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06 May 2019 16:57:15
So now that the title is in the bag should Neil Lennon make changes to the team i. e formation and tactics?
I would like to see him try to put his stamp on the team now that the pressure is off the style of play for me is far too predictable and for the most part in effective as team's have sussed how to combat our style although personally I would prefer someone else to get the job it would be nice to see him change it from being Brendan's team and freshen up the playstyle.

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06 May 2019 18:51:30
If we do the business next week and on the 25th of May he should be given the job and the task of reaching the 10.

{Ed007's Note - If we appoint Lennon I'll just be relieved to get to 9.}

06 May 2019 19:10:20
Ed anybody else has a serious risk attached no matter who they are. Lennon knows the players, the club and what the 10 is all about that’s just my thoughts my friend.

{Ed007's Note - That means absolutely nothing when it comes to appointing our next manager. John Kennedy ticks all those boxes and knows the Club and players better than Lennon considering how long he's been here - and he's a better coach than Lennon.}

06 May 2019 20:04:02
Ed, you are spot on about JK and he also stayed. So, he knows what the 10 is about, the Club, the team, the supporters and, The History.

{Ed007's Note - All the things we're looking for in our next manager according to JFP, what about John Collins coming back but this time as the main man?}

06 May 2019 20:22:03
We need a manager who knows the Scottish game if we want to just do 10 in a row, to me I would love the team to get better in Europe as well, but that means money being invested into the team.

06 May 2019 20:32:55
Lets be clear about this, our board set the sights at our domestic nearest challenge, nothing more nothing less. They’ll reingurege every penny.

06 May 2019 20:58:49
See this rubbish that WE NEED A MANAGER THAT KNOWS THE SCOTTISH GAME does my heed in. What a load of bull.
2 names kill that stone dead.
Tommy Burns and Wim Jansen.
Jansen won the most important league in my life time, what did he know of the Scottish game.

And see this rubbish our board don't spent that's bull tae.
Rodgers spent about 35 million all in. He just fecking pissed it up against a wall.

Go get a good manager and give him a proper budget and we will win the league by a mile.

06 May 2019 20:53:42
Ed - would you give the job to john Kennedy? Not saying he’s your preferred option but do you reckon he could do it justice?

{Ed007's Note - Nah. Kennedy's a good coach and probably understands the game better than a lot of managers going about but I wouldn't give him the main job at Celtic just yet, maybe if he went away and showed what he could do elsewhere first for a few years.}

06 May 2019 21:10:11
Maybe we will bring in Moyes as DOF and appoint Kennedy as HC.

{Ed007's Note -


06 May 2019 21:23:51
I agree Ed would be happy with 9 if Lenny was to become manager. I know I sound like I don't like Lenny that is far from the truth I think the guy is great and a decent manager But from all the hatred he got from the last time he was manager and his tactics I don't think he would move us forward. And as a great club we should be looking to progress not stagnate or go backwords I haven't A sensible clue as to who would move us further on to be honest but I can't see Lenny doing that.

{Ed007's Note - That's exactly how I feel, Tony. Some people think because you don't want Lennon as manager you're against him as a man and Celtic legend but for me it's the bigger picture, can he take us as a team and as a Club forward from where Rodgers left us? Are we confident of another Treble under Lennon, would his love for the Club - and let's face it, his need for the job - make him Lawwell's lackey again getting players forced on him etc All the problems Lennon faced before are still there and Lawwell won't spend millions of £s on Lennon's say so, that is a 100% definite.}

06 May 2019 20:46:30
Why do we need a manager who knows the Scottish game? Rodgers had never managed in Scotland before and he did alright.

Statements like that have been holding us back for years, we need a modern forward thinking coach who is capable tactically. Not a Celtic man who’s main tactic is the hairdryer treatment!

06 May 2019 22:14:00
I feel the same as ED, I like Lennon as a person and I love his passion for the club but I'm not sure that he can take us to the next level, that's what the club should be aiming for.
When we appointed Rodgers in 2016 it felt that the club were making a statement of intent, and, especially in his first season he did take us to a higher level than we were used to. I would like us to try and do something similar this time.

{Ed007's Note - 👍

06 May 2019 22:31:09
Where is the evidence that Jk is a good coach, thought he was getting slautered previously because of the ineptitude and ametuerish defending of the centre backs, last season, or the one before,
We don't need a manager that knows, the Scottish game, what's needed is a manager that can manage, and can speak English, and can get the team playing attractive, winning football, I don't care about nine in a row, I would trade it in for a semifinal champions League appearance, at least that would mean the team were improving, nine in a row only proves the poverty of opposition in Scottish football.

07 May 2019 00:08:54
Like many on here I like Neil Lennon and cerainly was in favour of him getting the job permanently as I have always favoured a "Celtic man". However the various threads on here over the last couple of monthes have made me widen my horizons and got me thinking. I can't think who i would want and will fully support whoever it is.

It is interesting to note that in 1997 a true Celtic legend (Tommy Burns) was sacked and replaced by Wim Jansen who brought us The King and stopped Rangers from getting 10 in a row. It is also interesting to note that same Wim Jansen was a member of the Feyenoord team that beat Celtic in the final of the 1970 European Cup Final.

07 May 2019 00:32:57
I read all that you say and I don't agree with anyone who thinks that a big named continental would probably be the best bet for us .
But I cannot forget the time when the club from Ibrox brought in as good a manager as could be got from France . Very many Celtic fans were worried sick, they thought their domination was set for another 4/5,yrs . But Paul couldn't win the dressing room and soon Paul was gone and Rangers 1872 continued on like a run away train until Rangers died in 2012.

I don't for one minute think that appointing a super continental coach will kill us off, but if we don't get on the winning road immediately 9 in a row could be in big trouble
Someone said that the rat B. R. had no experience managing in Scotland, but he had first hand knowledge of discrimination and anti Catholic bias from he was born living in the North of Ireland.

07 May 2019 00:33:43
Lennon doesn't have anything to prove to anyone. He took mowbrays team and turned it around, built a team that got to the last 16.

He would do fine if given the job.

People are just acting spoiled cos we got Rodgers who had a reputation.

Despite the fact that Rodgers only managed 80 odd PTS tally in his second season. Deila even got 93 in his last year.

Lennon is a realistic name. That's all, nothing to do with knowing the Scottish game etc.

Just the simple fact that most other higher reputation manager will not be interested.

Even clowns like Roy Keane knocked it back hence why we got deila before haha.

07 May 2019 07:52:59
Aindoh how many times have people on here need to be told John Kennedy isn't and never was a defensive coach?
He was just a coach and coached all areas of the team. He carried out the managers instructions. That's it.

Tesla do you think Lennons record was good enough first time around?
5 trophies from a possible 12 in a time that was probably the weakest Scottish football league in our life times?

06 May 2019 22:28:17
Ed are the club still looking to go down the DOF route?

{Ed007's Note - As far as I know they are, Kev. At the very least it looks like Congerton will go and need replaced.}

07 May 2019 10:08:19
Yes Kev. Tbh trophies doesn't always tell the full story.

As I said Rodgers won a treble last year but would you say we were amazing? 83 league PTS amazing?

O'Neill won nothing on his Seville season so was that a failure?

Lennon had to overhaul a full squad on a budget. Then had to deal with us selling our best players.

Rodgers got backed properly and his only major sale was Dembele which got replaced with Édouard.

Different eras, different circumstances.

Kev ask yourself this. Lennon got to the last 16, further than Rodgers did with both Celtic AND Liverpool.

Under a tight budget, overhauling an entire squad.

07 May 2019 10:57:37
Lennon was Getting results in Europe and not getting pumped rotten though.

{Ed007's Note - The win over Barcelona seems to cloud some people's memory. 3-1 loss against Sion and only getting into the EL because of their blatant disregard for the rules by their nutter of an owner, the 3-0 loss to Braga in CL qualifiers, 5-0 loss over both legs with Juventus, 6-1 against Barca, 3-0 against AC Milan at Celtic Park were all on Neil Lennon's watch and I'd class each of them as a being pumped rotten.}

07 May 2019 11:17:48
Here's the thing Tesla I want to see us improve. I though Rodgers time was up at the end of this season anyway. I think we could all see he had taken us as far as he was going to. But so had Lennon and he won't improve us. If we are happy to just plod along then Lennon will do a job
But me, I want something new, something to get excited about and something that builds on what is there.

Oh and yes oneill season winning nothing on seville was a failure though it gave us a hell of a ride and some great memories.

07 May 2019 11:19:03
You would think congerton would have gone by now ed, with planning needed done early.

{Ed007's Note - I never expected Congerton to leave before the summer and he'll still be working on potential signings for us.}

07 May 2019 12:07:14
The Seville season is one of our most memorable seasons and we got more PTS then finishing 2nd that Rodgers did finishing first last year.

A bit like Liverpool and their PTS this season but will win nothing.

Lifting a trophy doesn't tell a full story.

I never said I even wanted Lennon but the criticism of him is over the top.

If we can get a better coach then fine but who out there with a high reputation would take the job?

07 May 2019 15:22:17
Tesla if we pay someone the right money like we paid Rodgers they will come.
Obviously there is a limit but we have shown with the last manage that it's higher than people thought.

Seems to me the longer Lennon was away the better his time at Celtic seemed to be to some fans.

He got some pumpings in Europe and people talk like it never happened.

07 May 2019 18:55:16
There seems to be this idea that Rodgers is a massive manager

The same clowns who big him up for managing down south now talk about Gerrard like he is the best manager in Scotland.

It's just people buying in to the English league is the holy grail nonsense.

Lennon did get hammered in Europe as well aye but also got further than Rodgers

So why do you talk about Rodgers like he's a bigger pull than Lennon?

Rodgers isn't a great manager which is why he's at Leicester hahaha.

No high level manager will come here. Some even thought we could get Rose.



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