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24 Jul 2019 12:49:08
Still feel thers a negative vibe to our transfer dealings so far. mainly driven by the media . everything rosy in sevconia but a real sexy signing would shut them up someone that gets you off your seat . wishful thinking perhaps.

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24 Jul 2019 13:22:43
Groundhog Day mally, happens every year, yet our own punters continually fall for it every year, usually very little business has been done at this point, yet this yr we have spent a fair whack with more to come, yet still not good enough for the entitled section of our supporters.

24 Jul 2019 13:37:02
Mally I agree a big name would be sweet.

Cheers 🍷.

24 Jul 2019 14:21:01
They've been spouting the same old pish since the 'Magic Hat' days and every season - 'buy' a completely new team - only to Epic Fail.
Where they get the cash for the conveyor belt of failed managers and journeymen-misfits/ Quick-Quid or Wonga?

24 Jul 2019 14:22:15
So bhoywonder Celtic fans are think and are suckered by the press and have no mind of there own, cause that's basically what your saying.
What a load of crap.
I would say your the entitled one, who is so complacent that you probably think we will win the league by Christmas and the 4th treble is a formality.
It's the manager that been banging on from the second he was appointed about getting players in asap. yesterday he told us he was frustrated by the lack of activity so he obviously thinks the team is short.
Because fans want players in early for some reason that makes them not true Celtic fans.

24 Jul 2019 14:38:59
Enrico. I thought i was an alki lol



24 Jul 2019 14:52:00
Mally, I do feel there’s a negative feel around the place but for me personally I think it is because we seem to be getting weaker . If you take Rogers first season could anyone on here say we are stronger now than then . Possibly only at centre back now with the form of big kris, but other than that I’d say we are weaker. Paddy, Armstrong moose all big players for us that have not been replaced with quality to match . I know we paid 7 million for Julien, we have needed a right back for the last 3 years and today we sign a 29 year old from Israel . It all seems a bit “meh “ is anyone excited with this purchase? I know he’s a centre back but the club have just announced him as aright back. Lennie said he’s nowhere near to finish his team for the season, for me personally I would like players that excite the fans a bit. On top of all of this there is still the real possibility that kt will be off this window which will weaken us further.

24 Jul 2019 14:58:16
John can you read? If so read back my post and tell where I called fans thick, not true fans etc, also do you know what entitled means? Every year it’s the same thing by the press, Celtic in crisis, rangers doing great etc, 10 mill spent so far and it still not good enough for a section of our support, so if your going to jump into a post at least read it first before unloading your opinions, or alternatively have a day off will you 👍.

24 Jul 2019 15:00:21
I don't think that's what the post is saying at all, I think pretty much every Celtic fan (and staff) want new quality additions in. Nowhere did it questions a fans love for the club.

I think Bhoywonder is trying to say that he has confidence that new arrival will come and that the Scottish media continually over egg the 'amazing' business conducted by TRFC, whilst simultaneously downplaying our own activities i. e. The Ranjurs are coming.

My personal opinion is that the RB situation is not acceptable, whilst I do concede the point that attracting the preferred quality within the constraints of our league budget is difficult, Celtic should have been able to recruit a replacement for ML before he left (last year perhaps? ) and I do appreciate we (allegedly) made offers.

I also think our board hold out as long as possible to either; attract different players when the English window closes and / or consider if CL qualification is / is not achieved. This enables a review of our budget / finances and could potentially attract a 'marquee' signing should CL qualification be secured.

As for the sense of entitlement comment, its natural for some elements of the supports who never experienced the 90's to feel entitled. We have had it our own way for so long it will be a considerable shock if TRFC win the league. Our board do deliver a well run, stable, financially secure business and they have to be commended for this (this has probably contributed t a sense of entitlement) , however they do appear to continually rest on their laurels and that is what upsets many fans, including myself. I want to see money spent on players that can lift fans off their seats and delivery the entertainment factor we associate with being a Celtic supporter.

The realistic side is that CL qualification is becoming more and more a closed shop and to me this is to the detriment of the tournament. That said, our ability to attract (and pay for) a higher calibre of player is (for now) intrinsically linked with CL qualification and the board should realise they risk the wrath of the support for not investing in the palying side to try and achieve this. I think we have invested so far (and will continue to do so) but I think Bhoywonder is trying to say is that for some the level of investment will never be suffice. Neil Lennon more than anyone will be frustrated with slow recruitment because at the end of the day its his job.

Anyway let's enjoy the game tonight and take another step forward towards the CL 30 pieces of silver!

24 Jul 2019 15:20:37
BW you had a pop at the celtic fans by saying our punters fall for it every year. In my book your basically saying some have no mind of there own because they fall for the press coverage, alluding them to be thick.
That might not be what u ment but that's what u wrote.
Because fans don't share your opinion doesn't mean they fall what what they read in the press.

24 Jul 2019 15:41:31
John are you seriously going to sit there and say it’s not the same every year? Rangers are great, Celtic in crisis, and I know what I meant as I wrote it above, you chose to read my post and in your mind I called fans thick, not real fans etc, that came from you not me, so please don’t put words in my mouth or make up stories, we have enough of that on here already 👍.

24 Jul 2019 16:06:56
We will agree to disagree about post.



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