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11 May 2019 16:04:11
So what's you guy's team for tomorrow mine would be
Lustig jozo Ajer Hayes

Brown McGregor

Forrest rogic Sinclair


Tierney on the bench no point risking him before the cup final let him rest up the hearts game has to be prioritized now surely.

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11 May 2019 16:12:33

Lustig jozo ajer Hayes
Forrest brown rogic lennon Sinclair

11 May 2019 18:03:15
Is it worth playing our strongest squad?, after all the Sevco will have the officials blind eye to hatchet our players! Best rest them for the treble!

11 May 2019 18:42:46
I get what you're saying Leeds but like it or not games against the walking dead are always going to be must win so our strongest team will be picked I for one would be happy to play a weakened team but I'm in the minority there would be a hell of a backlash from the fan's if we fielded a team that took a real beating.

11 May 2019 18:46:23
Lennon has resisted playing Hayes at LB in KT's absence and seems to prefer Izzaguire. I also think he will start with Ntcham - as he played him at Celtic Park against Sevco. Not my preference at all; however as both of them have struggled recently.

11 May 2019 20:26:15
Ntcham Doesn’t want to be with us anymore since Rodgers legged it. Ntcham avoided the celebrations at the sheep dip. Originally Browns eventual replacement not now!

11 May 2019 21:07:32
If lenny plays a weakened team and we get beat this site will explode doesn't bare thinking about.

{Ed007's Note - What happens if he plays a full strength team and we get beat? I suppose we can just harp on about everything he's been through blah blah blah....

11 May 2019 21:28:39
What if we win? People will still moan. Win lose or draw he's going to be treated like an enemy regardless.

{Ed007's Note - Win, lose or draw there'll be a massive over reaction and the romantic pish peddled about him will go into overdrive. It's weird that a lot of the people who preach about how the Celtic support should behave don't apply the same level of examination of any possible managers behaviour.}

11 May 2019 21:35:15
I certainly won’t complain Ed if that happens! Probably the got the best kick up the arse we needed when we lost in December. Faultiest record since then. I think we should Focus on the treble then we’ll talk about potential managers, players future etc then!

{Ed007's Note - Regardless of the result tomorrow I'd like to think it won't deviate the board from their plans for the summer. With Congerton leaving now there's some very important positions to fill this summer and we need everyone in place and on the same page come preseason if not before.}

11 May 2019 22:11:46
So in what way has Lennon's behaviour been wrong while at Celtic or have I missed something?

What is it with the over the top aggression towards him? It's actually getting ridiculous.

It's like people just copy each other on social media and repeat what they hear.

As for behaviour, I couldn't care less. I thought Boruc was some laugh. Rather that than some pretend snob like Rodgers with his fake professionalism and fake teeth.

{Ed007's Note - Ach well, for a start if threatening a young women with a knife because she was going to expose his multiple extra marital shenanigans is acceptable we'll have no more talk of dodgy songs and flares in the stands from Tena CSC.
We can sit and judge the scumbags that roll up at Ibrox but when we shine the light on one of our own and it isn't all sparkling white have we just to ignore them?
What would you rather your son done, cheat on his partner AND his bit on the side then threaten said bit on the side who is 20 odd years younger than him with a knife because she was going to tell his partner - or get drunk at the football and let off flare? What if one of the women was your daughter or sister?
People are dragging up what he has went through in his personal life "because of the Club" but what about what he's done himself in his personal life, and that's just sticking to the stuff that's public knowledge. #DNotice

11 May 2019 23:07:36
You know what. I don't care if Lennon is whiter than whiter or that he was a devil worshipping rangers fan.
All I care about is if he is the best candidate for the job.
For me the answer for is no, we can do and afford better.

11 May 2019 23:09:44
People seem to be very adept at reading Ntcham's mind but they can't all be right
Some say he didn't want to be here after Dembele left, others said he didn't want to be here since B Rodgers left .
Maybe there is no truth in either situation.

12 May 2019 00:03:32
So he rode a burd who also knew was attached and she tried to blackmail him by threatening to tell?

Aye she's such a victim as well.

Flares and rebels. Don't even know what that's got to do with what we are on about.

But aye our crowd is full of middle class Tories these days. Offended by the real background of the club and the songs which have been around since before they were in a sack.

12 May 2019 00:44:00
Agree jaw1888 then rest them all v hearts be careful at cessnock cesspit those with tickets tomorrow the sevvies are an angry like the coo.

12 May 2019 08:34:17
Just because songs have been around for a long time doesn't mean they have a place in a modern football ground.



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