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21 Apr 2019 17:47:30
Can anyone actually give a good football reason why Lennon should get the job?

I keep the Celtic man nonsense out it.

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21 Apr 2019 18:14:26
He's not had a single transfer window.

21 Apr 2019 18:28:31
We have money to spend and I believe Neil Lennon is the best man to spend that money in the next transfer market.
The team Lenny took over from Mowbray had at least 10 loan players in it, so he had to practically build a new team. I was impressed with his signings because they were young and hungry for success.
A couple of years later he had this group of 25 year olds who would run all day and go on to be successful under his leadership.
He has proven he has an eye for a player better than Brendan ever had and I believe he will bring in 6 top signings which will blow away our rivals next season and also a change of formation with his preferred 2 up front.
He is stabilising this group of players which is the best thing to do at present to get us the treble treble, then next season he will stamp his own ideas on the squad, starting with his change of formation.

21 Apr 2019 18:54:02
Not sure how i feel about it at the moment. I'd have rather he came in and stamped his style on the team immedietly, we are scraping together points by playing the Brendan way, it was hardly attractive to watch anyway. If Lenny doesn't get the job does he then sit all summer thinking hmmm maybe i should have went with my prefered formation/ tactics etc etc. Its actually a really difficult time to judge him. Obviously if he gets the job he will have my full backing. Maybe once we win the title we will see him tinker with the team a bit for the remainig games. Summer can't come quick enough to be honest be glad to just get this one out of the way and start making decisions for next season regardless of who is in charge. Big big summer ahead.

21 Apr 2019 18:57:55
Simple . There isn’t one

It’s a major step backwards if we give him the role, problem is other than Rafa Benitez now I can’t see any other option where we won’t have to be paying compensation to get a good proper manager in

Interesting summer ahead and if we falter again with signings there will be severe discontent.

21 Apr 2019 19:20:35
Only reason Rodgers was here was the Celtic connection. Anyone who thinks a highly rated or even up and coming manager for example rose rumours would touch our job you are deluded.

21 Apr 2019 20:13:52
I’m hopeful Neil Francis Lennon will be appointed permanent Celtic manager and I believe he will be a success and lead us to 10-in-a-row.

21 Apr 2019 20:29:40
The problem l have is for me the pace of play is so slow now it's unbelievable. Plus which may be a cause of this is some of the players selected like to both nitcham and Izzy are shocking again. Whatever has happened to nitcham l will never know. It's hard to believe the full backs are the same two we had in 2011. We need a result against kille or people will be asking are Celtic going to blow it.

21 Apr 2019 22:44:38
What has him not having a transfer window got to do with assessing his capabilities to manage our club?

Rodgers was here because we were paying him 2.5 million a year and he was out of work.

Leon plenty of Lennons signings failed. Was probably around 50/ 50.

Still not one concrete answer on how he will do any better than he did last time.

Remember he couldn't win a treble in the easiest Scottish football league in history.

His cup record was shocking.
Failed at Bolton
Wouldn't call hibs a success either.
This time round he's not playing his best players and subs are either to late or just bizarre

Still a no from me I am afraid and that's not knee jerk because I've been saying that since he was brought in.

21 Apr 2019 23:06:53
Stein couldn't have got Bolton out the mire so we'll leave that there. as far as subs go he put rogic on with about 30 mins still to play he then put pele on and weah my god the finishing wass awful us that lennys fault.

21 Apr 2019 23:18:19
As others have said, this is a massive summer job for someone . I can’t see us getting Rafa in all honesty and the other names are hardly inspiring . I personally don’t think Lennie could bring us any further forward, even though I appreciate he took us over at short notice . If it’s not Lennie, someone has to come in and find out he’s probably lost 5/ 6 players from either loan or contract running out and very short time to turn around. Rogers left is in the lurch when you think of our situation . If he had hung on until the end of the season, like someone else mentioned how many of us would have said “
Let’s go and get Lennie for the job.
Not many I would think and that should resonate with a few of us, we need to push onto 9 and have a push at getting through to the champions league group to bring in some more revenue.

21 Apr 2019 23:34:40
Lenny dosent need to do a better job than last time, just a similar one.
This treble treble will never be repeated, its our glory years.
I will admit we won't win the treble under Lenny because he plays too many weakened teams in the cup games but he will deliver 10 in a row.
Forget trebles after this year, the main objective is winning the titles.
Kev, your pal Rafa wouldn't have saved Bolton from relegation that year under those circumstances.
He does need to give Weah more game time. He did say he wasnt good at training but as long as he produces in the games played.

21 Apr 2019 23:47:05
A manager not having a transfer window isn't an issue? What planet you on?

Also better than last time? He got further in Europe with Celtic than Rodgers could with both Celtic Liverpool combined.

So how come u were happy with Rodgers? Who was a shambles in Europe.

22 Apr 2019 01:33:32
I don't know why we are all arguing over this topic. There's no way Lawwell will take chance of fans revolting against board by appointing Lennon. Will be a manager who is tactically aware that rules Lennon out.

22 Apr 2019 02:31:09
Aye a shambles in Europe but delivered an invincible season and a double treble. Would take domestic success over getting one round further in Europe every time.

22 Apr 2019 06:49:54
I disagree philtim88. I think the board WILL appoint Lennon as our next permanent manager because it's the cheap and easiest option. I hope I'm wrong but I also don't know what the other realistic options are.

22 Apr 2019 09:18:19
Well if Lennon is appointed kiss good by to 10iar let’s get real the team is crap I hate watching them since Lennon took over and it’s not all down to the players, the players have done a good job over the last few years with Rodgers yes we definitely need freshened up as it’s gone stale big time, I was looking at line up in 2015 against Ajax 2 players Armstrong and Mackay Stevens the rest are the same what does that tell you zero progression in 4 years, I hate to say it but that lot are playing far better football than us and they will push closer again next year if we don't pull the finger out and invest some cash it’s unreal we have money so I’m expecting some quality taken in during the summer and it has to be a quality manager that likes to play fast attacking football too Lennon is useless that zombie lot are praying that Lennon stays what does that tell you this next few months are going to be huge for celtic and I hope they get it right.

22 Apr 2019 09:35:40
Bigbubs, that's ridiculous tbh. One round further in Europe can make us 10 times more money than winning 10 domestic cups

Which secure our future and give us a chance to grow in quality.

Brendan Rodgers got like 83 PTS last season. To put that into perspective Deila earned 93 PTS in his last season.

In 90% of competitive Scottish seasons we would have lost the league.

22 Apr 2019 15:19:07
Don't care about money I care about trophies and Lennons record in them was not good.
He would have to be better because the bar has been raised.



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