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10 Feb 2018 15:24:15
Celtic v Partick: It was a win, but not impressed, Celtic won so many games against poor league teams and the treble came along with that, although the treble team and players were more up for it and showed hunger and passion. Most are still there.?

Messing about with loans is my bug bearer, i want to buy players who are our players and play for the wages we pay them and for the shirt/ fans, to be part of the Celtic family. not someone who thinks i am only here for x amount of time then am back to my own team mentality player. We need to BUY. Don't mind young Scottish talent at least they have played this league.

Young loan players: Some are just too young for our game, these £15 - £20 million players can't get a game for their own team why should we play them in our team, I would not buy any of them, even Roberts has had his day at Celtic not worth the 15 million.
Sad to say we will probably never see a big money buy in the Scotland leagues.

BR: has he been sussed out by other teams, has he seen the light in the mickey mouse league with no money to buy?

Kennedy: should have never got a job as a coach at Celtic: need a more experience coach. don't know who though.

Celtic v Zenith: I am hoping its going to be one of those glory nights in Europe at paradise and our best team turns up.

Dembele: 30 Million, Someone is definitely having a laugh. let's hope he hits the net with Zenith, might change my mind.

Hail Hail.

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10 Feb 2018 16:25:33
Worst post I’ve read in a long time wtf are you on.
Loan players right here we go do we choose players we can afford and hope to fk that they make the grade cos if they do they move on after 2 yrs profit in bank but if they don’t we’re done yet loan players allow us to afford better than what we can afford yet no risk. I support the Celtic football club not the Celtic plc so to me it’s what happens on the pitch that counts.
You’ve slated Roberts have u actually watches that Bhoy play at full fitness streaks ahead of anyone we’ve signed in that position in years and I for one love seeing him pull on the hoops.
Musonda 2 games in give him a chance this Bhoy will rip this league apart.
Dembele oh he’s shite 🙈
I tell u I love this site ed but some of the shite spouted by people on here is unreal either old fans living in the Stein era or new ones expecting the world drives me up the wall at times.

10 Feb 2018 17:18:28
Zactly welshboy, either a Hun in disguise or the guy is tripping bawlz.

10 Feb 2018 17:26:00
Agreed welsbhoy. The negative bulls**t coming from some posters is ridiculous. They talk about loans this loans that. Welcome to the new world of football we're Celtic FC we no longer can afford to break the bank on exceptionally talented footballers. Anything from the youth team is great and any players half decent we can tie down for 18-30months on loan is a bargain. If any fans like me want to see Celtic FC be a house hold name in Europe (at least participating in the comp ) then we need to accept that this is the way forward.

As for mousonda got a wee bit of learning to do but by far one of the most technically gifted players in our team and can offer that edge against European opposition.

I for one have complete faith in Brendan with only a handful of defeats. We still appear to be in a better position than last season with European football and a treble still available. Our squad is stronger when all players fit, I just hope we show up and play to our best of ability and take a result over to Russia.
Hail hail.

11 Feb 2018 00:59:28
Welshbhoy: good comments, I too support the team on the park and happy to be were we are at and what we have acheived.
my love for the team will never die.

Loan players: how many we bought and made a profit on so far? i don't know this answer. my own take is rather buys players develop then profit. ( personal opinion )
Roberts: Never slated him as a player said he's had his day ( 2 Loans for him ) . I watched him at city and celtic, What am saying is he's not worth the money quoted and if cheaper i would take him. when forest turns up roberts would'nt get in and visa versa.

Musonda: like many on here am saying needs to bulk up, hopefully that will come, but has the skill to do a job for us, but we will never own him, ( wish we couyld ) and not up to speed for the physical side of our league. (only a boy in a man's game. just now )

Dembele: I only stated not worth 30 million ( never mention sh1t) , we know he has the skill to put the baw in the net and cause havoc with all the spl teams and european teams.


11 Feb 2018 19:16:29
Your comments which you are entitled to are poor in my opinion. Or wishful thinking of another nature. Your team if they are have won the treble, are sitting top of the league, won league cup, in quarter final of Scottish cup at home. . In Europe after Xmas. All whilst not hitting top form. God help teams when they do. Your criticism is panty wetter way way over the top and unwarranted again in my view. I bet you could turn a lottery win into bad news.

11 Feb 2018 19:29:01
We've no been great this season but last season was always going to be hard to copy performance wise but we're still on for the double treble which would be awesome, I think in Europe we've been just as bad as last season but we've had 2 hard groups to be fair and to many players have been off form this season but I think we're all guilty of maybe taking winning and maybe being a little too hard on players.

11 Feb 2018 22:56:12
Kwaj, maybe i am missing something here but on my post i have not criticised the team in any, i am one mighty happy Celtic fan at what the team has achieved and were we are now. no worries there, i would take a crappy win any day. it was my personal opinion on Loan players.

13 Feb 2018 23:29:07
There is definitely a whiff of negativity in your post .
Taking in loan players is a legitimate tactic by all clubs both big and small . I can't understand your problem with Celtic taking on loan players, even PSG have a loan player and I don't think their fans criticise them . Manchester United have had loan players in recent yrs and didn't Chelsea try to sign Andy Carroll and big Peter C but couldn't because both players were injured.

14 Feb 2018 10:55:24
cheers chris, not against them, my feelings are that we should spend and buy players and build a team a ( money permitting ) and use the development team and then loans. Negativity:let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

14 Feb 2018 22:05:27
Ypf. You won't have to seek out a stone for a very long time, as you would be at the end of the line by your amount of negativity.



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