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22 Apr 2019 08:43:36
Nothing but gratitude to Neil Lennon for stepping in at our time of need after being left in the lurch by that fake Celtic fan. However for me he is not the man to take us forward. I will always regard him as a club Legend but i will not let that feelings or sentiment get in the way when thinking what is best for our Club and at this current time we need to look elsewhere. Read some very valid points on here, would we have asked him to take over had he still been at Hibs, the aswer is no. It's a case of he was available and able to come in immedietely to steady the ship. That he has done as we limp over the line. At this time of year when we have the treble treble in our sights you would think adrenalin alone would have playing teams off the park. Instead we look tired and there is no real identity to our play. As i have said many times we have a very young talented squad with an abundance of youth players ready to step up over the next season or 2. We need a someone who can continue to develop them and the club on and off the park. I don't think Lenny is that man. Take the green tinted specs off, love for the man and sentiment away and most will feel the same. It worries me that Lenny said after the Aberdeen game Dermot Desmond said during a phonecall the day before that game they had not spoken to anyone else. It is their duty to make sure they have a list of 5+ candidates atleast to speak to regardless of who is currently taking the team, especially with a summer of ins and out plus early qualifiers. We have made huge strides off the park recently we need to continue that so for me it has to be someone new, not Neil Lennon. I'd happily have a role for him within the club but i don't think that is something he will want at this stage of his career. Maybe the Board have not spoken to anyone because they already know Lenny is their man i do not know. He is not my choice but like everyone else is he is chosen of course he will get my backing 100%. As we get ready to seal 8 and go for the 9 this is our biggest summer in a very long time. Time to think big Celtic, we have the money to do it, show us you have ambition show us you want to dominate in Scotland for years to come and show us you want us to compete in Europe.

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22 Apr 2019 12:19:35
Good post stan, I believe there is a difference from actually speaking to someone as DD put it to setting in motion other options.
Its all done thro intermediates nowadays so he wudnt actually be lying to NL.
I believe to score goals u need goalscorers in your team sounds obvious doesn't it but every time I see a team its the first thing I do is count the potential scorers in the team.
Yesterday I counted 2 poss 3, Eddy Forrest and Calmac.
Yet unbelievably we had 4 on the bench Weah, Burke, Sinclair and Rogic.
In a league where we are dominant and have the bulk of possession we only have 3 on the field that's just nuts.
Is it any wonder we are not scoring as much.
Back to the manager and I was a NL fan last time and defended him on here many times as ed will vouch for (mainly against him lol) but I don't want NL this time. It may be a fantasy but I would go for Arsene Wenger, no idea if we could afford him tho.
And for a total curve ball what about Nigel Pearson the guy that built that Leicester team with practically nothing too.

22 Apr 2019 12:51:09
I'd like to think that is the case Rayman, surely we have been working on things behind the scenes. It would be a neglect of duty if not relying or hoping Lenny will come in and hit the ground running. Love the guy but too many strange line ups and decisions since coming in. When Brendan was here there was 2 or 3 that were finished now he is playing them all regularly. What is Wenger up to these days? Always felt Arsenal had a similar model to ourselves albeit on a bigger scale. The so called unheard of signings they were making were costing £15m+ 😂 interesting times ahead and for this one it has to be head over heart, we have to look elsewhere. HH.

22 Apr 2019 13:47:23
I sincerely hope the board were telling Lenny porkys And that they have a man to step in right after the cup final God knows they have had the time to look and get him in It would be inconceivable if they haven't taken the time to get the right man in with the time limit they have had I can't see our board being that complacent.

22 Apr 2019 14:13:50
Maybe we are all in for a big surprise Tony 😊 Let's hope so.

22 Apr 2019 14:43:08
When the snake was announced the place was buzzing and we went on to the invincible season. Season books up again a new strip out again we the fans deserve more so Lennon is def not the answer. We are in a great financial position to push the boat out and attract a manger with ambition with a few who’d to spend. This Celtic mindedness is a lot of rubbish the snake played us on that part but he knew this club would get him back where he wants to be. If the pub league is the holy grail for managers then what ambitious manager wouldn’t want to take up the post. Ten in a row on the horizon to become a legend while building your stock as a manager. Who wouldn’t want that?

22 Apr 2019 14:47:10
I hope you are correct Stan.

22 Apr 2019 15:59:32
A massive carrot for anyone Welshy, the chance to win Titles and make history. I'm really not fussed about the Celtic connection thing that just limits our search for the right person. Tony it's quite possible the Board are playing a blinder behind the scenes and Lenny has known since the begining it was going to someone else. Time will tell gents, a very interesting summer awaits.

22 Apr 2019 16:26:05
I just can't see the board saying to anyone just now if they have the guy in place for next season for now It would put Lenny on a downer with still so much to play for It's not good but saying that it's good business to let him carry on blindly just makes sense.

22 Apr 2019 21:29:28
Anyone fancy Eddie Howe as our new manager?
Has brought Bournemouth through the divisions and kept them in the Premiership for 4 seasons. He is only 41 years old and has one year left on his contract.
Don't think he can achieve anything more there other than a top ten finish at best.
Maybe a new challenge would be good for him and Celtic.

22 Apr 2019 22:22:38
If Lennon isn't who is the right man to take Celtic forward . Remember he hasn't got 6 months to get used to the bias and bigotry of the SFA and referees . He hasn't got 6 months to get use to the abuse from Rangers2012.fans .
Our new manager has to hit the ground running, he has to win every game right from the start in conditions and atmosphere h has probably never encountered before
Like it or not he needs Scottish Football experience or we are taking a major gamble Nine in a row could be gone before Christmas.

23 Apr 2019 10:00:09
There is always going to be pressure Chris and not just from the cheats and bigots but from us lot aswel. Imagine the pressure Wim Jansen must have been under to stop that lot winning 10. Our new Manager will not only be under pressure to win 9 and 10 he also has to make sure we continue the work Rodgers did off the park with training etc. Lenny has already said he had never seen the training methods John Kennedy has shown him. I have no idea who is the best man to take us forward, the Board will be under just as much pressure to get this right. Going by what is being said on here and elsewhere it seems a very divided opinion on Lenny. Not sure if having experience of Scottish football is essential, Rodgers had none, nor Deila and O'Neill in recent times. Even Strachan was down south most of his career. They all delivered the title without it.

23 Apr 2019 13:23:55
Stan Petrov, I agree Brendan Rodgers told us all he was a great forward thinking manager. , as well as a life long Celtic fan . However after the rat ran away I am not sure that he had taken the club much further forward . Again he may have introduced new training methods, which may or may not be the reason why our team looks so tired and worn out after 20-25 mins play, maybe we would be better with proven training methods in which the input of a sub or two gives the whole team new lift &we can play most of game at exciting pace .
At the end of the day we have only B R's words to inform us of improvement and most of us thought he reduced the standard of the squad, by the players he bought in . Finally he should have been able to charm P L into buying players he wanted . He allowed it to become a public battle and B R wasn't going to win that.



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