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01 Jul 2019 18:47:30
Neil Lennon (rumours good and bad)

First the bad rumours.
Lots of stories about his old style management style bordering on bullying of some younger players, doubt these are true as club would never stand for it.
Persistent rumours that Tierney and Mc Gregor have issues with the manager, hence all the transfer rumours particularly of Tierney.

Now the good rumours.
It appears Lennon has convinced Lawwell to open the purse strings and that more players will follow Julien in the Celtic Park door, all first team ready also.
It also looks that Lennon is open to giving the young talented players a chance ( young Dembele, Oxi-Flex etc)
The manager seems to only want permanent signings and NO LOANS unless the last resort.

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01 Jul 2019 19:14:20
Where are you hearing this tim of mcgregor and tierney not getting on with manager.

01 Jul 2019 19:22:20
Tim your dead on mate. Every word is true here.

Lennon is leading the charge and the board are coming to the table and being supportive which is exactly what we need as we go for 9 and 10 in a row.

01 Jul 2019 20:11:50
I still think NL has work to do to convince some supporters he has improved as a manager in several ways (including man-management) .
Obviously we had several injuries and exhausted players during the run-in and the team struggled to score at times during his period as caretaker - where the plan-B or substitution decisions caused some concerns and his body-language at Ibrox was very uninspiring.
Then there was his handling of Weah, Burke and Sinclair during this time, which was also questioned and criticized by some.

However, he did achieve his full objectives to complete the 3 x 3.
Winning the title by nine points and coming from behind to beat Hearts in the Final. After which the confirmation of his appointment somewhat lacked the fanfare and high profile of the previous managers arrival; being met, with a more matter-of-fact. Unfortunately we now seem to be on the verge of losing KT (and maybe more) , although it was always going to be a very busy transfer window and huge transitional period for us, with so many surplus - and those who's departure was known well in advance.
Perhaps an incentive would be if, Cal-Mac was offered vice-captain and a new deal with a future captaincy when Broony retires?
NL wants to hold on to as many of our best players or get the Board to replace those who leave with with similar or better, as his job depends on our continued dominance and success.

The close-season is shorter than ever these days and the CL quals are only days away, but he has been here before and knows what's expected including identifying what players are needed to improve the team and and so far (Turnbull apart unfortunately) we seem to be proactive in addressing this - and hopefully it continues.

If - or when KT leaves, the board must reinvest immediately to bring in the quality required to improve and progress, because at the end of the day anything less than another treble and Europe after Christmas will be seen as a step backwards?

01 Jul 2019 20:16:18
So we should just assume the negative rumours are false and the positive ones are accurate?

I didn’t need the WBA chairman to make a statement regarding lennons conduct before believing that rumour, we all know about his temperament, however it pretty much confirmed it for me.

01 Jul 2019 21:22:26
Players have far more power in dressing rooms than was previously the case if any of these rumours were true celtic would never have gave neil the job risking full scale mutiny ala pogba v jose.

01 Jul 2019 21:38:27
Andy, confirmed exactly what. One of. our. most successful players, totally committed to winning as a player and a Manager. Yes he is strong, he is uncompromising and he is a winner. What a lot of panty wetters you lot are. So come on Andy give us the straight from the hip info from KT and Mac, as you seem to be convinced that they are unhappy about their relationship with their Manager.

01 Jul 2019 21:40:59
Listen we only have until Thursday to strengthen the squad for our first CL qualifier so it would be madness to sell any of our top players at this time .

01 Jul 2019 21:45:35
If it's true that he's runni g about screaming at the young boys why are they committing long term to the club and why would Peter or Dermot not take action and why is the gutter press not all over this . i think this has been blown out of proportion.

01 Jul 2019 23:46:07
Major flaw with that. Tierney has wanted to move before Lennon took over and McGregor has already stated he is going nowhere.

Let me guess your imaginary "ex bears" pals told you this?

02 Jul 2019 00:05:17
Guys it is true all the pish you've been hearing about Lennon is trying to be swept under the rug. And it doesn't surprise me that our star players are considering their options elsewhere. But we've been over this to much now about Lennon. At least the positive is Lennon is the right man to drive the board forward and not let them slip up on 9 or 10IAR he won't let them go cheap. He seems to be pushing them to splash a bit of cash although I'm shocked to say the least.

02 Jul 2019 10:10:18
Kt has been injured since lenny took over so how can they have fell out unless gecwasnt peddling fast enough and young Callum played every single game under him no bad for 2 folk that have fallen out . it's nonsense.



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