.
Where I am more confident on, is our players like Brown, Christie, McGregor, Forrest, French Eddie and wee Griffiths I trust them to do things right despite of poor tactics from Lennon.

19 Aug 2019 09:08:12
I know they say be careful what you wish for; but I would be happy to see DD and Co sell and make way for someone with a fresh perspective and most of all ambition and foresight.
We are treading water at present while less wealthy and smaller clubs all over Europe are overtaking us in terms of team building, tactics and economics in the way they run their clubs and compete.

Obviously we are still the top-dogs in this country, but even that is being questioned by our own support because of the repetition of the same old mistakes and the near-incompetence in transfer activity, not to mention a new-found consistency and confidence from TRIFC 2012.

19 Aug 2019 10:44:53
I think its 16 years he has been at Celtic and Lawwell turned 60 the day after the treble treble. Some say the Lennon announcement came straight after the cup final because Lawwell was going on holiday to celebrate his 60th.

19 Aug 2019 18:15:42
Lawell Out. Will be the best Christmas present ever. Lenny can go too, he just hasn’t got it. Shouting and balling? Hasn’t a feckin clue.



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