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26 May 2019 12:48:31
Surely in this day and age the current batch of players we have at the club know how to look after themselves. I can't think of a player at this level of football who would think its acceptable to eat junk food. Anyway would it not be up to the club to ensure this type of food and drinks are not served at lennoxtown. Seems like the most logical way to do things. If players need a manager to tell them how to eat then god help us we really are in for a rough time of it if that is their childish mentality.

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26 May 2019 12:53:16
Plenty did before Ronny arrived Stan.

26 May 2019 12:57:11
This is all Ronnie propaganda, put about by the worshippers, this is 2019,not the sixties and seventies, all the nutrionist stuff was used as a smokescreen to cover some pretty dire performances under Ronnie, these are highly paid professionals, they know if they don't look after their bodies, they won't be highly paid professionals for very long.

26 May 2019 13:07:00
Surely the sports scientists still have to do there job and monitor the players that shouldn't change and I would think Peter and Dermot would het to hear about it is standards were slipping.

26 May 2019 13:07:47
Well i'd say it's the club at fault for that Kev. We can't control what they eat outwith the club but we can certainly do it at Lennoxtown. Only a Mickey Mouse outfit would serve junk food to professional athletes. I hope that days are long gone.

26 May 2019 13:21:44
Aindoh. Guys like commons and mulgrew went mental when the rules were brought in and cause bother. Everyone knows that.
Even Rodgers commented how professional it was when he arrived.
You only had to look at the difference in Griffiths under Ronny to see it was working.

26 May 2019 13:46:03
Stan the sports science guys can tell if your not following what your told to do away from the team. They are constantly checked for weight and all that carry on. It's real precision stuff we are talking hear.

26 May 2019 13:48:35
Griffith's had been banging in goals for Hibs, he wasn't given a proper chance, by Ronnie, untill he got a good run in the team because of injuries, Rodgers wasn't going to bad mouth the previous manager, was he.

26 May 2019 14:16:58
Aindoh even guys like van djyk credit Ronny with making them fitter.
Jesus Collins was fitter than some of our players when they went in there.

26 May 2019 14:45:45
I cannot believe the nonsense been spouted on here about the players diets.

Unless you are seriously into sports, you really won't have a clue about sports nutrition.

These guys have a punishing amount of games in a season, trust me, their bodies wouldn't keep up or recover if their bodies were been deprivied of the proper nutrition.

Full fat coke and crisps, get a grip!

26 May 2019 15:09:27
Ronny must have been talking nonsense when he said this then eh downunderbhoy

Quite frankly, it was shocking, but it had a lot to do with the wider society in Britain and the diet norms. It’s fried food, there is sugar in everything, alcohol, basically all the things that are the worst imaginable nutrition wise.

"We had to change everything about it at the club. I said to the nutrition expert at the club at the time that players can’t eat cornflakes for breakfast, and the answer I got was that they don’t like anything else! For me it would be better not to eat breakfast than having cornflakes, which they didn’t agree with’

"The player’s fat percentage was being measured at Celtic but I didn’t trust the readings; on some of the players I couldn’t even see their abdominal muscles. I brought in the nutrition expert I had worked with at Strømsgodset and it turned out that I was right; the measurements were wrong and too lenient, the fat percentage was actually higher.

"In my first six months at Celtic the squad lost a combined weight of 60 kilos (9 ½ stones) . John Collins had a very European mind-set when it came to fitness, having played at Monaco. He was fitter – at almost 50 – then some of the players in the squad when I arrived.

"It was difficult at the start but we achieved some good results and got the players on board. After all, everybody wants to have a better beach body! Virgil van Dijk weighed 104kg (16st 4lb) when I arrived and when he left for Southampton he was 95kg (15st) and looked like a proper athlete.

26 May 2019 15:23:11
I think the fitness side of it wins us most games. We always seem to find a late goal to win games, usually because opposition tires and we still have plenty in the tank to push on.

26 May 2019 16:17:34
Aindoh, you're right of course that we were a poor outfit under Deila, but it's true that the guy changed everything regards diet and expectations on fitness. His biggest problem was that he didn't enforce it; he created the conditions and HOPED that the players would buy into it. Rodgers ENFORCED high fitness and nutritional standards. It's one of the reasons we did so well; hardly any domestic team could touch us fitness wise.

26 May 2019 16:19:19
Exactly bravetart. After the break we won something like 7 points with goals scored in the last 10 minutes of the game.
There is a league table floating around that shows if games were played to 80 minutes rather than 90 then we'd have lost the league.
Our professional set up when it comes to fitness means they can keep going right to last seconds.

26 May 2019 16:33:43
Ronny Deila's problem was he knew plenty about players diets but knew very little about tactics and improving players techniques. In Brendan Rodgers we seemed to have somebody who was good in all these areas.
I still can't work out why Dermot Desmond thought in 2016 that our standards were slipping and spent money on a proven manager, now thinks it's okay to go back to those pre 2016 days. Under Brendan Rodgers the club were very successful on the park and made a lot of money off it, so even if Brendan Rodgers had taken us as far as he could surely they would have been better off trying to get a similar guy in who could maintain if not improve our playing style.
I really hope Lennon works out but From the football I've watched since he took over I'm not that confident. Teams are finding it very easy to hustle us out of our stride and we are struggling against it so much that we aren't even creating chances now in games.
I hope our board know what they're doing.

26 May 2019 19:02:23
Delia say squad lost 60 kilo when he took over, however it’s not that unusual for players to report back for preseason 2 or 3 lbs over so in real terms nothing massively unusual there.
On recent performances, certainly no worse than under Rodgers last 18 months.
The pressure on the players and manager after Rodgers walked out was the most any will have had in their life’s and the only thing that mattered was the next game.
One by one they got through them and made world history.
Now time for clearing loans and some deadwood, even brining I’m 4/ 5 players we will be stronger next season.

26 May 2019 19:40:04
Here we are the day after an unprecedented treble treble and all fans are posting about are diets, levels of fitness, having a go at Della, Lennon, and the board. I can’t begin to think what it would be like if we weren’t winning anything. Enjoy what’s just been achieved, then if things are going wrong next season have a moan. oldkilly.

26 May 2019 20:14:53
Oldkilly geez peace people can post what they want.

26 May 2019 21:30:21
Aye whatever you say Kev. oldkilly.

26 May 2019 21:39:27
Hi there first thing congratulations to the bhoys for rebel treble. Now why all the doom and gloom we've won the treble playing rubbish at times, Lennon did all right last time against a better rangers team, if he gets backing from board for 4 quality players rb, ch, no10 and forward we'll do fine. We we're never going to get big name manager after board wouldn't give Rodgers more money. Hail hail.

{Ed007's Note - "Lennon did all right last time against a better rangers team"




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