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08 May 2019 18:44:31
Continuing the "Foreign manager" chat. I said to name names, as foreign manager means nothing.

So someone mentioned Vladan Milojević as a "young up and coming manager who got to knockout stages"

Ok so. Lennon is actually younger than him.

Lennon has got further than him in Europe on a budget also.

The guy won the league but lost the cup.

Only one win in the group stages so he never reached the knockout stages.

Proving what I am saying that people cloud their heads with a fancy name.

I'm not even wanting Neil Lennon specifically but I'm asking people to name a foreign manager who is proven to be a higher level and would realistically come to Celtic?

I tried to tell people before with the talk of Marco rose it was unrealistic. Nobody wants the job as the boards budgets are a joke.

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08 May 2019 19:08:49
I meant to say Group Stages. Red star have a tighter budget than us. They beat Liverpool in the group stages. They’ve improved drastically under his management. Ruling out all managers from a foreign country is silly and just because they are foreign doesn’t mean they can’t come to Celtic and do a job.

There are plenty managers out there that would come to Celtic if the money was right. Your argument makes more sense now that you’ve made an actual point. As ED pointed out the other day it would be interesting to see who actually has applied for the job and if Lawwell shoved some applications in the bin due to him being scared of the wages they would want.

08 May 2019 19:15:37
Tesla nobody is saying new manager has to have a foreign name, That's a ridiculous statement. What the majority of us are saying though is next manager has to take us forward and Neil Lennon will not.

You mention board budgets, how do you know what the boards intentions are for new manager? It's becoming more evident there is more to Brendan Fraudgers story than we know. I think they knew he was leaving at some point during season and decided to hold back transfer budget for new manager close season?

Personally I think a new manager has already been lined up and announcement will be made after season is done. More I think about it, I'm beginning to think it will be highly unlikely it will be Lennon permanently. Apparently there is a director on board who made it abundantly clear last time he applied for job after Deila it was never going to happen. This same director also was allegedly critical of his last tenure.

08 May 2019 19:18:54
Surely people are actively applying for the job, even Lennie must have to have an interview . Anyone that wants it will surely have to sit down with Lawwell and discuss budgets . Hopefully this is all being kept under wraps due to the importance of the end of the season and the recent bad news regarding King Billy and Stevie Chalmers passing.

08 May 2019 20:02:39
Would love to know who has applied for the job. What has me worried is Izzy saying Lenny asked him to stay for another year. Why would he do that if he wasn't going to be manager. Can you shed any light on that Ed i'm scratching my head over it. I know forward planning is healthy but for me this is not forward thinking we need better back up to KT. I actually prefer Hayes to Izzy at LB now.

08 May 2019 21:06:56
Ken I never said not a foreign manager. I'm saying people have this idea foreign is always better.

The best thing is a good manager and properly backed by the board.

Everyone keeps going on saying not Lennon but not mentioning names.

No doubt the guy from red star done well for them but remember Ronny deila won the league with stromsgodset

Deila was a young up and coming foreign name who overachieved with a smaller team.

I'm just saying people need to be careful when making out a more exotic name = quality

Like big Rafael shcheidt.

{Ed007's Note - Isn't Neil Lennon a foreign manager?}

08 May 2019 21:07:45
Tesla people have been naming names on here constantly.
This nonsense we no one big will take is getting old.
If we pay good wages they will take it.
My self I have warmed to the idea of Phillip Cocu. He ticks a lot of boxes for me.
Managed at a good level
Won things as a manager
Plays an attractive type of football
Likes bringing youth through.
Also attainable as he is unemployed at the moment.
Only thing holding us back is ambitions of the club and now it seems the fans because we should be demanding the best not making excusing why we should settle for anything less.

08 May 2019 21:38:18
Can't remember how much compensation we got for Brendan but you would like to think if the Board had ambitions to appoint someone of Brendans standing again the lot would be used to get their man.

{Ed007's Note - It was £9 million, Stan. Why can't we offer a new manager £3 million a year over 3 years and absorb the costs of any staff he wants to bring in?}

08 May 2019 22:07:30
Thanks Ed, again. Exactly how i see it. £9m over 3 years could attract a very high candidate. I've sat numerous times trying to think who is available and i've come up with none haha. Quite like your suggestion Kev especially the brand of football he has been accustomed to all his life. Would be a good forward thinking appointment. I really don't care about getting a Celtic man or someone who knows Scottish football all that does is limit the number of people we can choose. Let's think outside the box and try to keep progressing throughout the club on and off the field.

{Ed007's Note - We pushed the boat out to get Rodgers, we need to keep pushing it to move forward. We'll know the level of the board's ambition with the next manager appointment.}

08 May 2019 22:21:25
Can just picture Lawwell outside Parkead after giving Gary Caldwell a £9m 25 year contract Ed haha. Nah it's all very quite let's hope there will be some shock and awe tactics come May 26th that will surprise us all.

{Ed007's Note - With John Collins smug wee coupon in the background as DOF.}

08 May 2019 23:12:35
Kev nobody will take the job of any standard unless they are given a proper budget

That lies on the board. Our board have done absolutely nothing but state they will stand by their policy.

Until that changes then we are minnows and will continue to be.

Do I think a good manager would like a Celtic job? Yes

Under our current policy? Not a chance.

Brendan seemed like a massive move, they didn't back him so he disappeared. Surprise surprise, first one we bring in jumps ship.

09 May 2019 07:16:36
Tesla you keep rattling on about a budget. Rodger spent about 35 million in fees for 23 players.
He was backed he just wasted almost every penny.

All you have to look at is rafa Benitez to prove my point that it's wages not budget that's really important to a manager.
He has been moaning and greeting about not having a budget to compete with the teams around him but still wants to sign a new contract even though he'd get a new job no bother.

Even if we ain't going to the very top for a manager, there are guys out there that are achievable that are a cut above Lennon.

Our club has moved on form 2013, he's not.
People who think he's got better with age or at Hibs and Bolton are kidding themselves on.

08 May 2019 22:31:15
I’ve been thinking that myself Ed. Except 3 million a year over 4 years and sell him after year 3 for another 9million. and then start the process all over again.

08 May 2019 22:32:11
Bloody hell ed I will need to go for lie doon. Don't think I've had a good idea before.

09 May 2019 11:47:19
Celtic will deliver a top manager for the post. Otherwise they would have just sworn Lennon in now. Why would they wait to announce unless they were intending to bring someone else in. After the cup final I think they will drop the hammer.

09 May 2019 16:01:48
Kev 35/ 23 is 1.5 mil

Our average spend is £1.5 mil per player.

Backing a manager isn't giving him 300 players valued at 1 mil

It's giving him 11-16 players who are going to improve the squad.

You can also blame Rodgers for these signings but not all of them were his

Before Rodgers and numerous managers had the same average spend per player

That's not a manager or scout issue. That's a restriction based on policy.



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