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10 Aug 2019 21:24:36
I don't think I'm alone when I say that I'm totally pissed off at the reaction to KT's move to Arsenal by some so called fans of Celtic. We're all feeling the pain guys, he's a true Tim and a top player so don't deny him the chance to show it in the EPL. If we were there he would never leave, there's no doubt about it. The lad has ambition. Be pleased for him and stop feckin reacting like nobheads to his good fortune. He WILL be back at Paradise some day and I bloody hope some of you will be grateful for his passion and desire. In his heart there will never be another club but Celtic yet some people want to torture the lad because he has ambition. S.

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10 Aug 2019 21:42:35
100% I reckon it will be when he has time off and we are playing HH 💚🍀.

10 Aug 2019 21:51:25
It's the modern world Bob it's sad that the guys being slated from a section of the "support". It's easier for some to be critical and negative than see 5 euro games with no losses and 2 league games with 12 goals scored but no we are verging on disaster apparently.

10 Aug 2019 23:12:45
I wish KT all the best in his future career, he is an outstanding young talent, I am not at all bothered about nine in a row, without an improved showing in Europe, maybe doing well in the champions League or getting to the Europa semi finals, without that nine in a row, is only a reflection of how poor the Scottish League is, the original nine in a row was achieved by an outstanding Celtic team, playing in a very strong league, and doing exceptionaly well in Europe, Rangers nine in a row, on the other hand, was won in a poor league and they achieved hardly anything in Europe, this nine in a row, if it happens, would be more like the Rangers one and not Steins one.

10 Aug 2019 23:53:41
I don't get why some people are so obsessed about the boys future career, great player for us . yes. a fan yes. but he has walked away from us. no matter how you dress it up, I don't care less how he progresses or how good this move will improve him football wise or financially . I bear no ill will aganst the boy . but he's not ours anymore so i've no interest.

11 Aug 2019 00:04:00
deep river bhoy, KT will always be one of us. Always. I don't understand why anyone can turn against a lad so quickly. shocking, ALL of you. Scottish football could never offer this lad the ultimate challenge and he's a credit to the development team within our club. We should be celebrating his opportunity in life - HH.

11 Aug 2019 01:13:31
He's a talent that wants to test himself at a higher level and make enough to set him up for life. Maybe he's aware with his injuries that his career might not be so lengthy. And he made us 25mill into the bargain. I have no doubt about his love for the club. We are all slaves to the wage at the end of the day. Wish him all the best. It might just be the catalyst for better things.

11 Aug 2019 01:15:20
im not turning on the boy, its just don't care how he does at arsenal , what I find shocking is how much you care about the now arsenal player who has turned his back on us.

11 Aug 2019 02:20:26
It's the modern day curse of social media. At tye end of the day it's the guys job. There's nobody that wouldn't knock back 50k a week extra per week. Good luck to the lad.

11 Aug 2019 01:22:24
First time poster guys, love looking at the site to get all things celti c. Been thinking about the kt transfer and how I would react in his place. Have to agree with DR that being a celti c FAN NOTHING WOULD TAKE ME AWAY from celti c going for 9 and then 10,NO harm to kt but my thinking a true celti c man would stay for at least 9.

11 Aug 2019 08:19:45
@bobthecat mate everybody has there own feelings on the matter does not make them any less a fan. once you support celtic you support a cause and a lot of celtic fans take this cause very serious its a way of life for some of them and kt banged on of how much he was part of that cause just look at some of his twitter coments. now to these fans this cause has a two year battle ahead and they believed he was going to be with them in this battle with the way he banged on about how much he was a celtic man. to them in there hearts they would not have walked away from helping this team achieve this historic moment in the clubs history as this is the cause they support and kt had a chance to help make the difference and make it happen but he chose not to instead he chose to go and fight for a team down souths success and obv his own success to. I wish kt all the best down south I just feel totally let down with the lad walking away going into a very important season in the clubs history but the show must go on without him. that mob across the city are giving it big lips and wee have to let them know who the kings of this league are without kt. you have no right to call fans so called fans for them feeling let down by kt as it emotionally effects some fans differently. and him leaving has definitely weaken our team all these fans asked for is two more season they showed him so much love and loyalty over the years they just asked for a little back and help get over the line with 10 and he choose not to. anyway here wee go 10iar

11 Aug 2019 09:50:54
Agreed United Ireland. No one wishes the laddie anything other than all the. best. The point is walking away with 9 and the chance of 10 at 22 years of age makes a mockery of the ‘he’s one of our own’ loud haler rhetoric. Two songs I’ve sung myself over the last few years many times when Celtic players come to the Green Brigades corner after each game. One was ‘Brendan Rodger’s is here for 10 in a row’. After he was exposed as a phoney and we all felt cheated we took solace in ‘knowing’ and singing that at least ‘Kieran Tierney would definitely be here for 10 in a row’.

Again that belief proved false and KT unworthy of that hope and the associated adulation. It may be understandable both in football and financial terms. But like Rodgers before him however it’s dressed up he put Kieran Tierney and the mighty dollar before Celtic and the fans and that is inconsistent with his claimed love of the

How many seasons did he play? We played half of last season without him. I can’t remember his last game and certainly have no interest in his first game for Arsenal. We’re all entitled to our opinions but I certainly won’t remember him with the affection I hold for Jimmy Johnstone or Tommy Burns or Larsson who gave us the best of his career and earned the right to leave to play with a bit of sun on his back as he said. KT leaves me with no such cherished memories.

11 Aug 2019 11:25:16
He's going to regret this move if he's even close to being the celtic man he portrays. If we get 10 he's going to feel sorry he missed it and if we don't he'll feel like he shouldve been in fighting for it with the lads. I know that's how I would feel.

11 Aug 2019 12:58:49
steph. JFP. some people just don't see it that way for me loyalty pride and the cause come first before being part of the big money elite English league. loyalty over money and personal gain any day of the week for me lads.



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