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25 Jul 2018 09:03:24
Just had the most alarming conversation with a well respected ex player and I don't mean one of these to pundits, according to him all is not as rosy between BR and lawwell as we are lead to believe in fact there is quiet a bit of friction between them apparently BR and his scouting team handed the board a shopping list with 6 players on it before last season finished. , and as we all know not one deal has been struck to date, he also said that the deal for nycham was almost a done deal before BR knew it was happening and his only input was was then know this sounds mad but I did believe him and all this nonsense around McGinn certainly is leaving me uneasy and just to cap it all boyata is on his way and they already know he won't be here this season, really am getting angry that all this crap will chase BR away I know he loves the club and won't take the decision lightly but if he believes he's not being supported then it may well happen. hope this hasn't put you guys of your cornflakes.

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25 Jul 2018 09:23:53
If the story is true, you would really need to know who the players are, and what sort of money that’s required to buy them. I believe that we do penny pinch, but also think we have far too many players picking up a decent wage, and never playing, so new players must be 1st team picks, and not more squad players or prospects.

{Ed007's Note - Just ignore it, the story simply isn't true and thankfully not many posters on here take a pile of $hite on their morning cereal.}

25 Jul 2018 09:26:22
I find these post hard to believe when supposed supporters can't even spell a first team players name correctly.

{Ed007's Note - And considering Ntcham has spoken about how Rodgers spent time convincing him to move to Celtic and how he was impressed with the manager and his philosophy. }

25 Jul 2018 09:33:52
It's mad that the club disclosed all that negative information to this ex-player.

25 Jul 2018 09:41:30
Something definitely isn't right at the moment, even using rough calculations we should have at least £10 million to spend on players (outwith the Edouard signing) . VVD money along with the Armstrong Money and two seasons in the CL proper should mean we are not haggling over a £3 million pound deal for McGinn.

25 Jul 2018 10:23:12
Ed, any idea what is going on behind the scenes. Read an article this morning, all be it on a blog and they seemed convincing 😂 hoping you offer an insight to make me sleep easy tonight.

{Ed007's Note - This is the best time of year to write blogs because you can just write anything and people are that desperate for news they'll read it - and if it's negative about Peter Lawwell or the board all the better because all the whining panic merchants in the support lap them up.
We've already spent more on one player than the rest of Scottish put together will have by the end of the window.}

25 Jul 2018 10:37:17
Man people come on here with some amount of bollocks just to have a pop at the board.
Not 1 deal has been struck?
So Bain and edouard haven't been signed then. Must have dreamed that.
Ntcham has said in more than one interview that it was Rodgers that convinced him to sign as did dembele.

25 Jul 2018 10:50:27
What a sh£te thread - just made up bull stories.
Thanks for wading in ed - before everyone’s paranoia took over.

Let’s just enjoy the game tonight and let BR and PL get on with the transfers.

Remember we are not a tribute act.

25 Jul 2018 11:50:55
Connolly is that your first post. Sounds like the drunk ramblings and wishful thinking of the sevconian. Plum!

25 Jul 2018 11:54:39
Remember that a transfer is not as simple of the player wants to come and the board pay the fee. There is agents fees loyalty bonuses win bonuses clean sheet bonuses goal bonuses depending on the players position then you have image rights and loads of other things that we don't get told about so let's just let lawell do what he does best and get the best deal for our club. Remember we are not a 6 Yr old club. We do things properly and quietly not running to the first journo who will print any story.

25 Jul 2018 12:44:51
What a load of bollicks Brendan has publicly applauded everything Peter has done for him from signing players and the new pitch and teaining ground upgrades plus Brendan on record this morn saying boyata to stay.

25 Jul 2018 13:19:56
Hahahahaha don’t worry ed the funny season will soon be over 🍀.

{Ed007's Note -


25 Jul 2018 14:45:21
Noticed that the original Poster of this nonsense hasn't come back to argue the case or reaffirm the 'rumour'. Clown.

25 Jul 2018 15:15:12
I was going to say the same yernaws. People come on with negative rubbish about how we won't sign anyone and that the managers not happy and the board have said this and That, they then sit back and let everyone go daft and you never hear from them again.

27 Jul 2018 14:53:25
Aside from the BR PL part I still think boyata could be offski. The thing that gave me that impression was the failure to appeal Sims red in the last leg. It would of allowed us cover for this game with boyata and lustig ready to step in for the 2nd game. Could just be us being honest and taking it on the chin right enough.



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