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17 Aug 2019 22:28:49
I have stated and will continue to do so lawwell is not fit for purpose regarding what is on the park. For frck sake he gave Lennon the job in the shower. As a CEO you should be overseeing all aspects of the company and in my opinion what is the basis of this business is football and what is on the Park to promote the business which to me Lawell does seem to care about. Well maybe if he looses his next bonus things might change. Shout me down if you want it's only an opinion.

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17 Aug 2019 23:05:11
I wish everyone would calm down a bit, it's a long season, so Lenny made a mistake against Cluj, a horse's arse of a mistake, but a mistake, that's what happens, mistakes happen, then you learn from your mistakes, and the next time, you make a different mistake, and you learn from that aswell, and little by little the bird builds it's best, or if you don't understand that, Rome wasn't built in a day, what I mean is there are some on this site who expect Celtic to win every game, to win every cup (well domestic anyways) , who are so accustomed to being top of the heap, they just can't handle being one of the untouchables rather than being one of the invicibles, I will be happy if we win the league this year any thing else will be a bonus.

17 Aug 2019 23:21:33
As a drunken moi would say "It's not what yer looking at its wit you see"😎. On a serious note this should apply to Neil Lennon. "A successful man is one who can lay a foundation from the bricks that are thrown at him, "Yes we are all hitting but we will prevail after a full season. Hail Hail.

18 Aug 2019 01:10:15
It's a major failing by Lawwell appointing Lennon. Dark times ahead.

18 Aug 2019 01:10:24
Think your right.

18 Aug 2019 07:50:08
The last year or two of lennon last time as manager the football got worse and worse then he came in. In Feb and results and football were poor again now the season we are out the CL and struggled to beat dunfermline Did you get that Struggled to beat dunfermline the season is just going to get worse and either lennon starts getting his tactics right and playing players in there natural position or move on lennon go get a lb you have a cf in bayo who you have never tried you have a good winger in shved who scored on his oy appearance and you stop playing him why.

18 Aug 2019 08:34:52
Don’t mind getting beat from a better team but when we are beaten by teams we should be dealing with it’s heartbreaking. Why can’t Sinclair get in the team?
Far better than Morgan and Johnston combined!
Our best player at left back (done by a previous manager and failed miserably) obviously no lesson learned there!
Last season he let's the players go over to Ireland for a booze up we get bet from zombies he always fails to prepare his teams. This is a man that got Bolton relegated could only manage 7th with a decent Hibs team got the bullet from there for being unfit for purpose and naive and we think he’s good enough to drive this great club forward. Not a hope in hell. Who cares about past achievements it’s now and the future that matters.

18 Aug 2019 09:22:53
Two games we played this week. Lennon made a pigs ear of it against Cluj there Is no getting away from that. he can blame individual errors till the cows come home but ultimately his tactics and selection played a huge part on that night. Then there’s yesterday, 120 minutes of football against Dunfermline, they have 1 shot in 120 minutes on target and score compared to our overall 30+ attempts. Defensively right now we’re a shambles. £3 million was spent on bolingoli, a supposed LB, LW call his position what u will but for me ( and I know it’s very early days) but he doesn’t look comfortable in either positions. Can’t defend for sh#t and going forward he ain’t much better. Then there’s the £7 million jullien, again not seen a great deal of him as he so far has spent most his time on the bench but when he has played he looks bang average. Caught sleeping a few times yesterday and that’s Dunfermline we played. Middle to front I think we’ll be fine, especially domestically but defensively is a huge concern. If we get a quality LB in and another RB to compete with Elhamed, who I think is a very decent player, and if jullien can show why we shelled £7 million for him, I think we’ll be fine. But signings are a must.

18 Aug 2019 09:37:54
Come on Phil u can’t put the blame on lawell! According to some it’s going absolutely nothing to do with him!

18 Aug 2019 09:40:50
sad really but partially understandable how supporters are turning.
If we do not get the treble this season it will be seen as a disaster and NL and PL will probably be crucified .
NL stepped in when we were dumped and abandoned by the rat, and finished the job.
It seems he is now going from Hero to Zero .
If only we had a David Murray or a Dave King who would spend all the money on any player the manager wants regardless of actual value.

18 Aug 2019 09:58:42
The warning signs have been there since the previous managers second season. Both in a tactical and personnel issues.
We have a very poor recruitment and signing strategy and far too many of the players brought in are nowhere near good enough.
The bulk of the players brought in since 2015 have been moved out, many of them after a period of stagnation or failure (Commper, Eboue, Allen, Izzy, Gamboya, De Vries and Benyu along with genuine transfers-out like Dembele, Lustig, Boyata and then there's Hendry
Lennon did not have enough confidence in Boli or Jullien to play either of them against Cluj and you can't think for a minute that he intentionally signed players that he didn't fancy or trust.
The club needs to at least act like a big club and have a proper system, where quality players are identified and pursued as-and- when required. Because at present it's a 'lucky bag' situation where we never know who or what we will get and the manager of the day has to shuffle and make-do, while depending on what little quality we are lucky to have - until they too become sellable!

18 Aug 2019 09:50:16
Totally agree philtim88👍.

18 Aug 2019 12:39:45
We don't need a treble. Trebles are great but the priority this season was to qualify for the CL and win the league I have no faith left in lennon to deliver the league we should be looking for a new man ASAP to get the fans back onside and he will have 2 weeks of the window left to make signings but I think pl and df will stick with their puppet.

18 Aug 2019 13:47:17
We had a fully constructed Rome. We never needed to build another one. Lennon will lose the dressing room soon. Look at the farcical huddle at the end, every player was embarrassed though that might have been the whole point of the of the of the exercise.



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