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16 Aug 2019 00:40:00
Jim1972 you replied to a post of mine earlier your response is baffling nothing I said was personal against Lennon I stated his game management was wrong feom start to finish. He almost got out of jail when Christie scored yet failed to shore us up and see game out bad management pure and simple not personal. He has to go imo if he can’t make the decisions in games like this what does he bring. Celtic man yes there is no doubt all he’s done for us as player and manager before can’t be taken away from him. He’s just not right for now or future. He will be here for the ten anyone doubts us wining that is deluded but it should be a manager who makes us better.

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16 Aug 2019 06:29:18
Why would anyone doubting the ten be deluded? I’m not for one second saying that Celtic won’t go onto win 9 then 10 but that “ taking it as a given attitude” is dangerous territory. Make no mistake, rangers are as close to us now as they could be. Now I’ll no doubt get slaughtered for saying this but people really need to take the green tinted specks off and have a right good look at what’s happening here. From where we’ve been and what we’ve achieved over the last decade we should be so far out of sight than any other club in Scotland it’s unreal. Yes financially Celtic are the daddy of Scottish football but the team as it stands needs further investment that’s fact. Celtic for some reason seem to take an age when it comes to recruitment, that’s a fact. I’m not for one second saying I’m shaking in my boots at what rangers have brought in but what I will say is this and the evidence is there to prove it. They know the market they can deal in, they seem to know who they want, and they’re certainly not shy in going and bringing them in. On the other hand there’s us with a wage bill that would choke a horse, a squad that has rightly been reduced with a lot of dead wood shipped out, but there’s also key areas in that team needing sorted, and the key areas have been obvious to most yet still with the clock ticking down not been addressed. For a club the size of ours it’s not acceptable. It’s all ifs and buts of course right now as two league games played and two thumping dished out, but if we don’t get our finger out pronto and address these ares and go with what we’ve got them for me that’s a huge gamble and if given the seriousness of this season and what it means it’ll be totally unforgivable if we don’t win this league. only one mans opinion and I’m not expecting evertyone to agree with it 👍🏻.

16 Aug 2019 06:40:50
Reply was aimed at Kev and malky who are in full sack mode.

16 Aug 2019 07:22:11
I never said anything personal about Lennon either.
I criticised his selections and his management which for most fans can see is miles off what's required.

16 Aug 2019 07:32:39
Oh and jim trying to claim the treble treble for Lennon was even more laughable than your one error claim.
Lennon walked in to a side that was already on way to winning the league and well into the cup run.
He admitted he changed very little and was using Rodgers game plans.
Kennedy and duff would have got us over the line just as easy as Lennon.

16 Aug 2019 07:42:30
I get that Jim, and I wasn’t having a go at u personally, I just think there’s a lot of fans out there that really need to waken up to what’s going on here rather than it taking a cup defeat or the losing of a title before admitting to themselves we should be doing so much more. Getting put out on Tuesday against a bang average Cluj team really should be a wake up call. that’s us out the champions league the past 2 years against bang average sides. Had we spent wisely in key areas and not had a manager playing let’s f##k about system and tactics we’d still be in it mate.

16 Aug 2019 07:42:38
I’m just glad transfer window is still open so we can improve the squad further.
I agree that we are favourites to win league but not certs at this stage. We have won easily against 2 midtable sides so far who were both in bottom half of league, they scraped win V Killy and had comfortable win V Hibs but only after they went down to 10 men so it’s hard to gauge how much (if at all) they have improved yet.
Once we play each other and everyone else once then we will see if there’s any sign of an actual challenge this season.
My biggest fear is if we lose at Ibrokes and the fans start to get on Lennys back putting him and the squad under further pressure then if we dropped anymore points as a result. The 1 thing we never have done is had to chase them, we have always been out in front or had games in hand.
Just go to Ibrokes do the business and see how they react which history will tell you will be a crumble job like their stadium!

16 Aug 2019 08:42:03
Garryc1977 totally with you mate. We have enough quality in our current squad to win the league at a canter. The problem is we have major areas that need re-enforced and NOW! If we go to the asbestos dome and lose badly then the undead will gain so much impetus it will be damn harder than it needs to be. With the amount of money we have in the bank these next 2 seasons should have been a walk in the park but as it is the board have given hope to others that should not have even have had a sniff of. I still believe we will win 9 and then go in to 10 and probably because after Tuesday the board will finally see that investment is needed and will open the tin. Rant over. Heads up again Celtic and get back on track and give Dunfermline a right good going over and start the journey now to the next treble. Hail Hail 2 to go till 10 in a row.

16 Aug 2019 09:12:41
We must be the most fickle supporters in world football. We lost ONE yes ONE game and supporters are calling for Lennon to be sacked. Let’s just say he’s sacked today and we appoint a new manager in time for the Stockholm tie. If they lose that should he then be sacked?

16 Aug 2019 08:58:58
The attacking side to our game has come on a ton, with Christie especially making a big difference. However, apart from the decision making of NL that has raised so much debate and reaction, we are losing far too many goals from minimum attempts at our net.
Motherwell scored two out of three shots and I am sure Cluj were 4 for 4 and as well as urgent action required on the full-back positions, I really think our goalkeeper is currently a weak-link and with Gordon as the only realistic replacement, it's an area we should be looking at for the long term of our continued success?

16 Aug 2019 09:48:23
Garryc1977 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Well said fella, couldn’t have said it any better.

16 Aug 2019 09:59:34
keV it talking to a brick wall as you can't see past the first half and poor selection at left back. Theat is not the reason we are out it's due to individual player errors that the manager had no control over. Answer me this from 1-0down at half time we then played much better with same players in same positions and got into a winning position for brown to needlessly handball was that lennons fault? after that we then went 3-2 up and within 4minutes the goalkeeper for no good reason pushes the ball out to attacker from shot about 25 yards out, is that lennons fault? After the 3rd goal it basically knocked the stuffing out the team and support after that. So what exactly did he do wrong tactically in the 2nd half in his control?
PS we all know there arepeople in our support who wanted Lennon to fail to evoke outrage like this and they are probably the same bampots who online abused Tierney and call themselves Celtic supporters. And yes he did deliver the treble treble and only missed the Airdrie match in Scottish cup.

16 Aug 2019 10:24:51
Jim1972 my friend take no notice of what the Bat says he is always right. he’s knows better than everyone on here.

You are right he is always in full sack mode.

He’s slating Lennon and saying Duff and Kennedy could have got Celtic over the line he’s nothing but a fool.

Lennon has the experience and know how to get results last season that is how he managed to play his part in the third treble not as Kev said and winged it.



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