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15 Apr 2019 08:24:06
Never saw the post match interviews but it "appears" there may have been a wee bit of "suggesting" when talking to the bridesmaid?

From BBC website.
Celtic fans were heard chanting that McInnes is a "sad orange b******".

When asked if he was sent to the stand after reacting to sectarian abuse, McInnes said "aye".

It will be interesting to see the SFA report from the ref as to why he (and his sidekick) were sent to the stand.

{Ed007's Note - Derek McInnes is a liar and he should be publicly called out on it. The main stand is split 50/50 and it's usually families and the more well heeled that sit there so there should be plenty of evidence of McInnes' fruit/skin colour based abuse.}

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15 Apr 2019 09:19:17
No point burying heads in the sand it was sung as I heard it in East stand midway through 2nd half, it didn't last long or as loud as previous years but it did happen.

{Ed007's Note - I heard it a bit on the TV which was drowned out but it It wasn't being sung at him constantly from the main stand as McInnes has indicated - so yes he's a liar. And "orange" isn't a religion so it can't be in any way sectarian as we define it in Scotland.}

15 Apr 2019 09:53:44
Doesn't have to be religious to be sectarian ed.

{Ed007's Note - That's why I said as we define it in Scotland.


"The word sectarianism is very often used in Scotland today in association with divisions within a religion, particularly in reference to Christianity and the division which can exist between Catholic and Protestant people. Sectarianism can also be found within other religions."

15 Apr 2019 10:05:45
Yer right ed it wasn’t constant we were too busy doing the huddle 😎🍀.

{Ed007's Note - And McInnes has just latched onto it to try and deflect from him being a d1ck on the touchline, it's as simple as that. As I said, Welshy I heard it start on the TV but it was quickly drowned out and that's the way we need to go, self policing the crowd so that when any dodgy songs start they don't gather momentum.}

15 Apr 2019 10:41:43
Seen a video online and it looked to be started after mcinness got sent to the stands, so therefore he wasn’t sent up because of the gesture and it was in fact because of his language to the fourth official?

15 Apr 2019 13:27:22
If it's fine for Sevco to parade around in orange kits then there's nothing wrong with that chant imo.

15 Apr 2019 13:55:11
We can argue all day about whether it’s sectarian or not and it’s largely irrelevant. It’s offensive and unnecessary. Celtic as a club have a lot to be proud and I love being a part of that. I don’t love being associated with chants like that. I sat in a pub in Cathcart road after the game yesterday with quite a few Aberdeen supporters and we talked about the game and they were happy to hold their hands up to the red cards and expressed concern for Christie’s health. It was a bit embarrassing that we had to apologise for that to them. Let’s stop making excuses like it was only a small minority, it’s not sectarian etc, etc. It’s unacceptable and it should stop.

Ah those classy Aberdeen fans.....

15 Apr 2019 14:40:37

*******TEXT DELETED *********

{Ed007's Note - Sorry, Jim but that's the ONE subject we don't go near on here. I'm sure people will know what you're on about them singing from that.}

15 Apr 2019 14:22:05
Any chance of some subtitles Ed, They could have atleast had translators as their back up chant.

{Ed007's Note - The video seems to have vanished - I think some wee Teuchter is going to get his ar$e scudded by his mum and his collar felt by the OB. 😂😂😂 😂
It was them singing "You're in the wrong f***ing country" along with all your standard 'acceptable' Scottish racism and them singing "Dig (him?) a hole" or something when Charlie Christie was lying injured.
Have at read at THIS about an event our new anti-sectarian spokesman and defender of the fruit was at last year.}

15 Apr 2019 15:15:50
From where I was the singing started AFTER McInnes got sent to the stand! And we live in a country where orange parades are allowed and can pass chapels whilst masses are going on and it’s not bigoted or sectarian! As long as those half wits are allowed to do there penguin walk they have no leg to stand on!

15 Apr 2019 15:28:22
Defender of the fruit. ed I’m glad i wasn’t eating my coco pops then absolute belter 😂😂.

{Ed007's Note - 😁

15 Apr 2019 15:37:05
Interesting read Ed, That's the norm for them though. No doubt when the police officers arrived it was like a scene from the Full Monty or Trainspotting 2 with them getting right involved. I see Police Scotland are now involved regarding yesterdays chants, where are they everytime there is a game at Ibrox? or everytime the zombies visit an away ground. Turn a blind eye as usual. What a corrupt little pit we live in.

{Ed007's Note - Where were they when the Aberdeen fans were singing it to Stevie G at the their SC match? I said the other week one of the most effective ways to combat sectarianism in public is if the police done their job, there's already laws in place to deal with anything that can happen so why aren't they being enforced? They're too busy posing on Twitter showing how much drink they took off a supporter's bus!}

15 Apr 2019 17:17:34
No prob ed👍.

{Ed007's Note - Good man, Jimbob 👍



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