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20 Jul 2019 10:31:38
Hopefully Kieran Tierney shows the same loyalty as Peter Lawwell did when Arsenal came calling.

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20 Jul 2019 10:49:59
If you were offered another job where you get paid 3 X more, would you take it? I would no matter how much I loved my job.
Remember these guys are one bad injury away for not playing again.
Be thankful that we had him in the team and for the money his sale will bring in.

20 Jul 2019 12:37:31
If your a millionaire already and your on the brink of creating one of your boyhood clubs most histroric moments then nothing should make you think about leaveing. if you love the club the way he has been saying the last few years as if its all that matters to him. No celtic diehard would walk away just now.

20 Jul 2019 12:54:34
I'd love to see him stay but I can understand him wanting to play in a team that can win the champions league so why would he want to go to arsenal who won't spent any money. He has a better chance of staying with us and winning the CL.
Would live him to stay two more years and then see him leave for a big club in the pub league.

20 Jul 2019 13:15:55
There are only 2 players still in the squad who have won all 8 championships, Tierney has only won 4. Brown and Forrest are the ones who will never leave, until they are shown the door, or die of old age.

20 Jul 2019 13:35:03
I think Tierneys progression has stalled in the last 12 to 18 months and I think he probably realises that himself. If he left last year he would have a pick of lots of quality team nown it seems only arsenal are really interested. If he wants to process and have a chance of being considered a world class left back now is the time to move as he struggled last season especially in Europa league games apart from 1 or 2. I love Tierney but think he will move on and he will with my blessing. I really hope he kicks on and shows he is world class.

20 Jul 2019 14:42:12
As much as I would love him to stay I would wish him all the best if he moved on No one can say he is not a Celtic man but he only has a short career and has to try to make the most of the time he has to become the best he can be And the extra money would come in handy also. We would be deluded if we think he can get the best of his career staying in Scotland Any team in Scotland is just a stepping stone for Bigger leagues maybe not better but far bigger than this.

20 Jul 2019 15:50:29
Cost of K T 's stalling in career progression is due to his on going injury .
I like k T and I particularly liked the way he repeated his love for Celtic . Surely he wasn't telling lies.

20 Jul 2019 17:18:27
Utter nonsense United Ireland! Tierney has been a loyal servant and deserves to push his career further than SPL. I for one hopes he gets his big move as he has earned it and has achieved all he is going to achieve in SPL. And before anyone says "10iar" that's no reason for Tierney to put career progression on hold, as he may not get chance again.

20 Jul 2019 18:29:21
philtim88 how is it nonsense no celtic diehard would walk away from celtic just now and that's a FACT. 4 years is not really that long at yer boyhood club especialy at the age of 22 and when your on the brink of achieving one of the greatest achievements your club will probably ever make and you have a chance to be part of that so I will say again no DIEHARD celtic fan would walk away just now FACT and miss being part of one of the greatest achievements this club will ever make and probably will never make again and loyal is sticking around when we need you to help make this happen.

20 Jul 2019 18:49:50
I have never seen anything but love, loyalty and effort from KT for Celtic - although I have seen posts from a few people who believe he really does want to leave - for one reason or another?
The fact we went out and bought Bolingoli would suggest The Board may have accepted the fact he will leave sooner or later (probably sooner) and it will sadden me to see him go as although people say he has to take the chance to go to push his career as far as he can; people of my generation like to think - wrongly or not - that players who are Celtic through-and-through, like him could be here for 'life' and be a future captain and maybe more.
It was good enough for many Celtic greats and I know the riches that can be earned are out of this world these days - but if a player is perfectly happy, not greedy or restless, why move?

20 Jul 2019 19:32:32
United Ireland you're embarrassing yourself. Doesn't matter if someone is a diehard or not, they make the best move for their career "FACT". He has done exceptionally well for club and deserves his big move as he is capable of going to the very top, not stagnating his career in SPL.

So basically what your saying is that if Tierney goes, he is not a diehard celtic fan?

20 Jul 2019 20:22:06
United Ireland is not embarrassing himself at all, he is only expressing his opinion.
It's not a FACT that KT needs to move right now.
I'm with Ireland, I think there is too much at stake with Celtic to go and chase a Europa league place with Arsenal.
If it was me and the club wanted to take the money, then okay. But if it was up to me, then I would stay for another 2 years. I would have hoped KT would do the same.

20 Jul 2019 20:36:52
Leon bhoy see if Tierney wants to go, he will go and develop into a far better with any decent supporters full backing. Not slanderous accusations that he is not a die hard, because time is right for him to move FACT.

Good for you, your with United Ireland we won't lose any sleep. You just look silly too.

20 Jul 2019 20:41:23
philtim88 embarrassing myself nothing mate im just showing love for my club who I have supported from birth and been on an emotional journey with my whole life no other club or anything else in football matters more to me than Glasgow celtic football club nothing would make me move right now especialy at 22 and already a millionaire. as a diehard celtic fan I would want to stay and help the club get 10iar especialy If I was important and made our team a lot stronger the way KT is and also with the orcs giving it big lips lately that would want me to stay even more to stick it to them also. no true DIEHARD would walk away just now.

20 Jul 2019 20:50:11
When does a fact become a FACT? . Mabe Capitol Hill? 😂😂😂I'm here all night.

20 Jul 2019 21:14:28
K T has reminded us regularly that he is a Celtic fan and would be with the fans and his friends if he wasn't playing .
He was my hero because of his stated love for Celtic .
Seems he is similar to B R and ant ham.

20 Jul 2019 21:31:23
Pud wasn't me that started FACT, I'm being sacarstic towards poster who started it lol.

20 Jul 2019 21:33:38
United Ireland your last sentence just highlights how ridiculous your method of thinking is. Kieran Tierney will still be a diehard if he leaves this season. Who are you to judge how he feels about club?

21 Jul 2019 06:55:48
philtim88 im not saying hese not a celtic fan phil I kno fine well the bhoy is one of us. so now im ridiculous for saying I would not leave celtic because of how much I love them and were we are at just now. I would rather stay and help with 10 in a row if KT goes I hope he does very well and will watch his matches and hope he is succesfull. my point is im a celtic fan and if I was in KT shoes right now I would be telling arsenal thanks but no thanks I still have some titles to win here wich I feel I can play a big part in bringing the big 10 here for the fans and my club as its massive to both of them and me personaly. seems you would rather join arsenal if you were in that postion.

21 Jul 2019 10:31:56
Well he isn't and you aren't so both just hypothetically what. Truth be know until you are in that position as a job. Too many factors to really consider. Current life situatio as it's still a career. On and off park, teamates, manager, family life, future family financial commits, development, money, media intrusive, bigotry, imagetc, media Pressure from fans. and too many others to net ion but very important happiness. so let's not judge as we are not in this position. He clearly is a supporter and loves the club. He also a great footballer and wants to become better. a leaving gift of 25 million if he goes is something else. If he stays and we win 9 cue the same debates then. I wish all best if he stays or goes I will be happy for him either way.



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