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04 Dec 2012 23:36:26
Just a bit excited at the moment. Hoping for a "Love Street" moment. 1-0 up half an hour in, Forster takes the ball from a headed backpass and the crowd goes mental!

C'mon The Hoops!

Melb Bhoy

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04 Dec 2012 23:11:10
There is going to be a surprise in tomorrow night's line up. Lennon is gambling on Barca winning with the Messiah doing the damage on his way to matching Gerd Muller's record. 4-5-1 is the likely starting formation. Surprise midfield selection. Watch. This. Space.

Jammy Mac Hoopster

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Classic 4-4-2.
We need to forget about the other game.
Ball is in our court. We need to win our game. Win our game we will be ok. Only focus on our game.

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If your suggesting big Billy Ocean taking the spot wanyama has left then yes it's a posibility. But not sure he will want to break up the central defensive partnership incase it backfires.

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04 Dec 2012 22:24:51
serious question here bhoys and ghals,
IF sevco get back into the SPL anytime soonish, will their fans boycott EVERY away SPL game apart from killie?
and on another note, will any SPL teams ever sell another player to a club that wants to stop them from receiving gate money?

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Lets not try and understand fans who are daft enough to support sevco in the first place.

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I hope all other SPL clubs choose NOT to offer that mob an allocation after this.

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If a player wants to go to Rangers and no where else of course they'll sell him to Rangers, just like players want to sign only for Celtic, it's a no brainer. {Ed007's Note - Players will go where the money is, that is the deciding factor in transfers nowadays.}

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04 Dec 2012 22:13:09
DU should offer newco's ticket allocation to Celtic, then we can fill that stadium and create one hell of an atmosphere.

Two sets of supporters that wanna see a team get pumped so badly, in the same stadium - I'd buy a ticket! lol

Miko x

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Fantastic idea- Dundee United should drop prices as low as possible, and sell over priced Progs. I'd def go along. What an atmosphere that would be!

The Patient

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Superb idea ,seen a post about this earlier i'd definately be well up for this, get some momentum going on this one bhoys and make it happen.....Stevie

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Superb idea that would be funny as **** ,im in

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Mate this is genius. Us and united fans celebrating them beating the shame 3-0. It's the stuff of legends. People would be taking about it years from now. Lets make this happen bhoys. Even if its not official lets all try and get a hold of those away end tickets!

Your an evil genius Miko

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Give the tickets for free so Rangers dont get half of the gate receipts and charge 15 for the program to make sure United get the cash instead

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Charging cheap prices for tickets was covered when sevco wanted to avoid giving half the gate money to spl teams. I believe there is a minimum price, but if as Thompson says if they sell no tickets they sholdnt get half the money im in.

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I had this very thought last night right when I heard about their pathetic actions. Would be class, I'd also invite the other SPL clubs fans to go as well and how it wasn't just United, apart from the Jambos obviously as they are just mini orcs anyway.

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The tickets rangers turned down will be officially returned to Dundee Utd as per the rules 24hrs before kick off. So get on the blower and get them bought as soon as they are on sale. I already know of tons of people who are up for it. Lets make this happen.

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Let's get this happening, not just supporters of Scotland's premier club and champions, fans from EVERY club should try and attend this match. Show the Sevconians that their bigoted and shameful new club have no power in Scottish football.

Show Dundee Hibernian that we support them, just as they supported common decency by voting Rangers into obscurity.

Thank you Mr Thompson, come out at HT and take a bow, you deserve it.

The tide has well and truly turned and now we have decent honest men running our game with EBT Ogilvie being the only remnant of their cancerous tyranny that blighted our game for far too long.

This is a chance for all decent supporters to finally show 'them' that their time has passed, they are now irrelevant to our game and more importantly, our society as a whole.

Who the hell do these clowns think they are?

The streets of Dundee will at least be safe and welcoming without the knuckledragging tribe of Professor Struth's creations stinking the place up with their alcohol fuelled songs of hate and sectarianism. The good people of Dundee can rest easy that their city won't be joining the likes of Manchester and Barcelona who have felt the full force of Zombie 'celebrations'.

Their deeds would certainly shame all the devils in hell.

Don't listen to their shameful excuses about rearranged games costing money, they had plenty of time to boycott Dundee Hibernian's ground. This boycott has the unwelcome stench of bigotry and sectarianism that has followed these creatures from the now dead club to this tribute act they now try to pass off as the original rancid institution.

This is a fantastic opportunity for every man, woman and child to show the rest of the world that our country and society have moved on from the dark days that 'Ra peepul' could browbeat us, intimidate and bully us, safe in the knowledge that they had their 'friends' and co-conspirators within Hampden and the media who would help cover up their evil, cheating deeds and openly sectarian acts.

Our country stands on the verge of a new dawn, one free from the poison and twisted bitterness that exuded all the way down the marble staircase at Ibrox and cast it's piss-stained shadow over our country, and society in general, for far too long.

Let's not let the chance pass us by. Hail Hail.

Benedict Lawwell

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04 Dec 2012 21:37:41
Well Well , Man City outplayed by Dortmund reserves and out of Europe despite spending hundreds of millions. Just shows what a super job Lenny and the Bhoys havve done on a shoestring budget

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04 Dec 2012 20:39:33
Ed is it true Barca have dropped 6 of their usual first team for the match v Benfica. I heard Messi plays but even so it's a poor show. Sopot Celt {Ed007's Note - Yes mate, Javier Mascherano, Jordi Alba, Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas and Pedro Rodriguez have been left out. Barca do not like to lose any matches at the Nou Camp. The players will be out for a win if the Barcelona Vice-President has anything to do with it:


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Although these players are out, the likely Barca team would be:

Alves, Puyol, Pique, Adriano
Song, Busquets, Thiago
Messi, Villa, Alexis

Still capable of giving Benfca a good hiding and I expect them to win tomorro night.


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I've seen this one on a few sites:
Barcelona (4-3-3): Valdés; Montoya, Puyol, Song, Adriano; Busquets, Thiago, Sergi Roberto; Tello, Messi, Villa.

Still a very strong side. Despite the depth, they all learn to play the same way.

Also, Pablo Aimar, Carlos Martins, Eduardo Salvio and Enzo Perez are all set to miss out tomorrow. So Benfica are by no means going in at full strength. If we hold up our end the bargain, I believe that Barca will come through in the clutch.

Ontario Bhoy

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We shouldn't be bothered with this game. All our focus should be on our own game. Our destiny is in our own hands. We should go out and win at home playing our style against this clearly poor directionless spartak Moscow side.
Concentrate on our own game and dun look for favours.

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The point is our destiny is not in our own hands. If we win 10-0 tomorrow and Barca lose by an odd goal we are out. That's the reason I was concerned about the team line up from Barca, however the Probable Barca team is still very strong and Messi seems to like us and is scoring for fun so the indicators are not as bad. Ed also makes a very good point these guys hate losing and they certainly don't owe Benfica any favors. In any case I am sure they are real professionals and Barca will play to win especially at Camp Nou. I personally think we will do no more than draw with Spartak but I am a miserable sort. Sopot Celt

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Our destiny is not in our own hands. We need to better the Benfica score and even winning tonight might not be enough, so this game holds major importance!

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04 Dec 2012 19:13:07
so chic has said he wont take sevcos allocation of tickets. fine f*** off , why cant the sevconians see what this person is doing to their club. he is now saying we wont watch our team playing scottish clubs. nobody else will take them . so it's bottom tier football for ever . he is just bending over to the knuckle draggers . lose to utd and thats them for 10 months before they an possibly meet a big team again. . no cup ties just dire 3rd division games . good get on with it. imagine sending your team out with no support in the biggest game of your season but the knuckle draggers like that . watp . rtid . aye ok guys . but imagine if they beat united and there are no fans there to cheer . that is just sad.. the quicker admin comes for this new lot the better . scottish football does not want or need them.. shammy

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Why should the spl even think about fast tracking them back in if their just gonna boycott away games what possible benefit would they serve let them rot

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Elgin were fined for selling too many tickets and Green went ballistic at Elgin.
The SFA need to crucify this con man for this stunt. Throw him out Scottish football.

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Provided sevco don't get their cut of the ticket sales and it doesn't clash with our match we should all go to Tannadice.

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United should sell the tickets for 1p and charge 15 for a program so the Sevco only get half of the 1p tickets and united keep the real money for themselves

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I totally agree with original poster but I think we should ignore their petty pranks, it has nothing to do with celtic. Let's pay attention to out own team and ignore this nonesense, We've got a huge game tomorrow..

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CG should be charged (yet again), with bring the game into disrepute. Also the SFA should throw them out of the competition for unsporting behaviour. This would happen in the "real world", but in the valley of the spineless life will go on as normal.


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Charged for bringing the game into disrepute for refusing tickets because the majority of fans have refused to go anyway

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04 Dec 2012 19:10:46
Greene is really pandering to the Orc hordes by refusing any tickets . I hope the SFA back Mr Thomson by stating No tickets = No split in gate money . It would be great to see the Dundee Utd fans fill their stadium and put this tribute act to bed . I would also like Greene to come out like a man and name the clubs that are on his pathetic little hit list . He really is a little a**e licker who is working to an agenda here..........DH

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04 Dec 2012 19:08:32
Richard Gough on why the boycott is wrong 'we must drop the biterness and hatred'

Over £30k still owed to Dundee Utd by Rangers

They had publicly stated they are against the SFA so why are they even playing in their competiton.

This has got to be against the spirit of the game. The Club itself has asked the fans to boycott, at the very least you lose your gate receipt entitlement...infact just get out the competition and take your unsportsmanship and bitterness with you.

Awful and shameful actions by a Scottish club ~ Mrs E

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I have said it before Mrs


As long as we all keep remembering them of their deeds they have nothing. They're deeds would shame all the devils in hell.

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I cannot believe the antics of this idiot once again rallying hatred, bitterness and blame and really - for a 'foreigner' who is blatantly currying favour with his new congregation.
This is severe mischief making at the least and tantamount to disrepute and slander of an SPL member club - and it will not stop at Dundee Utd.
Administration/Liquidation was not the fault of any other club, organisation or conspiracy and this clown with his scarcely hidden agenda must be chased out of our game for good.
Otherwise this will descend into chaos if the ruling body does not stand up and be counted and show some bottle this time.


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It was the sfa that said hes fit to run a football club what about the prize money due to oldco for last season surely dundee utd should be paid by that before anyone says anything oldco are not liquidated yet so surely the prize money should be paid

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04 Dec 2012 18:22:38
1 day away from another special night in paradise have a funny feeling tomorrow will be bouncing and very nervy am going 2 1 Celtic and hope our Catalan friends spank benfica I have never liked benfica hope they and there loud mouth manager gets wats cumming to them tomorrow should be another rollercoaster nite believe bhoys believe

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Barca resting half their team hope the players coming in want to fight for their place

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04 Dec 2012 17:18:24
Any chance in demba ba or mcgeady returning {Ed007's Note - No.}

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I think possibly mcgeady in the future ( maybe like 7-8 years mind u ) but what do umean demba ba that man is world class and would cost tens of millions to sighn zero chance of us getting him mind you i would love it lol {Ed007's Note - He actually wouldn't. He has long term injury (knee) problems and has a 7 (might be 7.5) million buy-out clause in his contract}

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The 7.5 million clause is actually for higher placed English teams {Ed007's Note - So QPR or Aston Villa can't trigger it but WBA or Norwich can? Don't be so stupid, that could change from week to week. If anything it would specify a CL team.}

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04 Dec 2012 16:09:03
Any truth in the rumour that james traynor left daily record for marketing job at rangers?

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Aye paddys market?

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Traynor for a marketing job ?? pmsl, the guy was never even a decent journo, Murrays lackey to the bitter death !

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No chance why give up succulent lamb for TRIPE.jimbhoy

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Surely just keeping the job - but moving the office? {Ed007's Note - Touche.....}

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I really really hope he did.
Shows total lack of judgement .
That crowd is getting liquidated again.

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Heard today that was the case

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04 Dec 2012 16:06:37
whats every 1s thoughts on our startin 11 the mora lenny has 2 get it right n just wondering what yous r all thinking. Personally for me n people might disagree but a think lassad deserves 2 start im goin for

lustig ambrose wilson charlie
kris/brown kayal/brown ledley sammy
lassad hooper


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Brown does not look fit enough and hopper does not look interested enough. the bheever

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I can't see Lassad getting a start, and think he will start with 4-5-1 again. If things stay tight he may throw on Lassad but if Barca are out of sight over Benfica he play safe ...I think....

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In my opinion this is the best team to start with. Ian L

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Ian L, on paper it is the best team to play, on form it is not!

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Think the goalkeeper and back 4 pick itself forster lustig wilson ambrose mathews brown ledley kayal mulgrew commons just off hooper

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We've not really got anyone on top form at the moment. Look what happened when we brought in our 'squad' players on Saturday. Ian L

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Lustig Wilson Ambrose mulgrew
brown kayal ledley commons/samaras
. samaras/conmons
. Hooper

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04 Dec 2012 15:44:09
HMRC to appeal against ruling in Rangers 'Big Tax Case'
1 hour ago

Guess that's Jabba the (pizza) Hut eating humble pie?
The tax case result is everything, its the final word,... Lol... No Jabba, no, wrong again Jabba.

If Jabba joins The new Sevco, it'll show his last article up as self serving lies. Not a moral based decision to abandon journalism due to poor practice.

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04 Dec 2012 13:12:29
Is it true that Wanyama might be headding to Man. United?

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He must have bought a season ticket, that's the only way he'll get near Man Utd.

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