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31 May 2019 15:36:16
It's official lenny the new boss let's get behind him and stop awe this negative talk he just might surprise us. in a good way.

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31 May 2019 16:06:07
Sorry Mally NOT GOING TO HAPPEN The board should be holding their head in shame and PL should be held accountable to the shareholders for not even considering any one else for that position And I hope that he will stand down if we don't get to 9 iAR Which I really hope we do get to obviously.

31 May 2019 17:23:28
Tony what a not going to happen explain am asking that we get behind the man surely that will happen.

31 May 2019 18:43:06
Not going to happen that all will get behind him Until a really big transformation is in place for the start of the season ahead and I really hope that happens but with seeing how we played for the games he has been involved in doesn't inspire me at all for the season ahead I really hope I am wrong.

31 May 2019 20:38:08
I will always support the team but Sorry but I can't get behind this appointment, the guy shouldn't be anywhere near the club.

31 May 2019 20:44:51
I’m sure Pedro will be reading this now thinking, I better go and get Neymar or Tony2bhoy will tell his dad.

31 May 2019 21:09:01
Or we better all agree with COYBIG because he is never wrong and it's COYBIG opinion page.

31 May 2019 21:38:20
I never hid my opinion that I did not believe Lennon was the man for the job and in fact was very vocal in saying looking at his demeanour in the last few league games he had already been told he wasn't getting the job in my opinion but I was wrong he is the boss I'm still probably a couple of weeks away from getting over it but get over it I will and I will back the team to the hilt again next season and for as long as I can afford my season ticket so here's hoping he proves me wrong again HH.

31 May 2019 21:44:32
No Tony, I get it wrong like everyone else. I’m quite sure I have on here on many occasions but right now I’m just trying to stick up for a guy who’s being persecuted by his own people for no good reason and he deserves better after what he’s given to the club.

{Ed007's Note - Persecuted by his own people 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #stayclassy


01 Jun 2019 00:01:53
Well put Tony you better watch though you can't have a go at Neil lennon as he is above any questions and would be far to busy answering them just now what with guardiola, bielsa, klopp and pochetino on the dog and bone for some advice lol 🍀. We are stuck with him so hope to God it works to me its a gamble and has already split the support but that's not Lennon's fault that would Lawell's for the appointment. Hail Hail my friends 🍀.

01 Jun 2019 05:35:53
K72 Lennon certainly isn’t above being questioned, as he’ll soon discover if he has a bad start to the season. But in a way you’ve answered most anti Lennon peoples questions. It’s the board who appointed Lennon not Lennon himself. And to put it in your words” we’re now stuck with him” so that being the case the support need to back him. Of course he’ll get scrutinised like any manager would if things go tits up but that’s the way of the world. There’s been times I’ve said give him the job, equally times were I’ve been pulling my hair out thinking god no we need someone fresh but it is what it is now. I’m wanting to see how quick off the mark we are regarding signings. Lennons admitted he’s been looking at recruitment since he basically came back so I assume he knows who and were he’d like to strengthen so I’m expecting us to be very pro active this window, anything less simply won’t be good enough .

01 Jun 2019 07:22:49
Recruitment definitely the key but has Lennon not said that squad needs complete overhaul to freshening up in the space of a week, which the real problem is Lawell, I think reading between lines is he could be a bit of a puppet for the board, hence not happy with Lawell saying they didn't consider anyone else is an absolute disgrace going with that statement so hypothetically a top coach says I'm interested he would say no as we have the best man and also how he said that after season ticket renewals sort of tells its own story.

31 May 2019 23:57:14
mate i know you don't like neil, am not his biggest fan either, but is that were we are at. we have all made mistakes in our lives.

{Ed007's Note - But most people learn from their mistakes, like Leigh Griffiths. I thought that story was under a D-Notice but obviously not if it's been published and this happened when he was a Celtic player, years before he threatened a young woman 20 years his junior with a knife while managing Bolton. Don't forget he was outed on Twitter trying to chat up a load of young female supporters when he was our manager the first time, that's classy behaviour for a Celtic manager eh?
Don't you think the Celtic family deserve to know what type of man they're holding up as some kind of demigod? They're all so quick to speak out against the likes of Gazza and Jon Flanagan so you would imagine the Celtic family would be concerned that kids look up to a man like that and the board have him leading the Club, or does their self-righteous moral compass only cover people outside the Club?
Would you like your son to end up like Lennon or for your daughter to be one of his victims?}



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