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04 Jan 2018 15:35:37
Are the days of us buying a proven player that goes straight in the team over? This policy of buy now play 2 years later is scunnering me. It's like me buying the weans Christmas presents and giving them 2 years later. Surely if there not good enough at 20/ 21 years of age they never will be. I don't buy into this project nonsense. If you owned a builders business would you start a joiner in the hope that in a couple of years time he might be able to hing a door? With that poser my fellow timalloys I rest my case ☘.

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04 Jan 2018 16:16:33
Naw but they do start an apprentice with the hope that he will turn out to be a top notch joiner when he serves his time. That being said he learns from a proven tradesman and I get your point and agree we need to buy the finished article also.

04 Jan 2018 16:25:00
Most of our players over the last few years have been brought in as first team players I'd say. The young ones that don't break through immediately we give a bit of leeway. The older ones that can't cut it are rightly labeled wasted dough! I don't mind a few low cost under 20's its the experienced squad players I struggle to see the point in. Are they better than the current player in that position? If the answer is maybe or could be then we need to start moving past them unless we are desperately short and our youth can't fill the gap for the odd game.

04 Jan 2018 17:33:43
Well said Patdabhoy. I don't understand it either. Fine if it's a lad like the lad (17) from Oz. But we spent good money on players that have struggled big time like Benyu, Kouassi 3 million, gambo and till recently Johnny Hayes. It seems as if they go with the policy of if we get one good one from every 10 then great so they can sell on. We need to try bring in some quality for their areas that need it ASAP.

04 Jan 2018 18:07:14
If ‘they’re ’ not good enough by 20/ 21 they never will be? that’s a cracker Everybody learns and matures at different stages in life but to be past it at 21 I’m reevaluating my life lol! Sure we would like to see big signings here and there, recently we’ve signed Sinclair and Dembele. I like signing young talent, Especially Scottish players.

04 Jan 2018 18:17:02
Celtic really need to be buying players for the first team. We have a couple of players that have come to the end of their time with Celtic and need a move. I would put the following players up for sale. Jozo, Boyata, Henderson, Gamboa, McCart, Sviatchenko, Armstrong, Bitton, McGregor. All surplus to requirements in my opinion.

04 Jan 2018 18:25:54
What about players like Sinclair, ntcham, dembele? And players that we have brought in young and have turned out well like rogic, no point in bringing in a player for 5 million who's 29 to play a few years and be past it.

04 Jan 2018 20:59:53
First team clearly needs investment, whilst also planning for the future.

Early in the window, not going to get raging with the lack of first team signings until the end of the month, ha ha.

04 Jan 2018 22:57:05
The age isn't really the issue it is the ability. Would rather sign youngsters ready for the first team. VVD, Wanyama, Forster, Dembele all good enough for the first team when signed in recent years and cost us less than £5m and made us a fortune and we haven't sold Moussa yet. There are wise investments out there I'd rather we done this than pay over the odds for pish like Pukki, Bangura and Balde that wasn't rated highly at all in any point of their career.

04 Jan 2018 23:38:13
I would have thought Compper would be ripe and ready for SPL football. The fact he has played so few games this season should mean that once we get him up and running he will be able to play all the games we need him .

07 Jan 2018 17:30:39
Patdabhoy explains fully what is wrong with too many Celtic fans, they act and behave like little children . Like children our fans believe in Santa Claus, they expect every player to be perfect in every way, win every header, find a colleague with every touch score four or five goals every game and of course don't concede any .
That's exactly what Patdabhoy expects and wants, patience of a wean, wants everything immediately and throws a hissy fit if they have to wait .
It's hard enough for poor LG with his 7? Children, poor Brendan has thousands to please .



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